The Yamaha YZ450 is one of the best motocross bikes now around and little did we knew it can be adapted to a whole lot of riding conditions and even be turned into a 60’s style café racer if someone’s got the energy to undergo the demanding process of making a fact out of an innovative idea such as the oil-in-frame, just to give an example. The bike also features drilled engine plates and underseat pipe, but you’ll only notice that if you’re interested enough to look beyond the sleek fairing.

It is too bad we don’t have more information about this unique combination of style called YZ450 café racer as it was surely a bright idea and an exciting project.

Yamaha YZ450 custom turns to café racing Exterior
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Yamaha YZ450 café racer stripped

Source: MCN

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Rod  (825) posted on 12.23.2009

Now this YZ450 cafe racing bike belongs on the race track looks great.smiley

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