The 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 is already getting plenty of adulation as one of the best superbikes in the market today. Naturally, aftermarket companies are frantically trying to get in on that action. Fortunately, that’s not a problem Akrapovic because of its long and successful partnership with Yamaha. Still, anytime a bike like the YZF-R1 hits the market, the Slovenian exhaust builder will be there, waiting in the wings with a new high-performance carbon fiber exhaust system for the superbike.

The new Akrapovic R1 exhaust comes in two different options: Racing Line or Evolution Line. It’s probably easier to describe each option in terms of the material Akrapovic line used. The Racing Line is basically built entirely from stainless steel, including the interior chamber. This cuts the exhaust’s weight by eight pounds. That might not seem much, but for a bike like the YZF-R1, any cut in weight goes a long way in making it more nimble around the track.

Meanwhile, the R1 Evolution Line takes it a step further by using titanium in place of stainless steel, shaving an impressive 11.5 pounds off of the exhaust’s overall weight.

Both units do come with a carbon fiber outer sleeve and removable noise inserts with Lambda probe connectors. Likewise, installation shouldn’t be a problem because both versions come with the installation kits that can be followed pretty easily.

Once the R1 exhaust has been fully installed, Akrapovic says that the YZF-R1 will receive an extra 3.6 horsepower and 1.8 pound-feet of torque, bringing up its output to an impressive 186.7 horsepower at an incredible 13,700 rpm and 80.5 pound-feet of torque at 10,350 rpm.

Akrapovic hasn’t released the pricing details of the two R1 exhaust lines, but if you’re interested to know how much damage it’s going to have on your wallets, you can do so by contacting your nearest Yamaha or Akrapovic dealership.

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Why it matters

I suppose that there’s going to be some owners of the Yamaha YZF-R1 who will be compelled to buy the Akrapovic R1 exhaust just to see what kind of improvements it’ll give to the superbike.

I’ve no issues with that thinking, although I do believe that this aftermarket component is best used by owners who want to squeeze every last ounce of power they can from their superbikes. I’m not going to tell the rest not to buy it, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t see the point, or rather, the need to get when you already have a superbike that’s already capable of unleashing holy hell on any road or racetrack it finds itself in.

This isn’t a knock on Akrapovic because I’m actually a big fan of the company. I even recently endorsed another one of its new products for the same superbike. But in this instance, I’m not going to try to move heaven and earth just to get this component and fit it into my YZF-R1 (if I had one, that is).

I’ll leave this up to riders who are bent on enjoying the superbike to its fullest potential. If that’s their end-game, then by all means, buy the exhaust, plug it into the bike, and enjoy the ride.

Source: Akrapovic

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