Yamaha YZF-R125 Gets A New "Sport" Pack….But It’s NOT All That Sporty

The Sport pack will retail for over $400 in Europe

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The YZF-R125 is Yamaha’s smallest R-badged motorcycle, and it is a fairly important product for the company in European countries where new riders can only ride small bikes first, then progress to more powerful models.

So in an attempt to spruce up the bike, Yamaha has introduced a new Sport pack for the YZF-R125 that aims to make the bike sportier than usual. However, the reality is that it isn’t all that exciting.

2022 Yamaha YZF-R125 Sport Pack Unveiled

Yamaha YZF-R125 Gets A New "Sport" Pack….But It's NOT All That Sporty  - image 1086402

To start off, the most crucial aspect of the Sport pack is the tinted bubble visor up front. This makes the bike look sportier than usual and should (in theory) help keep the windblast in check - not that you’ll be reaching any massive speeds, though. Apart from this, you also get faux carbon-fiber crash protectors on the fairings, smoked LED indicators, alloy wheel sticks, a tail tidy kit, and a faux carbon-fiber tank pad.

Yamaha YZF-R125 Gets A New "Sport" Pack….But It's NOT All That Sporty  - image 1086401

This is a bit disappointing for the so-called “Sport” pack, as most of these elements focus on just sprucing up the aesthetics rather than making the bike sporty in reality. Sure, these make the bike look sharper, but these won’t make you feel any different on the bike.

So, the Sport pack only caters to the audience who wants a sportier bike to look at rather than actual enthusiasts. And if you belong to the latter, we suggest you look the other way and invest in more fruitful mods such as an exhaust.

Nevertheless, in case you dig the Sport pack, it will go on sale in a couple of weeks via Yamaha’s Genuine Accessories catalog, priced at 391 Euros ( $406). This brings the cost of a new Sport pack-equipped YZF-R125 to 5391 Euros ( $5600).

2022 Yamaha YZF-R125 Details

Yamaha YZF-R125 Gets A New "Sport" Pack….But It's NOT All That Sporty  - image 1086399

Sport pack aside, there’s no denying the YZF-R125 is one of the best 125cc beginner bikes out there. Not only does it look like a mini-superbike, but it backs this up with aggressive ergonomics and top-shelf components.

Yamaha YZF-R125 Gets A New "Sport" Pack….But It's NOT All That Sporty  - image 1086400

Speaking of components, the YZF-R125 boasts a digital instrument cluster, LED lights, slipper clutch, and USD forks. Meanwhile, at its heart lies a punchy 125cc, single-cylinder engine with VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) pumping out 14 horsepower.

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