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Young biker tries to fly a 1985 Honda Goldwing

And the prize for best enduro bike goes to.....

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Sometimes, manufacturers don’t realise how much ability they’ve built into the motorcycles they produce. This guy set out to prove that just because a bike is big and unwieldy, it can’t be fun!

Young biker tries to fly a 1985 Honda Goldwing
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The 1985 goldwing
It weights 734lbs !

Some people see things differently to others. While most of us would look at a Honda Goldwing and see miles of open roads stretching ahead of us, pampered in glorious comfort, others look at this mammoth bike and see the perfect off-road machine!

They might argue that any bike can fill any role and it’s just our lack of imagination that holds us back. Take this gentleman, called llstroke on Reddit, who is doing things with a Honda Goldwing that will have many of us cringing, but you can’t admire his bravery. Or is that stupidity?

It’s obvious that, at some points, he’s on the ragged edge of disaster and it may have been cleverly edited to avoid showing us what the bike looked like at the end of the day but you can’t deny that it looks pretty spectacular, if only because it’s so unexpected.

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Or check the Reddit source thread:

Source: Motorcycle sub Reddit

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