Zero Motorcycles is in the process of bolstering its dealership network in Europe after announcing the establishment of its first official dealership in Italy. Entering the Italian market is a major development for the California-based company, which already counts Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands as markets where it already has a strong presence in.

With the possible exception of Germany, none of the other countries are in equal market footing as Italy. Zero knows that having a presence there would go a long way in expanding its brand profile. Its partnership with local dealer is also crucial in that respect since the electric mobility retailer can service clients in Milan, considered as one of the most important cities for electric motorcycles. Interested customers also have a choice of buying Zero’s bikes straight-up, or rent them for a given period of time. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for Zero Motorcycles, which is planning on offering all four of its models from the get-go.

That includes the Zero S street bike and its 185-mile city range and 95-mph top speed and the more powerful SR model that boasts of a top speed of 102 mph. If neither bike is appealing to a specific customer, Zero is also offering the more versatile DS model and the motocross-inspired FX stealth fighter.

All four models should generate strong interest from a market that not only has a long history with motorcycles but more importantly, an open-armed acceptance of electric motorcycles. It all ties back into Zero Motorcycles’ goal of becoming a global brand.

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Why it matters

This is a big step for Zero Motorcycles, especially when you consider that its partner dealership - - is based in Milan, considered as one of the biggest and most important motorcycle cities in the country.

Having its first dealership in that area is a major coup for Zero as it can leverage its assets and expose them to a big number of motorcycle enthusiasts. That’s a critical step towards getting approval from the Italian market, which as we all know, is a lot more sophisticated when it comes to motorcycles, especially those of the electric persuasion.

If Zero Motorcycles proves to be a hit in Milan, it’s going to be easier for the company to enter the other big markets in Italy, including Rome, Genoa, Siena, and Florence.

I want to see Zero Motorcycles succeed, not just because of its American origin. I really do think that its models have something to offer and are good enough to be considered when somebody’s in the market for an electric bike.

It doesn’t have the same cache as the more established brands in the market, but give Zero some time to get its feet on the ground and it could turn into a major player in the electric motorcycle scene. Having success in Italy will definitely go a long way in making that a reality.

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Press Release

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that its complete line of 100% electric motorcycles is coming to Italy. Detailed information—including specifications, pricing and demo ride scheduling—is available on the company’s newly launched Italian website at

Zero has been laying the groundwork for its expansion into what cites as Europe’s largest market for motorcycles over 50cc. "This is a vital step forward in our plans to expand global availability of Zero Motorcycles and an extension of our popularity throughout Europe," said Chief Executive Officer Richard Walker. "The Zero brand is particularly strong in Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia and The Netherlands, and we are seeing strong demand in Italy," Walker continued.

"With premium componentry on the 2015 motorcycles and increased manufacturing capacity at our California headquarters, we are excited to offer our cutting-edge products to a country that is rich in motorcycle history and vital to the sport," said Umberto Uccelli, managing director of Zero Motorcycles Europe. "Our motorcycles appeal to discerning customers in Italy. Beyond innovative products, we are making investments to support our growing customer base."

Zero intends to strategically expand its Italian network and has already appointed its first dealer. Located in the heart of Milan, is an e-mobility retailer at Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11 - 20123 and led by Thierry Boch. In addition to sales and service of Zero motorcycles, offers rentals.

"Thierry and his team at truly believe in our technology and know that encouraging riders to go for a test ride—or rent a Zero motorcycle for the weekend—is the best way to help them experience the advantages of 100% electric power," said Josef Morat, country manager for Zero Motorcycles Italy.

Italian dealers interested in carrying the Zero Motorcycles lineup should contact Josef Morat at or phone +39 335 1580596.

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