Zero Motorcycles isn’t done making headlines just yet. Shortly after announcing its entry into the Italian market, the California-based electric motorcycle brand secured a $1 million grant from the California Energy Commission. Now, Zero Motorcycles is back with news of a price reduction to its entire lineup of 2015 models.

Apparently, Zero is cutting $1,350 from the initial price of all of its 2015 models because of what it describes as “battery costs failing and energy densities increasing at a faster rate than anticipated.”

Basically, the company isn’t planning to keep the prices of their models from where they were because they’ll be saving some money from the lower costs attached to the development of its battery technology. So instead of keeping the prices where they are so it can make more money from people buying its products, Zero is holding true to its promise of delivering value to consumers at industry-leading price points.

This is great news for people who are in the market for a Zero bike. Instead of paying $9,845 for a 2015 Zero FX ZF2.8, customers will now only pay $8,495. The same holds true for the ZF5.7. No need to pay $12,340 for the bike when Zero will only charge you $10,990.

Zero also anticipates prices of its bikes in other regions of the world, specifically in Europe, to fall since most of its distribution partnership buy the bikes based on the US MSRP. With the savings these dealerships will get from the reduced prices, customers should also expect to see lower prices on their end.

If this is Zero Motorcycles’ way of gaining more brownie points from the public, it’s definitely doing it the right way. Just goes to show that the company’s recent string of good publicity isn’t wearing off just yet.

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Why it matters

You have to give credit to Zero Motorcycles for being upfront about the cost savings it received. It could have just as well ignored this and charged customers with the initial prices knowing that it would make a lot more money out of it. But as it turns, honesty really is the best policy for Zero and potential customers will be the ones to benefit from it the most.

Company CEO Richard Walker thinks its “the right thing to do” and who’s going to argue against that? I certainly won’t and I don’t think anybody will. Zero Motorcycles responded to this in a manner that will only increase trust for its brand. In a lot of ways, that’s something that you can’t attach a price on and the company will be better for it, at least from a public perception point of view.

In any case, I already mentioned the new prices for the 2015 Zero FX lineup. Now let’s dive into the rest of the company’s lineup, beginning with the ZERO S and DS models. The base trim for both models, the ZF9.4, will now be priced at $11,995 from $13,245 while the ZF12.5 will come with a price of $13,995 (from $15,345.

As for the Zero SR ZF12.5, the model will now have a price of $15,995 from $17,345.

Savings all around, ladies and gentlemen! All thanks to Zero Motorcycles and its apparent fondness for honesty and good business dealings.

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Press Release

Zero Motorcycles is lowering prices across its 2015 model line, reportedly due to a reduction in costs that it is experiencing on the manufacturing side.

"Seeing its battery costs fall and energy density increase faster than anticipated as it develops successive model years of high performance electric motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles has decided to deliver this increased value immediately to consumers in North America," the company announced.

"As leaders in this space we believe it is important to pass on the benefits of improved battery technology and our increased scale to consumers as soon as possible to allow more motorcyclists to experience the thrill of electric,” said Richard Walker, Zero Motorcycles’ CEO. “We’re not here to do things as they’ve been traditionally done in the motorcycle industry. Making this change mid-season to deliver great value to consumers at industry-leading price points, rather than waiting for 2016, is just the right thing to do.”

Since most distribution partners across the world buy Zero motorcycles based on the U.S. MSRP, Zero will be able to pass on the benefit of these newly announced prices to consumers in their local markets, the company noted. In Europe, these cost reductions will allow Zero to absorb the currency impact of the weakened Euro without raising prices from their current levels, it said.

“This announcement will benefit the consumer and, of course, further accelerate our growth. We are the acknowledged technology and commercial leaders in the burgeoning electric motorcycle market, and this move positions us well to remain on top,” said Pieter de Waal, Zero Motorcycles VP of Global Sales and Marketing.

The new U.S. MSRP for 2015 Model Zero Motorcycles are as follows:

  • 2015 Zero FX: $8,495 for the ZF2.8, $10,990 for the ZF5.7
  • 2015 Zero DS and S models: $11,995 for the ZF9.4 and $13,995 for the ZF12.5
  • 2015 Zero SR: $15,995 for the ZF12.5

Prices exclude sales tax, destination freight, setup, licensing or registration charges. Other charges may apply.

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