In the always - or maybe somewhat - exciting world of bicycles, there have been a lot of steady improvements made throughout the years that have dramatically changed our perception of this type of transportations. E-bikes, in particular, have dominated the scene recently so it’s no surprise that I’m here to talk about a new entrant into the market that’s made by engineers who are promising to revolutionize how people perceive bicycles.

The bike is called the European Trefecta and according to the people behind its development, this bad boy is the bicycle of the future. Without drowning in the sea of hyperbole and aggrandized rhetoric, I did find myself somewhat intrigued about the Trefecta. It’s hard not to when phrases like “aerospace engineering” and “hybrid propulsion” are being thrown out to describe the inner workings of this e-bike.

The people behind it - a mixture of Dutch, German and Swiss engineers - claim that the Trefecta fully justifies all the claims being made on its behalf. Certainly, the $28,000 price tag given to the Trifecta makes you wonder how in the world did the creators of the Trefecta get to that number.

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  • 2015 European Trefecta
  • Year:
  • Top Speed:
    70 mph
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European Trefecta

2015 European Trefecta Exterior
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The European Trefecta looks like an actual bicycle so it’s nice to know that there won’t be any surprises to the model’s styling. No wings or anything of that sort so that’s a relief, for better or for worse.

But the Trefecta’s real calling card can’t be seen through filtered photos posted on Instagram. For you to really appreciate the Trefecta, you’re going to have to look at it closely and notice what kind of materials the creators used to develop it. According to the engineers behind the project, the Trefecta has a 20-inch 7075 aluminum frame that’s more commonly used in the world of aerospace engineering. See, there’s that phrase again! Oh, and the bike can be folded, too, in case that’s something of interest to you, as it is to me.

Since the Trefecta is an e-bike, those who developed the bike included a hybrid propulsion system that combines with a battery to create as much as 5.4 horsepower. With this kind of output, the Trefecta can supposedly hit a top speed of 70 mph with a cruising top speed of 55 mph thrown in for good measure. Also, the bike can allegedly run for 62 miles by just using the battery.

Adding to the already extensive list of technological gadgetry is a brake-energy recuperation system that can keep the bike in tip-top shape longer than most e-bikes when used properly and effectively.

Obviously, it’s hard to part ways with $28,000. But the engineers who developed the Trefecta believe that it’s a useful investment, especially for those people who live and die by their bicycles.

Only time will tell, though, if the European Trefecta lives up to all the hype being showered on it.

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