• 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200

    2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200

The result of brilliant intuition by Aprilia, Scarabeo has withstood the test of time by adapting to change and incorporating the latest technology. Over the years Scarabeo has grown in engine size, with new models introduced to satisfy diverging needs.

  • 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    ingle cylinder four stroke, forced liquid cooling with centrifugal pump, four valve DOHC (double overhead cam) cylinder head.
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    19 HP@ 8250 RPM
  • Torque @ RPM:
    12.5 lbs/ft@ 7500 RPM
  • Displacement:
    180.8 L

Deep down, however, Scarabeo remains faithful to the original concept behind its amazing success. In brief, Scarabeo remains a trend-setter.

Over 750,000 Scarabeo have been sold since 1993, to tame inner city traffic, dominate urban ring roads and carry their riders with natural elegance and unmistakable style.
The inspiration remains the same. Giuseppe Ricciuti, the father of Scarabeo, is the man behind this latest model too. The new 125/200 conserves all the usual classic and modern style emblems, decisive features and smooth lines in an instantly harmonious continuity. Once again Scarabeo has redefined urban scooter design. Yet in a world of throw-away fashions, Scarabeo’s reassuring lines are a welcome constant. With one-in-a-million looks, Scarabeo lets you live the city in true elegance. The 125/200 lives up to its reputation of authentic trend setter.

As with everything else on the Scarabeo 125/200, the engine is brand new, and designed by Aprilia specially for Scarabeo. These advanced, lightweight, rational and clean running engines combine excellent performance with miserly consumption, are almost vibration-free in use and boast ultra-low emissions, in keeping with Scarabeo’s environmentally friendly philosophy.

Both versions of this single cylinder four stroke engine deliver fun, safety and comfort. Both are liquid cooled with four valve, double overhead cam cylinder heads, used for the first time on an Aprilia scooter of this size. By optimising valve timing, this technical solution, typical of high performance engines, succeeds in combining high power with low emissions. No wonder the Scarabeo 125/200 boasts the highest performance of any scooter of its class.

The 200 version delivers an impressive 14 kW (19 HP) at 8250 rpm, with generous torque (17 Nm at 7500 rpm), for sporty yet relaxing acceleration and excellent active security under all riding conditions.
The 125 cc engine produces the maximum power permitted by law for its size. The Scarabeo 125 can nevertheless be ridden by holders of the B class licence (Italian legislation). 11 kW (15 HP) is more than enough for safe, fun riding, thanks also to the fact that Scarabeo is one of the lightest scooters in this engine range.

A catalytic converter is fitted to ensure cleaner exhaust emissions and bring Scarabeo 125/200 within the limits of EURO 3 legislation.

2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
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2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200

The new 125/200 is designed to maintain all the unique features that make Scarabeo an icon of our times, without losing sight of the easy riding and advanced performance and safety that characterise all Aprilia products. These defining values are engineered into the very DNA of the new Scarabeo, making it agile, safe in all situations, and more than able to deliver thrilling motorcycle style handling where road conditions permit.

Merit for these impressive results is due mainly to the exceptional rigidity and robustness of the new high strength steel frame, and to the perfect setup of the suspension, which is tuned to deliver maximum feel and a super-smooth ride.

The front fork is a 35 mm hydraulic unit. At the rear, the engine and transmission assembly acts as swingarm, with the assistance of an aluminium reaction arm. Simple, lightweight, yet effective, this solution incorporates shock absorbers that let you adjust preload to four different settings to cater for all possible loads and riding styles.

The refined wheels are fitted with 16î high-wall tubeless tyres (100/80 at the front, 120/80 at the rear). This combination is not only perfect for negotiating the hazards of city roads but also makes the new Scarabeo amazingly stable and intuitive to ride for expert and novice riders alike.

Scarabeo has never skimped on brakes, and the new 125/200 is no exception. The front wheel features a 260 mm disc and a floating caliper with three parallel pistons, while the rear wheel is equipped with a 220 mm disc and two piston caliper. The front and rear wheels are linked by a new integral braking system that distributes braking force between the two wheels and guarantees ultra-short stopping distances in complete safety.

An unmistakable scooter like Scarabeo needs an equally distinctive range of accessories. Made for added protection against the weather, for increased load carrying capacity, and for enhanced safety, the Scarabeo accessory range is sure to cater for all your needs and preferences.

  • Large windshield with clear hand guards
  • Side stand
  • 28 litre Ovetto top box in matching paint finish
  • 32 litre New Concept top box in textured black finish
  • 35 litre City top box with lid in matching paint finish
  • Leg cover
  • Tunnel bag
  • Aprilia Iron Guard Disc, 5 mm disc lock
  • Aprilia Iron Guard 120 or 150 mm chain lock
  • Aprilia Easy Guard 150 cm cable lock


2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
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2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200


2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
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2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200

Engine: Single cylinder four stroke, forced liquid cooling with centrifugal pump, four valve DOHC (double overhead cam) cylinder head.
Fuel: Lead free petrol.
Bore and stroke: 58 x 47 mm (63 x 58 mm)
Displacement: 124 cc - (180.8 cc)
Compression ratio: 11.6:1 – (12:1)
Max. power: 15 HP at 9250 rpm (19 HP at 8250 rpm)
Max. Torque: 12 Nm at 7500 rpm (17 Nm at 7500 rpm)
Fuel system: Keihin carburettor, Ø29 mm.
Ignition: CDI electronic with automatic advance and retard.
Starting: Electric starter.
Lubrication: Wet sump, forced circulation with mechanical pump.
Gearbox: Automatic variator.
Clutch: Automatic centrifugal.
Primary drive: V belt.
Final drive: Gearbox.
Frame: Open cradle frame in high strength steel.
Front suspension: 35 mm hydraulic fork.
Rear suspension: Engine acting as swingarm; two hydraulic shock absorbers with adjustable spring preload.
Front: Ø 260 mm stainless steel disc with floating three-piston caliper. Integral braking system.
Rear: Ø 220 mm stainless steel disc with two-piston caliper. Integral braking system.
Wheels: Light alloy, six spoke.

  • Front: 2.5 x 16”
  • Rear: 3 x 16”

Tyres: Tubeless.

  • Front: 110/80 x 16”
  • Rear: 120/80 x 16”


  • Overall length: 2040 mm
  • Overall width: 720 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1391 mm
  • Seat height: 810 mm

Fuel tank: Capacity 8 litres (including reserve of 2 litres)
Colour schemes: Lead grey, Shine red, Couture blue, Coffee black.
Weight: 154 Kg

2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
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2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200
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