• 2008 Aprilia SX 125

    2008 Aprilia SX 125
  • 2008 Aprilia SX 125
  • 2008 Aprilia SX 125
  • Year:
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  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke. Aluminium cylinder with Nikasil coated liner. Read valve intake. Separate mixing. Homologated to Euro 3 standard.
  • Transmission:
  • Displacement:
    124.8 L

It was inevitable that the innovative SXV and RXV would extend their influence to other members of the Aprilia range sooner or later. The world-beating styling, performance and technology of these fantastic machines was obviously destined to engender a family of eye-catching and modern off-road motorcycles. The SX 125 and RX 125 are the latest off-road machines from Aprilia. Specialist and refined, they are the obvious choice for young riders who want to stand out from the crowd.

The SX and RX are both built to deliver total rider satisfaction. Though the technology is basically the same, it has been adapted to match the different specialities. The SX and RX 125 share the same body, frame, engine and suspensions but are designed for very different passions.

With its 17” wheels and sports tyres, the SX is the obvious candidate for the prize of the meanest 125 over mixed routes. Nippy and lightweight, the SX delivers real ‘big bike’ performance without exceeding the power restrictions imposed by law. Its refined, sprightly engine never lets you down, even when ridden to the limit on a racetrack.

RX is a historical name for Aprilia. Over the years the RX designation has graced machines with amazing performance, real ‘schools on wheels’ for young enthusiasts learning the ropes in off-road riding and racing. The new RX is built with the same objectives in mind, as a real enduro, not extreme but perfectly able to tackle even the most advanced off-road circuits. The RX even has something of a split personality, because as soon as you get back on the road, it is equally happy as a daily commuter.

The RX and the SX share a clear Aprilia family look, obviously inspired by their bigger sisters, machines that have established a whole new trend in off-road design.


2008 Aprilia SX 125
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2008 Aprilia SX 125


Aprilia was the first manufacturer to introduce dramatic innovations to the designs of essential enduro and motard motorcycles. In the same way in which the RXV and SXV have become style icons in their own right, the SX and RX are also destined to leave their mark on young off-road riders. Built as highly functional motorcycles, and for efficient riding and control, their styling leaves no room for pointless frills and gadgets. With unmistakable lines, the SX and RX are simply unique among off-roaders.


The single cylinder unit that powers these Aprilia’s 125 cc motorcycles is a state-of-the-art two stroke engine. It is a classic example of how race-developed technology can deliver extremely low emissions as well as top performance. On the RX 125 and SX 125, Aprilia has succeeded in perfecting its two stroke design to bring it in line with the strict new Euro 3 standard without any loss of performance or riding satisfaction. This sparkling single cylinder engine easily develops the maximum permitted power for its class, with all the lightness and zippy acceleration typical of a high performance two stroke.

This engine has already established a place for itself in the hearts of 125 fans, thanks to its many advanced characteristics, including liquid cooling, and a balancer shaft. The cylinder has a nickel silicon carbide (Nikasil) liner for an ultra-reliable, extended life. Lubrication is provided by a separate mixer system.


Active safety on the Aprilia RX and SX is ensured by advanced suspension and a braking system that sets new standards for stopping power and progressive action. The front brakes feature a 260 mm disc and two-piston floating caliper while the back brake incorporates a 220 mm disc and another floating piston.

The robust, steel, double cradle frame is coupled to an over-sized suspension system. At the front is a mighty, 40 mm upside down telescopic fork offering wheel travel of 260 mm.

At the back, the long steel swingarm used to obtain maximum traction is damped by a prestigious hydraulic monoshock with piggy back cylinder. Rear wheel travel is 270 mm.


Specialist machines like the RX and SX demand top quality components, and wheels play a specially important role in determining ride characteristics, having to combine the contrasting properties of strength and lightness. The RX and SX are equipped with aluminium wheels. The RX is fitted with a classic enduro racing front wheel of 21” in diameter and a 90/90-21 tyre for fantastic grip on all sorts of surface. The 18” rear wheel is fitted with a 120/90 tyre, again in keeping with the best off-road traditions.

Just like top sports motards, the SX boasts lightweight 17 inch, wide profile wheels and generous sports tyres, 110/70-17” and 150/60-17” for maximum grip under all conditions.


To confirm its determination to build advanced motorcycles that are also versatile and practical in everyday use, Aprilia has equipped the RX and SX with sophisticated digital instruments just like those on the bigger SXV and RXV.

Once again Aprilia motorcycles are going to feature in the dreams of young riders.


2008 Aprilia SX 125
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2008 Aprilia SX 125



Engine:  Liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke. Aluminium cylinder with Nikasil coated liner. Read valve intake. Separate mixing. Homologated to Euro 3 standard.
Fuel: Lead free petrol.
Bore by stroke: 54 x 54.5 mm.
Displacement: 124.8 cc.
Compression ratio: 12.5 :1.
Carburettor: Dell’Orto VHST 28.
Ignition: Electronic CDI ignition.
Starting: Kick start
Alternator: 12 V – 180 W
Lubrication: Separate mixing with variable displacement, volumetric pump.


Gearbox: 6 speed.

  • 1st 10/30
  • 2nd 14/29
  • 3rd 17/27
  • 4th 19/25
  • 5th 21/23
  • 6th 22/21

Clutch: Multi-plate wet clutch.
Primary drive: Helical gears, 19/63.
Final drive: Chain: 16/45.


Frame: High strength steel frame with double trellis beam and double cradle. Separate seat frame.
Front suspension: Upside down telescopic fork, Ø 40 mm. Wheel travel 260 mm.
Rear suspension: Steel swingarm. Hydraulic monoshock with piggy back cylinder. Wheel travel 270 mm.

  • Front: 260 mm disc, floating caliper with two parallel pistons.
  • Rear: 220 mm disc, floating caliper with single piston.

Wheels: Aluminium.

  • Front: 3.00" x 17”.
  • Rear: 4.25" x 17”.


  • Front: 110/70 x 17".
  • Rear: 150/60 x 17".



Overall length: 2,165 mm
Overall width at handlebars: 840 mm.
Overall height: 1,170 mm
Seat height: 870 mm
Wheelbase: 1,480 mm
Fuel tank: 10 litres (1.3 litre reserve)

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