Thanks to its unique personality, the Aprilia SR 50 has a class of its own. This tasty sport scooter features an ergonomic riding position, an aggressive design language and incorporates a wide range of technologies derived directly from its bigger brothers.

At the heart of the compact scoter lies a 49 cc, liquid cooled, horizontal, single cylinder two stroke engine with electronic direct fuel injection. The unit is mated to an automatic transmission with automatic centrifugal dry clutch.

As far as safety is concerned, the Aprilia SR 50 is equipped with double disc brakes which should deliver a great stopping power.

Other notable features include a digital instrument panel with on board computer, transponder anti-theft system, powerful 35 watt headlights, storage compartment in the seat nose, motorcycle style switchgear.

The 2014 Aprilia SR 50 is offered with a starting price of $3,299.

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  • 2014 Aprilia SR 50
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Liquid cooled horizontal single cylinder two stroke. Electronic direct fuel injection
  • Transmission:
    CVT Automatic
  • Energy:
    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Displacement:
    49 cc
  • Price:


2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
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SR 50: the legend rides on, and gets better every year! When the SR 50 first came out, it was already in a class of its own. The “sports scooter” category was invented specially for it.

Now, the SR 50 features an aggressive new design, inspired by the RSV 1000 R Factory, but there’s more to it than style! The SR 50 incorporates numerous technical solutions derived directly from Aprilia’s world-beating maxi, to bring you the tops in equipment and the highest level of active safety you can get. With advanced technology, a legendary name, and guaranteed performance, the new SR is destined to be yet another Aprilia success story. Especially if ridden by people like you.

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Key Features:

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
- image 539116

• Sleek, aggressive styling, to ensure that all eyes turn your way.
• Motorcycle road-holding, precision, aglility and total safety.
• Double disc brakes for bags of controllable stopping power and fantastic active safety.
• Robust construction, to make sure that your SR remains faithful mile after mile after mile.
• A digital instrument panel with on board computer
• Transponder anti-theft system and provision for the body guard armoured cable lock. Because you can never be too sure.
• The right size, not too small not too big. As real sports scooter should be.
• Attention to detail to satisfy the most demanding.
• Enviable equipment, including powerful 35 watt headlights, storage compartment in the seat nose, motorcycle style switchgear and number plate holder, and rear suspension with an open coloured spring.

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Features and Benefits:

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
- image 539115

Evolution of the species

Ever since it was first introduced, the SR has been the preferred scooter of the Aprilia Racing Team, and is used extensively at trials and race meetings to get quickly between pit lane and the paddock. Aprilia’s top riders can also be seen riding their SRs around town in total freedom. Just like you.

Big bike lover?

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
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So you know all about sports scooters. You’ve read up on scooter technology and performance too. The you know you need the new SR 50.

Just to refresh your memory, the SR 50 was the first scooter to fit 13” wheels, the first with liquid cooling, the first with a double disc braking system, and the first with a direct injection engine.

And finish and equipment are superbike level. Just look at the mirrors, integrated footrests, and open brake master cylinders. The SR 50 has to be yours!

Style fanatic?

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
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Maybe you’re one of those who remove original transfers and put your own stickers on instead. With all the trouble that Aprilia takes to give you such great graphics! Oh well, that’s up to you! But Aprilia would like to know that Aprilia has styled your new SR in a way can be proud of, with an uncompromising sports look to reflect its cutting-edge technology, Aprilia has even designed a completely new steel frame for improved rigidity for unrivalled agility. And you can’t fail to appreciate the SR’s superior multi-functional digital instruments panel, twin halogen headlights, motorcycle-style switchgear and transponer anti-theft system.

In fact, there’s only one thing missing…you! The SR is waiting.

Sr, one of the pack?

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
- image 539112
2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
- image 539111

Maybe you use tour scooter to get around with your friends. If so, on an SR you’re sure to attract the right company! SR riders always have something in common. They like aggressive style, streamlined aerodynamics and impeccable handling when they see them. Everybody’s different, but on an SR everybody’s got something to share.

If Aprilia wanted to, Aprilia could write a book about the SR 50 R’s brand new, active matrix, digital instrument panel. After all, it does have analog rev counter and a large LCD display for fuel level, coolant temperature, clock, speedometer, odometer, dual trip counters, journey time, maximum speed, 16 stage timer, battery voltage, and complete diagnostic system, but Aprilia shall limit ourselves to pointing out that all these functions are accessible from convenient handlebar controls.

Responsible young man!

2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
- image 539110
2014 Aprilia SR 50 Exterior
- image 539109

Maybe you fit in neatly with one of the personalities described above – or maybe you don’t! In any case, Aprilia sure you’re a responsible young man, and your family’s pride and joy! So it’s just as well that the SR has what it takes to keep everybody happy, including advanced safety systems like double disc braking, high performance shock absorbers, and a host of high-tech components.


Engine: Liquid cooled horizontal single cylinder two stroke. Electronic direct fuel injection.
Bore x Stroke: 40 x 39.3 mm
Total displacement: 49 cc
Compression ratio: 12,1:1
Ignition: High power inductive ignition
Starting: Electric
Generator: Flywheel-magneto, 165 W – 12 V.
Gear box: Continuous automatic variator
Clutch: Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
Primary drive: V belt
Final drive: Gears in oil bath.
Frame: Split single cradle frame in high tensile strength steel tube
Front suspension: Hydraulic fork, 90 mm wheel travel
Rear suspension: Engine unit acting as swingarm; frame linkages on two radial silent block mountings; wheel travel 70 mm. Rear: 190 mm stainless steel disc; racing caliper with twin opposed 30 mm pistons
Brakes Front Brake 7.5” stainless steel disc; racing caliper with twin opposed 1.3” pistons
Brakes Rear Brake 7.5” stainless steel disc; racing caliper with twin opposed 1.2” pistons
Wheels: Five spoke, light alloy wheels front and rear: 3.50 x 13"
Tyres: Tubeless. Front and rear: 130/60 x 13”
Overall length: 1860 mm
Overall width: 705 mm
Overall height: 1120 mm
Seat height: 32.2"
Wheelbase: 50.78"
Fuel tank capacity: 1.85 gals
Intake: Reed valve
Other: Fuel injection Electronically controlled, air assisted, direct injection into the combustion chamber. Injector type EFI low flow injector. Direct injection system External opening, SMD 8 micron medium spray. Pressure regulator Pressure differential maintained at 2.5 bar. Throttle body Ø 18 mm throttle body with integrated TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). Air compressor Driven off crankshaft, lubricated by air-oil mix in crank chamber. Fuel pump 6.5 – 8 bar, high pressure pump with low electrical power absorption, < 0.5 A. Electronic Control Unit 8 Hz clock speed, 22 pin.
Price $3,299
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