• Aprilia RS 50

    Aprilia RS 50

The new RS 50 is the first real supersport for the young generation, and the most advanced 50 cc motorcycle on the market. This is the machine that sets new standards in performance and technology.

You might think that you can only find lightweight wheels, radial calipers, an aluminium frame and swingarm, and an under-seat exhaust on a big bike. But you would be wrong. Because these same specifications are found on the Aprilia RS 50, the undisputed top dog in the world of 50 cc motorcycles and the only true 50 cc supersport. The Aprilia RS 50 is a genuine sports motorcycle, and comes packed with the sort of technology normally found only on a GP racer. And now, the bike that has always set the pace has just got better. The new Aprilia RS 50 lays down the standards the others have to meet.

Its eye-catching, racing lines and determined, aggressive shape tell you that the Aprilia RS 50 knows no compromises. This 50 cc supersport is made to thrill and has all the performance needed to do so.

In terms of style, the RS 50 is clearly and unashamedly inspired by the flagship of the Aprilia family, the RSV 1000 R, the only twin that can take on the Japanese four cylinder racers on their own territory – and win. This same thirst for victory is found in the new RS 50, together with technology developed for the world-beating Aprilia 125 GP. No wonder the RS 50 is the machine that all other 50 cc bikes have to beat.

For 2006, the RS 50 is packed with improvements and innovations. The following list shows just the most important:

  • New aluminium frame
  • New aluminium swingarm
  • New, lighter wheels with ‘Y’ spokes
  • New radial caliper front brake
  • New Euro 2, two-stroke engine
  • New fairing based on that of the RSV 1000 R
  • New analog/digital instruments

Aprilia RS 50
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New design

The aggressive lines of the new RS 50 are enhanced by a new, wind tunnel tested fairing, with a sporty modern design. The new twin headlights also give far better visibility and contribute to the aggressive styling of this incredible 50.

A streamlined, slender tail completes the Aprilia RS 50’s racing image and also hides the expansion chamber of the under-seat exhaust, a component closely associated with the world of racing, that dramatically improves balance and weight distribution.

A 13 litre fuel tank and miserly fuel consumption mean that the Aprilia RS 50 has an amazing autonomy. Even the new tank shape conveys the bike’s racing spirit: the tank appears to sit on the twin beam frame just like the tanks of genuine GP racers.


Aprilia was the first manufacturer to make a 50 cc motorcycle with an aluminium frame. The new RS 50 takes things one step further, with a new light alloy, extruded tube frame with internal reinforcement for better performance than ever. This revolutionary frame not only reduces overall weight but offers a new level of structural rigidity. Even the swingarm is made from a prestige light alloy and is damped by a hydraulic monoshock via a cantilever linkage system. The monoshock itself is adjustable in spring preload and offers a wheel travel of 110 mm.

The upside down fork is another important feature of the new RS 50. This extremely advanced fork is totally reliable and safe while offering amazing performance in terms of sliding action and damping. The 40 mm stanchions are the same size as on many big bikes, and wheel travel is a generous 120 mm, for maximum efficiency under braking.

Aprilia RS 50
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Aprilia has set new standards in braking technology and performance too. The record diameter 300 mm front disc is braked by a radial caliper, a solution first introduced by Aprilia in 250 cc GP racing, and subsequently copied on all racing bikes. This impressive braking system enables the new RS 50 to tackle GP style braking in total safety.

Even the back brake is a high performance unit, featuring a 180 mm stainless steel disc and a powerful double piston caliper on a special aluminium bracket.

The new ‘Y’ spoke wheels share the same design as those fitted to Aprilia GP racers. These lightweight, precision-balanced wheels combine with the latest generation of high performance tyres to give amazing road holding on bends.

Aprilia RS 50
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A performance chassis like this demands an engine to match. The RS 50 is therefore equipped with an advanced engine of the latest generation, in the form of a single cylinder, liquid cooled, two stroke powerplant with read valve induction and an anti-vibration balancer shaft. The very latest design and technology enables this new engine to deliver exceptional performance (6.25 kW at 10,000 rpm) for its size and weight (only 15 kg). Lubrication is provided by a separate mixing system, incorporating a variable displacement volumetric pump. Starting is electric. The gearbox is a six speed unit, to make the most of the engine’s exceptional power.


On top of all this, the lucky RS 50 owner benefits from a whole range of prestige components normally only found on far bigger machines. Take, for example, the aluminium brake and clutch levers, aluminium footrests, high level silencer and tubeless radial tyres. Aprilia has even fitted the RS 50 with an advanced multi-functional instrument panel. This compact analog-digital unit acts as a real on-board computer. In addition to all the usual parameters and functions, it also incorporates a built-in lap timer to enable the champions of tomorrow to record their best track times.

Aprilia RS 50
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Aprilia RS 50
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Engine type: Liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke
Bore and stroke: 39.86 x 40 mm
Displacement: 49.9 cc
Compression ratio: 11.5 :1
Carburator: Dell’Orto PHVA - Ø14
Ignition: Electronic C.D.I.
Starting: Electric
Battery: 12 V – 4 Ah
Lubrication: Automatic mixer
Gearbox: 6 speed. Ratios: 1st 11/34; 2nd 15/30; 3rd 18/27; 4th 20/24; 5th 22/23; 6th 23/22
Primary drive: Gears. Ratio: 21/78
Final drive: Chain. Ratio: 14/53
Clutch: Multi-disc
Exhaust emissions: Euro 2
Frame: Aluminium twin beam frame with extruded profiles and internal reinforcement
Front suspension: 40 mm upside down fork; wheel travel 120 mm
Rear suspension: Double member, aluminium swingarm with reinforcing banana; hydraulic monoshock; wheel travel 110 mm
Brakes: Front: radial caliper with two 28 mm opposed pistons; 300 mm stainless steel disc; aeronautical braided brake hose; Rear: 180 mm stainless steel disc; caliper with two 25 mm opposed pistons; aeronautical braided brake hose
Wheels: Light alloy 6 ‘Y’ spoke wheels with tubeless rims. Front: 2.75 x 17"; Rear: 3.50 x 17"
Tyres: Front: 110/80 - 17"; Rear: 130/70 - 17"
Dimensions: Overall length 1965 mm; Overall width 720 mm; Max height at windshield 1.100 mm; Seat height 810 mm; Wheelbase 1,310.5 mm
Tank capacity: 13 litres
Colours: Aprilia GP Black, Aprilia GP White

Aprilia RS 50
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  (5990) posted on 03.27.2008

any1 got any ideas of the price you cud be payin for a resonably good second hand one and the top speed you could get on of these new ones up 2?

  (5990) posted on 03.22.2008

Aprilia rs50 Is Very Nice Motorbike, And It’s Very Fast...

  (5990) posted on 03.17.2008

i want one as mi 1st bike, how much will it cost brand new.... and are they easy to ride because i found the older one more comforable buh never tired this one ????????

  (1) posted on 11.26.2007

how much will i be paying if i want this bike brand new? say after a year how much money do you think i will lose from it?

  (1) posted on 02.11.2007


Im sorry but the manufacturer has copyed the same bike called the Derbi GPR 50 & 125. I have got the Gilera SC125, which is the same but with different colour scheme. Aprilia are doing the same but have changed the front shape and colour scheme. They must now know the Debri GPR rules 125’s lol.

  (5990) posted on 11.28.2006

whoever said old 1 beter dan new 1 needs a big heavy slap iv ad da old 1n got da new 1n i dont care wer da fairings wer designed wind tunnel or not looks better rides better sounds better speedo more accurate its quicker its got a in PETROL LIGHT. so im guessin uv got old 1 all i say is ya jealous, sorry lad

  (5990) posted on 11.23.2006

2 be fare its s***

  (5990) posted on 11.23.2006

the new rs is good, but is not as good as the old 1. sorry HA. because the new 1 is cramped and the fairing was not designed in a wind tunnels, as betty’s is. no offence but ill still smoke an 80cc kit with betty at a 55cc. unluky lad!

  (5990) posted on 11.5.2006

I love the aprilia rs50 and im buying it in march as soon as i am 16. then i hope to move on to a 125 and so on till a 1000cc motorbike. P.S(mallossi 80cc kit)

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