Why do Arctic riders RIDE MORE™? Some say riding lets us be heroes of our own adventures. From the moment we fire up our engines and take to the trails, we become the thrill‑seekers we were born to be. With great power and great cornering ability comes great responsibility. You see, when we’re not hammering the throttle on the racetrack, we’re hammering it in the workshop. Figuring out ways to improve on 50 years of refinement - one breakthrough at a time. That’s how we move the speedometer forward. Always have.

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  • 2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    4-stroke Turbocharged
  • Energy:
    Electronic Fuel Injection

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR Key Features:

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR Exterior
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Slide-Action Rear Suspension™

Slide-action movement keeps the suspension active. While coupling under torque over bumps, the rear suspension still has a free acting front arm, allowing you to meet bumps and dips with smooth balance and control.

Arctic Race Front Suspension

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR Exterior
- image 614206

This suspension features FOX FLOAT® EVOL RC shocks, designed to cushion aggressive bumps and harsh ruts. To fine-tune shock action, simply turn the rebound adjuster.

9000 C-TEC4™ Engine

The 9000-series C-TEC4™ turbocharged 1056cc 4-stroke engine produces 177 HP at any elevation and temperature, making it the most powerful production snowmobile engine in the world. It is the height of clean technology.

Side Panel Vent

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR Drivetrain
- image 614208

New for 2015, this vented side panel increases the airflow to the clutches to reduce drive belt temperatures for optimum performance.

ProCross™ Chassis

Featuring a tapered 2-piece tunnel (narrow at the top, wider at the bottom) this design is the foundation of our performance sleds’ superb ergonomics. A forged steering housing ties together many of the load-bearing chassis components.

Deluxe Digital/Analog Gauge

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR Exterior
- image 614211

The deluxe gauge lets you choose between digital and analog speed and tachometer readouts. There’s also an odometer, two trip meters, engine hour meter, reverse indicator and warning lights.

Electric Start

With a simple turn of the key, the new and improved electric start is reliable and effective. Not to mention the easiest way to ignite the fun.

Push-Button Reverse

2015 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 RR Exterior
- image 614214

The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. Just hit the button and backward you go.

Race-Inspired Graphics

The amazing race-inspired graphics will intimidate all the other machines right out of the gate. Big, bad and full of Arctic Cat® attitude, these graphics will definitely separate you from the pack.

Tether Switch

The tether stop switch will stop your sled if you ever get separated from your machine while riding.

Race-Height Windshield

Sporty look and enough protection for the track. The low profile allows you to see everything as you lead the pack.

1.25-in. Ripsaw™ Track

Features aggressive angled-lug profiles for outstanding forward and lateral traction on groomed trails. Its “chopped” lug design delivers excellent handling, acceleration and braking on hard-packed surfaces.


Engine Type 4-stroke
Displacement 1056cc
Cooling Liquid
Cylinders 2-Turbocharged
Bore x Stroke 98 x 70 mm
Lubrication Dry sump
Ignition Full transistor
Carburetion 46 mm single throttle body EFI
Exhaust Turbocharger with stainless steel muffler
Fuel Capacity 10.4 gal.
Drive Clutch Arctic 6 post (rpm sensing)
Driven Clutch 10.75 in. dia. Arctic (roller cam)
Drive System Arctic Drive System
Brakes Race radial master cylinder hydraulic brake / lightweight brake disk
Overall Length 121 in.
Overall Width 47.75 in.
Ski Stance 42-43 in. adjustable
Ski Type Trail 6 in.
Runner Type Dual skag w/carbide
Track Type Ripsaw
Track Width 15 in.
Track Length 129 in.
Lug 1.25 in.
Pitch 2.86 in.
Standard Features Push-button reverse, dual halogen headlight (2-bulb), front sport bumper, adjustable handlebar, deluxe digital/analog gauge, electric gas gauge, low oil light, clock, coolant overheat light, high/low hand & thumb warmers, belt bag, accessory outlet, race-height windshield, electric start, air pump, tether switch, handlebar pad
Optional Features 2-up seat, tank pads, (ex low, flyscreen, low, mid, high) windshield, mirrors, rack, hitch, hand guards, storage bags, heated seat
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