The first Bajaj Discover 100 was launched in 2004 and since then, hasn’t received any major upgrades. Fortunately, the company has finally decided the time has come to give it a small facelift. However there aren’t many significant differences between the two models, as technically they are almost the same.

The 2012 Bajaj Discover is powered by a single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled engine with a displacement of 94.38 cc. The engine cranks out Ps at 7500 and 7.85 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm and is one of the most reliable units in its class.

Apart from its reliable engine, the bike features a digital CDI with an 8 bit microprocessor chip which helps to provide optimum ignition timing for any given engine rpm. You also get the throttle ignition control system (TRICS III) which helps to offer an almost perfect ignition spark advance for every throttle opening and engine rpm.

The new generation Discover 100 is available in three color combinations - gold/black, green/black and red/black. It’s also worthy of being mentioned that like the new Bajaj Pulsar, the 2012 Bajaj Discover 100 is equipped with LED lamps at the back.

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  • 2012 Bajaj Discover 100
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled
  • Transmission:
    5-Speed Transmission
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    7 @ 7500
  • MPG(Cty):
  • MPG(Hwy):
  • Torque @ RPM:
    5 @ 5000
  • Displacement:
    94 L
  • Top Speed:
    47 mph
  • Price:
    INR 45000

Key Features

2012 Bajaj Discover 100 Exterior
- image 450555

World’s Best Mileage

Feature Benefit
Twin Spark Technology Ensures efficient combustion for better mileage without sacrificing power
Specially designed pent roof combustion chamber combustion with minimum fuel
5-speed gearbox All down 5 speed gears for smooth ride & aiding in best mileage
ExhausTEC Better pick up at low speeds even in top gear - lesser need to shift gears
Ride Control Switch Helps the user to ride in ’fuel economy’ zone

Ever Lasting Durability

Feature Benefit
DTS-Si (Digital Twin Spark-Swirl Induction) engine version_2.0 Proven DTS-i technology for last 6 years
Molycote Piston Lower friction increases engine efficiency & life
Maintenance Free Battery Zero maintenance battery with 6 months extra warranty
Anti-stiction Bush Used in front suspension for longer suspension life
LED tail lamps Less power consumption and longer life

Comfort On Long Rides

Feature Benefit
Electric Start Hassle free starting for quick stop-start in traffic
Auto Choke Easy starting in all weather conditions
Front Suspension - Telescopic & Rear Suspension - Nitrox Plush ride comfort for rider as well as pillion in all road conditions
Longest wheel base (in class) Stability with easy maneuverability in all traffic conditions
Wider Rear Tyre Provides better road grip
DC Ignition Constant light from headlamp at all speeds
Battery Charge Indicator Easy monitoring of battery charge status
Twin pilot lamp Better visibility during twilight
Pass Switch For easy & safe overtaking

Premium Styling Features


  • Black & Chrome styling
  • LED tail lamps
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Stylish head lamp cowl with twin pilot lamps


2012 Bajaj Discover 100 Exterior
- image 450555

DTS-Si version 2.0

  • Digital
  • Digital microprocessor continuously senses different speeds and loads on the engine and responds by altering the ignition timing, there by optimizing power and fuel economy.
  • Twin Spark
  • Twin Spark i.e. two spark plugs instead of one, enables fast and efficient combustion leading to better fuel efficiency and higher power as compared to a conventional 4 stroke engine.
  • Swirl Induction
  • Swirl induction is generated by offset positioning of inlet and outlet ports creating turbulence in the air-fuel mixture inside the engine which enhances combustion efficiency further.


Throttle responsive ignition control system III rd generation. It is a means of controlling the ignition by operating the throttle. Depending on the needs of the rider whether it be cruising, acceleration or max speed, the ignition requirements constantly change. Based on a particular amount of throttle opening, the magnetic field generated by the magnet opens or closes the reed switch. The reed switch is connected to the digital CDI, which signals the CDI to change switch, the desired ignition advance timing maps. This helps in achieving a good balance between drivability and optimum ignition spark advance, resulting in an almost perfect ignition spark advance for every throttle opening and engine rpm.

Ignition with a Digital CDI

A digital CDI with an 8 bit microprocessor chip handles the spark delivery. The programmed chip’s memory contains an optimum ignition timing for any given engine rpm, thereby obtaining the best performance characteristics from the combustion chamber. Working together with the TRICS III system, it delivers optimum ignition timing for varying load conditions.


ExhausTEC is a device incorporated in exhaust system of ‘Discover DTS-Si ’engine. ‘TEC’ stands for ‘Torque Expansion Chamber’. This world-first technology developed by Bajaj Auto improves the ‘Scavenging’ process. The exhaust system has this revolutionary feature incorporated, which drastically improves engine torque at low revs without compromising anything at mid or high engine revs. It has been extensively optimized to get the maximum possible performance out of the engine. The Silencer also has a characteristic tonal quality to it. It gives out a pleasant sounding low frequency ‘boom’ sound.

While meeting the mandatory current noise norms, it gives the bike an identity, which is different from any other bike, so as to make it very unique.

We are pleased to mention that Bajaj has been awarded patent for its innovation " ExhausTEC ", Patent Number 231498

Maintenance Free Battery

  • Feature
  • Compact 5Ah battery.
  • Unique vent mechanism for releasing gases formed during charging.
  • Advantage
  • No frequent charging, No frequent top up required.
  • No spillage of electrolyte (battery acid).
  • Benefits
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Enhanced safety.

Auto Choke

  • Feature
  • Enables easy starting in cold conditions.
  • How to Operate
  • Automatic, No manual operation.
  • Benefits
  • Quick & easy engine starting even on a chilled morning.

Battery Protector Unit

  • Feature
  • When ignition & head light switch are switched ‘ON’ & engine is ‘OFF’, it protects battery by preventing head lamp from switching ‘ON’. That means one cannot switch ‘ON’ headlamp without engine ‘ON’.
  • Benefits
  • Avoids battery draining by preventing headlamp from switching on, until the engine is started.

Low Battery Indicator

  • Feature
  • An LED indication alerts the rider about any malfunction in battery or low voltage.
  • Benefits
  • Low Battery Indicator reminds you to get the battery recharged in time. - Will reflect if there is a malfunction in the battery charging circuit. - Will give an indication of battery life reaching its end

Ride Control Switch

This feature has been specifically introduced to enable the Rider to have a non-distracting /non-intrusive indication of an impending change between Economy zone cruising and Power zone cruising. The entire concept is based on Feel. Among the most sensitive parts for a Scooter rider, his/her hands are the most sensitive.

The changes in effort required to open the throttle can also be felt very sensitively. This forms the basis for the Ride Control Switch.

Once enabled, the throttle feel/force felt at the throttle will very immediately inform the Rider that he is about to transgress the Fuel Economy zone. He does not have to look at the speedo console for speeds/rpms to be maintained, lights to glow or audible alarms to be heard.

There is absolutely no safety issue, as there are no visual or audible distractions like the other systems. The rider can concentrate on the road/traffic conditions ahead and modulate the throttle, instead of his attention getting diverted.

Being very simple and robust in design, there is virtually no chances of failure and it requires almost no maintenance.


Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled
Displacement 94.38 cc
Compression ratio 9.8 : 01
Max. Power (Ps @ RPM) 7.7 @ 7500
Max. Torque (Nm @ RPM) 7.85 @ 5000
Clutch Wet multiplate
No. of gear 5
Gear shift pattern All down
Suspension Front Telescopic, wheel travel 130 mm
Suspension Rear Nitrox, wheel travel 110 mm
Brakes Front Drum, 130 mm
Brakes Rear Drum, 110 mm
Tyre Front 2.75 X 17" (Unidirectional)
Tyre Rear 3.00 X 17" (Unidirectional)
Fuel tank capacity 8 liter full (2.3 liter reserve)
Chassis Type Single down tube
Battery 12V, 5Ah
Head lamp 35 / 35 W
Tail / stop lamp LED type
Horn type & no. DC / one
Length 2040 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 1087 mm
Wheel base 1305 mm
Ground Clearance 162 mm
Kerb weight 115 kg

Maxabout ---- "Discover was launched with a 110 cc engine, till Bajaj got into the illusion that 100 cc segment was dying in India."

Bikedekho ---- " Each variants of Bajaj Discover 100 are equipped with the fuel efficient engines that offer good mileage."

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