• 2008 Benelli Titanium 07

    2008 Benelli Titanium 07
  • 2008 Benelli Titanium 07 Engine
  • 2008 Benelli Titanium 07 Brake Lever
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  • 2008 Benelli Titanium 07 Seat
  • 2006 Benelli TnT Titanium
  • 2008 Benelli Titanium 07
  • 2008 Triumph Speed Triple

Relatively new in Benelli’s continuously growing lineup, the Titanium 07 is a true representative of how Italians prefer building their bikes. Light, compact, powerful and filled with attitude, this bike is in for a piece of the action with little features that will draw it back.

  • 2008 Benelli Titanium 07
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    3 cylinders, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, 12V, DOHC (double overhaed camshaft)
  • Transmission:
    6 - speed
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    101Kw/9.250 RPM
  • Torque @ RPM:
    117Nm/6.750 RPM
  • Energy:
    Injection EURO 2
  • Displacement:
    1131 cc L
  • Top Speed:
    160 mph



Benelli bikes tend to look the same so the Titanium 07 indeed share’s mechanical features with the Café Racer 1130 and, at a first glance, you won’t find radical design differences between the one and the other, but it all consists in the little things that make it special and even situate it in a class of its own. The motorcycle of today is simply the manufacturer’s idea on naked bikes (a pretty good one, by the way) while the Café Racer 1130 brings back the period when rebel riders broke their backs racing the things.

I just wanted to make it clear from the start that the Titanium 07 is not just another bike fitted with the 1131cc engine, but a new interpretation with features that would make any other bike say its prays. A revised fuel injected 1131cc liquid cooled in-line-triple with DOHC and 12 valves develops 131.3 horsepower at 9.250 rpm and 117 Nm at 6,750 rpm so it is now clear that refinement never ends. Attention to details is also excellent so it will clearly stand out as one attractive ride.


2008 Benelli Titanium 07
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2006 Benelli TnT Titanium

After the company started producing motorcycles again back in the late 2001, early 2002 it continuously tried to cover as much ground possible in as little time possible and although that doesn’t sound like the best idea, it had a great effect and brought Benelli on the map again. Also, this is how the TnT Titanium model was created and first produced and marketed in 2006. It is the bike from which the Titanium 07 would be developed a year later, but this last didn’t had much features to change as from the very beginning the engine was an 1130cc (68.95 cubic inches) in-line three-cylinder with 11.5:1 compression ratio. Also, a fuel injection system fed the impressive powerplant and the fuel control was exactly what you will find on it today, as well as the valves per cylinder number. What came new on the reengineered machinery was the 11.9:1 compression ratio. The horsepower was actually decreased than increased, but not with much (from 135.44 HP it went down to 131.3 HP) while the torque remained the same.

When it came to the way the new bike would look, there was nothing that Benelli felt like changing so there will be no significant design differences that are worth being taken in consideration. Even color is the same.


2008 Benelli Titanium 07
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2008 Triumph Speed Triple

Italians and Britains are known for producing awesome three-cylinder fitted bikes which have no other solution but go one against the other and today we’re witnessing no exception as the similitude of the Benelli Titanium 07 with the Triumph Speed Triple is incredible.

Starting with the engines, they both produce 131 horsepower at 9,250, the only difference being the fact that the electronically fuel injected 1050cc liquid-cooled, DOHC, in-line-triple found on the Triumph reaches peak torque (77ft.lbf) at 7,550 RPM. This makes the Triumph a little more agile and considering its compactness given by the tubular, fabricated aluminum alloy perimeter frame, the Benelli has to deal with an agile, sharp-cornering (23.5 degree rake) naked bike.

The streetfighter is also a bit more attractive and more of a testimony of Triumph’s experience, but Benelli is coming strong from behind.


2008 Benelli Titanium 07
- image 241917
2008 Benelli Titanium 07

Featuring a stylish headlight surrounded by a very small fairing and (you won’t believe this) even a screen, the front end of the Titanium manages to suddenly present us the naked attitude in Benelli’s vision. Even though that screen won’t offer much wind protection (not at all), it indeed looks great and manages to squeeze a smile when trying to test it.

As expected, the front mudguard hugs the street rubber in the way the small side fairing does with the radiator. These last units cut the air significantly and even make sure that the rider won’t be feeling like a rheumatic after getting off of it as the knees won’t be very affected by the wind.

Dominating the scenario is the sporty and smooth looking gas tank which underneath it unveils the mighty three-cylinder delivering the burned gasses to a under-the-seat muffler. The red painted frame is nice and complicated as it looks like it needed a lot of geometry in order for the ASD steel tube trellis with boxed section to offer the best resistance. This is also the case of the swingarm.

Wheels are spoked and feature 17 inches. It looked like willing to soak up miles after miles and that’s what I planned on doing with it.

Test Drive

2008 Benelli Titanium 07
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2008 Benelli Titanium 07

The Benelli Titanium 07 charms its rider and even passenger with an impressive road behavior based on inspiring confidence while cornering agile and then raising the rpm needle up to 10.000. The Italian naked is practically built for this kind of performance and misses no opportunity to prove its point immediately after you get on it.

Even though not a supersport motorcycle, it can easily pass as one, the only thing that it misses being the fairing and implicit the decent windscreen of which we were talking before. It can do 160mph, but the kind of rider that buys this Benelli model will be long bored of the outrageous speeds and in search for a slightly docile, more comfortable and relaxing machine.

The riding position that it offers is suitable for a sport-touring motorcycle with wide, high positioned handlebars and a comfortable seat that works best only in relation with the carefully arranged footpegs that won’t have your legs stretched, but will definitely complete the triangle and let you scrap your knees from time to time when feeling like chasing a buddy on twisty roads.

What I most appreciate at it is the fact that it goes fast around the corners and never raises your beats per minute if you tend to go a little to fast. All you have to do is lean even more and direct the bike on the needed cornering trace and you’ll be on your way with even more confidence. There is no slow in, fast out formula as the 24 degrees rake permits courageous actions as the one I mentioned before, but the best of the best remains the engine. The 1131 triple with the 131.6 horses that it develops will have you covered on any kind of road, from the twisties on which I took it first, from the motorways or the city. When pushed strongly, the motor will sound like it has finally been exploited as should and the charmed rider won’t be feeling like taking its hand off the throttle any more.

A smooth operating six-speed gearbox is there to back the engine up when the rider needs to pass other vehicles. It is well worth noting that the Titanium is among the easiest to ride bikes I’ve swing a leg over and the commands are exactly where expected to and at quick reach. This makes it easy to accommodate with and not bad at all.

The adjustable Marzocchi fork up front and multi-adjustable monoshock at the rear will contribute to the bike’s friendliness from another point of view. It soaks up bumps even better than expected and even under braking it doesn’t manage to get you in a risky situation.

Speed bumps are the easiest thing for it and if you’ll be approaching them too fast, the Brembo brakes will have you covered in an instant. This last complete the bike’s impressive features and makes us have no wonders related to the continuously growing popularity of which Benelli enjoys.


A true testimony of Benelli’s way of building motorcycles, the Titanium 07 is a reliable, quick-handling motorcycle that never manages to fail wherever you take it. On the twists or on the motorways, it becomes the best companion and a rear competitor for any other machine that goes next to it.



Engine and Transmission

2008 Benelli Titanium 07
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2008 Benelli Titanium 07 Engine

Type: 3 cylinders, 4 stroke, liquid cooled, 12V, DOHC (double overhaed camshaft)

Cylinder Capacity: 1131 cc

Bore x Stroke: 88 x 62

Compression Ratio: 11,9:1

Maximum Power: 101Kw/9.250 RPM

Maximum Net Torque: 117Nm/6.750 RPM

Firing Order: 1 > 3 > 2

Intake Valve Diameter: 33 mm

Exhaust Valve Diameter: 29 mm

Intake Engine Timing: 21°bTDC 42° aBDC

Exhaust Engine Timing: 42°aBDC 21° aBDC

Maximum Valve Lift: Int.8,75 exh.8,75

Throttle Body Diameter: 53 mm

Lubrication System: Wet sump

Fuel System: Injection EURO 2

Clutch: Dry clutch with aluminium case

Ignition: Digital - inductive type via electronic engine management

Starting: Electric

Gearbox: 6 - speed

Transmission: Chain - 525 chain type

Primary Ratio: 44 / 79

Final Ratio: 16 / 36

Gear Ratios (Secondary):

1° 14 / 39
2° 18 / 35
3° 21 / 32
4° 23 / 30
5° 24 / 28
6° 25 / 27

Chassis and Dimensions

2008 Benelli Titanium 07
- image 241910
2008 Benelli Titanium 07 Seat

Frame: ASD steel tube trellis, with boxed section

Front Suspension: "Upside down" fork totally adjustable Ø 50 mm

Front Travel: 120mm

Rear Suspension: ASD steel tube trellis swingarm with totally adjustable shock absorber

Rear Travel: 120mm

Rake: 24°

Trail: 95mm

Offset: 33mm

Front Brake Diameter: 320 mm with radial caliper

Rear Brake Diameter: Ø 240 mm

Front Tyre: 120-70/17; 120-65/17

Rear Tyre: 180-55;190-55;200-50/17

Length: 2100 mm

Width: 790 mm

Height: 1050 mm

Seat Height: 780 mm

Wheelbase: 780 mm

Dry Weight: 195 kg

Fuel Tank Capacity: Lt.17

Fuel Reserve: Lt.4

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