The Beta Mnitrial LC is a compact bike aimed at those who love Trial circuits. It is the smallest model in Beta’s Trial lineup and was especially created for the beginners.

The 2013 version is built on an improved steel frame that hosts an all-new single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid cooled engine. The 72.4 cc unit sends its power to the ground through a single speed transmission and is fed by a compact, 0.6 gallons fuel tank.

The engine breaths through a Dell’Orto PHBN carburetor with external adjustments for improved performance and greater regularity of operation.

The bike rides on a set of sporty suspensions that consist of a 32 mm fork and a rear single shock absorber.

For 2013 the Beta Minitrial LC is also offered with new colors and graphics inspired by the EVO 2013 models.

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  • 2013 Beta Minitrial LC
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    Single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid cooled
  • Transmission:
    Single-speed auto
  • Energy:
    Fuel injection
  • Displacement:
    72 cc
  • Price:


The smallest vehicle of the Trial family from the Tuscany firm, dedicated to the young champions of this sport, is stepping up in quality and performance with the new liquid-cooled engine and an improved frame.

2013 Beta Minitrial LC Features and Benefits

2013 Beta Minitrial LC Exterior
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• New single-cylinder 2-stroke, liquid-cooled, 72.4 cc displacement.

• Dell’Orto PHBN carburetor ø 17.5 mm with external adjustments for improved performance and greater regularity of operation

• Radiator with electric fan.

• Primary drive with straight teeth Z15/58

• CDI with mapping defined for better power delivery of the engine and ease of use of the motorcycle.

• Hydraulic front fork ø 32 mm for greater riding feeling.

• Hydraulic front and rear brake discs for greater power.

• Ground Light increased to 320mm to improve the ability to overcome obstacles.

• New skid plate, more protective

• New front mask, same as used on the bigger "sisters" EVO.

• New colours and graphics inspired by the EVO 2013 models.


Beta has never managed to get ahead of the pack when it comes to quality, performances and reliability. And unfortunately, the Beta Minitrial LC has never put the sales charts on fire either.

On the other hand, we’ll have to admit that the Beta Minitrial LC has all it needs to be considered a good trial bike. It is decently made, handles well and has good brakes too.

Moreover, the 2013 model comes with a set of important upgrades which improve its overall performances and make it more agile than the previous model.

However, this doesn’t mean that Beta has now the potential to compete with success against its Japanese rivals. It just means that it is a far better choice than of one of the many low budget Chinese trial bikes that come with bargain prices.


Engine type: All-new Single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid cooled
Bore: 48 mm
Stroke: 40 mm
Displacement: 72.4 cc
Compression Ratio: 7.96 : 1
Ignition: Electronic
Spark Plug: Champion RN3C
Lubrication: Pre-mix (synthetic oil)
Carburetor: Dell’Orto 17.5 mm
Clutch: Wet, automatic (3-shoe clutch)
Transmission: Single-speed auto
Frame: Steel frame w/ engine as support
Wheelbase: 39.6”
Seat Height: 23”
Ground Clearance: 10.5”
Footrest Height: 12.6”
Dry Weight: 97 lbs. dry
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6 US gallons
Front Suspension: 32 mm fork
Rear Suspension: Single shock
Front Wheel Travel: 5.2”
Rear Wheel Travel: 4.5”
Final Gearing: 10t front, 66t rear
Front Brake: 160mm rotor w/ hydraulic caliper
Rear Brake: 150mm rotor w/ mechanical caliper
Front/Rear Rim: 14” (Front) 16” (Rear)
Front/Rear Tire: Trial pattern
Warranty: 6 month Limited Warranty
Price: $2999
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