The Big Bear Devil’s Advocate ProStreet is a tasty looking chopper which – unlike other choppers - doesn’t sacrifice handling for style. In fact the Advocate ProStreet is the most agile model in BigBear’s lineup and offers a perfect mix of style, comfort and maneuverability.

In terms of style, the Big Bear Choppers Devil’s Advocate ProStreet features a low slung stature, a set of custom fenders and a large capacity fuel tank which seems to merge with the seat giving the bike a pretty distinctive look. There is also a lot of chrome, a tasty red and black paint job and a heavily angled front fork.

The Big Bear Choppers Devil’s Advocate ProStreet is blessed with a 111 cubic inch engine which delivers a maximum output of 115.8 bhp and 122.8 lb/ft of torque. The engine is mated on a 6-Speed Overdrive transmission especially designed to comfortably handle the engine’s power.

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  • 2013 Big Bear Choppers Devil’s Advocate ProStreet
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    BBC-S&S V111™ EFI Evolution
  • Transmission:
    6 Speed Manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Energy:
    S&S Closed-Loop Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Displacement:
    111 cubic inches
  • Price:


2013 Big Bear Choppers Devil's Advocate ProStreet Exterior
- image 495869

We designed the Devil’s Advocate ProStreet for the customer that wants a motorcycle that looks fast and fun while resting on it’s kickstand, but more importantly delivers performance handling as well. No problem, this is the most agile handling motorcycle among it’s Big Bear Brothers. If you’re wanting to mix a wide tire drag style motorcycle with the looks of a hand built custom motorcycle… you will no doubt dig this bike. Both the front and rear fenders finish off the motorcycle’s crafted metal with a point, and with the large capacity fuel tank stretching to a point and merging into the seat, this ProStreet is one of the smoothest flowing machines in our fleet. It’s got intense power and athletic elegance. With the muscular 122.8 pounds of authoritative torque at the twist of your wrist, riding within the speed limit may be the hardest thing about owning the Devil’s Advocate ProStreet. Adrenaline rushes come standard.

Design Features

2013 Big Bear Choppers Devil's Advocate ProStreet Exterior
- image 495872
  • Distinctive large diameter single radius downtube
  • Low neck height with an obtainable yet appealing 40° rake
  • Low seat of 23.5” that enables low speed confidence and maneuverability
  • Flowing oil tank and rolling fenders finish with an exaggerated tip
  • Sleek large capacity pointed tear drop style fuel tank
  • Famous patented Venom™ arched swingarm
  • Stylistic and ergonomically sound handlebars

Component Features

2013 Big Bear Choppers Devil's Advocate ProStreet Exterior
- image 495873
  • V111™ Low Vibration Polished Engine at

122.8 lbs. of Torque

  • 6-Speed Right-Side Drive Polished Transmission
  • BBC Enclosed Primary Drive
  • Forged Billet Wheel Choice with 21” Front and

280mm Rear Tire

  • 4-Piston Brakes with Rear Belt Drive-Side™ Brake


  • Chrome Frontend with Hidden Axle Design
  • Chrome Foot and Hand Controls
  • Chrome Digital Dash
  • Chrome Radius Tuned Exhaust

Factory Options

2013 Big Bear Choppers Devil's Advocate ProStreet Exterior
- image 495871
  • BDL Open Belt Drive
  • Wheel Design Choice
  • Chrome Wheels and Brake Calipers
  • Standard or Custom Paint Scheme


2013 Big Bear Choppers Devil's Advocate ProStreet Exterior
- image 495868

Options 1 : BBC-S&S V111™ Carb Evolution

Reliability, power and comfort... the best of all worlds. And when we say reliability, we not only mean the life of the engine, but the life of motorcycle and everything that’s bolted to it. Branded as V111™,’ this internally reformed 111 cubic inch engine boasts a healthy 122.8 lbs. of torque at the crank. With a configuration of a 4 1/8” bore and 4 1/8” stroke, proprietary compression ratios, redesigned cam timing, and reciprocating weights all result in an incredibly smooth running engine while meeting all the strict legal requirements. While looking like any other S&S Super Sidewinder engine from the outside, the essence of this new engine is the low vibration. High engine vibration is an enemy to both the rider and the motorcycle. The effects of high engine vibration may cause premature rider fatigue as well. Eliminate engine vibration and you will eliminate potential problems.

Finish Polished Case & Chrome Covers
Displacement 111"
Bore X Stoke 4 1/8" X 4 1/8"
Horsepower 115.8 bhp
Torque 122.8 lb/ft
Induction S&S Super E Carburetor
Air Cleaner S&S Tear Drop
Oil Pump S&S High Volume
Warranty 2 Year / 20,000 Mile

Options 2 : BBC-S&S V111™ EFI Evolution

Between the EFI and the carbureted V111™, there isn’t going to be much of a difference in performance, provided you maintain constant ambient conditions (humidity, temperature, elevation, etc.). This is where the beauty of the closed-loop EFI system comes into play. The system is continuously monitoring the engine, and tuning itself to optimize performance for that given scenario or environment. So, while you might not be able to notice power difference between the EFI and a carbureted engine, once you take that bike up the mountain, or get a day that’s significantly hotter than the day it was tuned, that EFI engine will easily outperform the carbureted engine (unless you want to take a supply of different jets with you on the ride).

Finish Polished Case & Chrome Covers
Displacement 111"
Bore X Stoke 4 1/8" X 4 1/8"
Horsepower 115.8 bhp
Torque 122.8 lb/ft
Induction S&S Electronic Fuel Injection
Air Cleaner S&S Tear Drop
Oil Pump S&S High Volume
Warranty 2 Year / 20,000 Mile


This is the original 6-speed design that revolutionized the American V-Twin industry. Yet, it’s still the best overdrive 6-speed built to this day ...hands down. This Detroit built tranny is designed and manufactured to comfortably handle the power from our engines while looking good behind it.

Brand Baker
Finish Polished Case & Chrome Covers
Drive Right Side
Gears 6-Speed Overdrive
Warranty 2 Year / 24,000 Mile


Keeping with the mindset of making form and function coexisting, this newly designed proprietary primary is built tough and reliable along with a very sleek, new generation styled aesthetics with a cool BBC branded inspection cover. This primary drive is approximately 200% stronger than most other manufacturer’s primaries with its machined forged aluminum inner and outer cases. The dense aluminum material makes for a unit that does not flex under heavy torque, and absorbs most engine vibration. Another great attribute that sets this primary drive ahead of the curve is the triple seal design on the main shaft, as opposed to an industry standard single seal, insuring virtually no leaks. The starter motor shaft accessory plate is removable for an easy starter change-out. The internals utilize an easy-to-replace standard type clutch basket and a compensating sprocket for a smooth power transfer.

Primary Drive BBC Enclosed Primary
Finish Polished
Final Drive RSD Belt


We teamed up with Wire-Plus, the industry’s leader in motorcycle electronics, to design a wiring harness with no compromises. Combine this harness with the high-end brand name electrical components like the Spyke charging system and the Crane ignition, and we’re sure your seat time will be long. You won’t be on the side of the road kicking rocks.

Wiring Harness BBC-WirePlus
Charging System BBC 40 Amp
Ignition S&S
Coil 80,000 Volt Mini
Starter Polished Case & Chrome Covers
Battery Extreme Magna Power AGM


The Devil’s Advocate Chopper frame borrows the looks of our Venom frame with it’s single downtube and Venom swingarm, but is equipped with a larger 280mm rear tire and different tanks and fenders. We also threw out the seat post in the D.A.’s for style points.

The frame is the foundation of the motorcycle’s aesthetics and reliability. All our frames are designed and manufactured in house in our San Bernardino facility. Every frame component (e.g. neck, side plates, tank mounts, tranny plate, axle adjusters, etc) are CNC manufactured with precision. Utilizing a 0.250 wall, 1.5” tube steel for the backbone and downtube and a 0.160 wall, 1.125” tube for the rest of the frame, BBC uses the best steel possible for our frames. All frames are 100% TIG welded for a clean, strong and precise fusion. We think we make a statement about our confidence with a lifetime warranty on the frames we make.

Brand BBC Devil’s Advocate ProStreet
Type Softail
Frame Tube 0.160" Wall DOM Seamless
Swingarm BBC Venom (Pat. #D503363)
Backbone Thick 0.250" Wall 3" Stretch
Downtube Thick 0.250" Wall, 2" Under Stock
Neck Rake 40°
Seat Height 23" from ground
Wheel Base 88" axle to axle
Overall Length 108" end to end
Weight 700 lbs approx.
Warranty Lifetime of Original Owner


Like our frames, our tanks and fenders are designed and manufactured in-house. We produce the sheetmetal with the frame as a unit, then gets ’mock-up’ before we hand it over to our painters or ship it out to the unassembled kit customers. We use heavy duty 12 gauge steel for our fenders and 14 gauge steel for the tanks. All tanks are pressure tested and the fenders are computer cut. We guarantee and warranty any leaks from the tanks and cracks in the fenders for your lifetime.

Fuel Tank BBC Devil’s Advocate ProStreet. 5.875 Gallons Carb, 5.75 Gallons EFI
Gas Cap BBC Flush Mount Pop-Up
Oil Tank BBC Devil’s Advocate Pointed Horse Shoe Type
Rear Fender BBC Athena 12 Gauge Steel
Front Fender BBC Pointed 12 Gauge Steel
Warranty Lifetime of Original Owner


Designed and manufactured in-house, our fully chrome frontend is exclusively made for our motorcycles to be aesthetically cool and functionally bomb proof. The BBC logo branded 6° triple trees have what we call a ’smooth mount’ design - you don’t see the tube and axle nuts on top. And what we mean with the ’hidden axle’ - it’s a nutless type axle, making the finish smooth. With all our calculations with the frame and frontend, we’ve landed the front wheel in the sweet spot of the final trail measurement. This allows for a motorcycle with no frontend flop and high speed wobble.

And at the back, there’s no better American Made shock to use than the industry’s premier shock absorber, Progressive Suspension. The chrome pair of oil dampened shocks produce a good ride, which is just one more reason why our motorcycles out handle and beat the comfort of the other guys bikes.

Frontend BBC Smooth Mount Hidden Axle
Finish Chrome
Triple Tree Rake
Trail Length 3.75"
Tube Length 12" Over Stock
Rear Progressive Suspension
Finish Chrome
Travel 3"

Wheels and Brakes

Wheels RC Components
Type Forged Aluminum
Finish Polished
Front Rim 21" x 2.125"
Rear Rim 18" x 10.5"
Front Tire Avon Cobra 90mm
Rear Tire Avon Cobra 280mm
Front Brake P.M. 4-Piston Caliper
Rear Brake BBC-P.M. 4-Piston Caliper


Pipes BBC Chrome Baffled Radius Design
Bars BBC Chrome Devil’s Advocate
Hand Controls Chrome OEM Style
Dash BBC-WirePlus Raw Round Digital
Grips BBC Chrome with Black Rubber
Foot Controls BBC Chrome
Headlight BBC Chrome
Signals Chrome DOT Approved
Mirrors Chrome DOT Approved
Seat BBC Leather/Vinyl
Kickstand BBC Mid-Mount
Cables Goodridge Stainless Steel Clear Coated
Warranty 1 year from the Factory. 2 years in Europe.
About the author


Engineering is the applied science of acquiring and applying knowledge to design, analysis, and/or construction of product. You can’t produce a great motorcycle without great engineering. And we’ve got a great engineering team and processes! The reliability, comfort and esthetics are only as good as the complete engineering of the vehicle. So in our efforts of providing our customers with an absolute motorcycle, meaning everything a motorcycle is; from performance, to design, with comfort and overall reliability, our engineering processes and staff run at high standards, efficiently and effectively. In all elements of engineering, e.g. manpower, methods, machinery and materials, our talented team uses well thought out methods with some of the finest equipment using premium material for every application.


Lets start with our engineering manpower and why we say they are talented. Our engineers use technology, mathematics, and scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. Each engineer in the team comes from a relative professional background and contributes their particular history and talent uniquely to the overall product development. Some of these backgrounds are from Fortune 500 companies that include Aerospace, Semiconductor Electronics, Automotive, Metrology and, of course, the Motorcycle industry, with decades of combined experience.

We have appointed responsibility to an engineer to direct each of these categories; Design, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Quality and Lean Manufacturing. Each engineer operates at high individual responsibility while working together as a team to ultimately produce a blameless product.


So now you know we’ve got great people. Let’s talk about their Methods. Firstly, concept theory is introduced by the R&D Chief Designer, who produces a concept pen and paper sketch. Our Digital Modeling Engineer works closely with our Designer and takes the concept drawing he created and renders a 3D image of the part or new model design, using state-of-the-art C.A.D. applications. We review the digital rendering with the team and brainstorm the design with functionality and engineering reasoning.

Computer Drafting

Once approved, the manual prototype fabrication of that particular part or the new motorcycle model design starts. Scale models are then developed and reverse engineered with laser scanners and 3D modeling. Or, we utilize our ultramodern Rapid Prototyping Printer to sculpt a solid 1:1 formed prototype straight from the C.A.D. rendering, and test fit. Once we get a prototype part from our real time tooling, we analyze and evaluate it on our test vehicles and make any necessary changes to the tooling before production.

Manufacturing & Lean Engineering

Once in production, quality control measures are implemented to assure proper fit, integrity of materials and design execution are at our satisfaction. And our satisfaction is to exceed our customer’s expectations, bottom line.
The material we use is just as important as the machines and the engineers behind them. A lifetime warranty on the frame, fenders, fuel and oil tanks should speak for itself about the quality of our product and the confidence we have about it. But let’s break down the particulars.


D.O.M. Steel Tubing

Drawn Over Mandrel 1018 Steel Tube (D.O.M.) is a very effective and strong tubing due to the high strength from the cold working process, it’s actually a friction pressure lap weld that forms the tube, resulting in a seamless and bulletproof tube. There is no type of filler used and the tube is drawn over a spinning mandrel by two other spinning mandrels. The extreme pressure and friction from the spinning roller welds the pipe. We use this DOM steel tubing for all frame manufacturing.

A36 Steel Plate

A36 Steel Plate has high yield strength and is used for all plate mounts for the frame such as transMision, engine, fuel and oil tank mounts, as well as side plates, axle adjusters and anything else on the frame that is of a two dimensional form.

Sheet Metal

The Sheet Metal we use is thicker than the standard in motorcycle manufacturing, utilizing a 12 gauge steel fenders and 14 gauge for tanks. These components are Deep Drawn, meaning, “drawing” the material further down into a geometric die until the final shape is acquired. This process produces a very accurate shape, resulting in minimal process variation and fundamentally measures perfect with every piece. Once the pieces are ‘drawn,’ they get Pickled & Oiled (P & O), which is a process that is effective in removing substantially all of the oxide layer or scale from processed sheet metal, thus prevents surface rust during the manufacturing process.

6061 T6 Aluminum

6061 T6 Aluminum is the high, aerospace grade material we use for all aluminum components, (e.g. the front-end’s triple trees and lower legs, foot controls, wheels and pulleys, our accessory assortment, etc.). These items are machined from an aluminum block, which are an alloy, magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. It has great mechanical properties and is heat treatable and weld-able, not to mention lightweight.


Forging is the best possible manufacturing process when high strength is demanded, with a constraint on the mass of the part (high strength-to-mass ratio). Forging results in metal that is stronger than cast or machined metal parts. This is because during forging, the metal’s grain flow changes into the shape of the part, making it stronger. These parts require a specific grain flow to ensure the strength and reliability of the part. Pictured to the left is our outter Primary Drive cover right being Forged, and ready for machining in our Haas CNC machines. Other components we forge are our wheels.


Functionality and Saftey. Our testing and product analysis is not taken lightly here at Rage Hard Choppers Inc. We do not believe in providing our customers anything untested. Everything is proven with engineering and real life testing. So who’s the Test Team? It’s our designers, engineers, R&D guys and, you can’t forget, our test riders. Whof will test and analyze these bikes and their parts. Saftey is our number one priorty.

Ergonomics Testing

Ergonomics. Once the structural, functional, aesthetic, and safety levels are at our high standards, it doesn’t stop there. We test our motorcycles for the ergonomics. Ergonomics is the relationship between the rider and motorcycle, which includes comfort and how it handles. No matter how good the engineering is, the only way to develop a good ergonomic motorcycle is to ride and evaluate it. We believe in motorcycles that not only look good, but handle well with comfort.

Test Team and Environment.

Nestled at the base of the San Bernardino mountains of California, our roads and weather can be tricky -meaning great test roads, and hours from the heat of Death Valley and the rough freeways of Los Angeles, San Bernardino is in the middle of such diverse climate and land that it makes for a perfect test environment. Cold snow, slippery ice, annoying rain, desert heat, high winds, city traffic, rough freeways, hundred plus speed on highways, whatever, bring it on. Our test team is paid to ride in and through all of that. And not just ride, but ride hard. Rev it up, lean it over, mash the breaks, everything to the limits, to make sure all of our customers are safe with a great handling and reliable motorcycle. Our team of riders are retired professionals from the California Highway Patrol Motorcycle division with nothing better to do than to put 2000 hard miles a week on our test machines.

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