The Screamin Demon is a modern bobber that draws inspiration from the classic motorcycles. The most strikng visual details of the Screamin Demon are its raised handlebar and the small peanut fuel tank.

However, despite its bold style, the Big Bear Choppers Demon is able to offer a decent handling thanks to its relatively short wheelbase.

The bike features a vintage wishbone style downtube, a spring saddle, a conservative 34° neck rake and a round oil bag. You’ll also like the low vibration V111 engine which is paired with a Baker 5-speed transmission. The engine puts out 115.8 bhp and 122.8 lb/ft of torque which is more than enough to help you deal effortless with traffic.

The bike’s suspensions are designed and manufactured in-house, and the company likes to say that its “retro inspired springer is aesthetically cool and functionally bomb proof.”

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  • 2013 Big Bear Choppers Screamin Demon
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    BBC-S&S V111™ Carb Evolution
  • Transmission:
    5 Speed Overdrive
  • Energy:
    S&S Super E Carburetor
  • Displacement:
    111 cubic inches
  • Price:


2013 Big Bear Choppers Screamin Demon Exterior
- image 497671

The Screamin Demon is our version of a fifties ‘Bobber’ style motorcycle with a Big Bear Chopper modern day avant-garde design at a budget friendly price. With its short wheelbase, this bike takes on corners easier than the other Big Bear Buddies from the fleet. The little voice in your head will tempt you to scream down the highways and bob through traffic like a bat out of hell. Your beats per minute will race even faster. The rigid chassis features a vintage wishbone style downtube with comfort from the spring saddle, a conservative 34° neck rake with a small peanut fuel tank and a round oil bag. Standard components include the proprietary low vibration V111™ engine in front of a Baker 5-speed transmission, exclusive primary drive, springer frontend, chrome controls, and so on. The roads go forever. The Screamin Demon will take you there. Satisfy your thirst for adventure by savoring the chill and thrill of the Screamin Demon.

Design Features

2013 Big Bear Choppers Screamin Demon Exterior
- image 497668
  • Vintage inspired rigid frame with a compact 34° rake for a wicked road demon
  • Low seat of 24” that enables low speed confidence and maneuverability
  • Stock length retro wishbone type downtubes
  • Neat Merc™ springer frontend
  • Retro inspired round oil tank
  • Old school styled small peanut fuel tank
  • Spring saddle designed for style and comfort
  • Exclusive and cool tall handlebars

Component Features

2013 Big Bear Choppers Screamin Demon Exterior
- image 497669
  • V111™ Low Vibration Engine at 122.8 lbs.

of Torque

  • 5-Speed Left-Side Drive Polished Transmission
  • BBC Enclosed Primary
  • 60 Spoke Stainless Steel Wheels with 21” Front

and 250mm Rear Tire

  • 4-Piston Caliper Brakes
  • Springer Frontend
  • Chrome Digital Dash
  • Chrome Tuned Exhaust

Factory Options

2013 Big Bear Choppers Screamin Demon Exterior
- image 497673
  • Polished Engine
  • 6-Speed Transmission
  • BDL Open Belt Drive
  • Billet Wheels
  • Red Rims and Hubs for Spoke Wheels
  • Standard or Custom Paint Scheme


2013 Big Bear Choppers Screamin Demon Exterior
- image 497674

Option #1 BBC-S&S V111™ Carb Evolution

Reliability, power and comfort... the best of all worlds. And when we say reliability, we not only mean the life of the engine, but the life of motorcycle and everything that’s bolted to it. Branded as V111™,’ this internally reformed 111 cubic inch engine boasts a healthy 122.8 lbs. of torque at the crank. With a configuration of a 4 1/8” bore and 4 1/8” stroke, proprietary compression ratios, redesigned cam timing, and reciprocating weights all result in an incredibly smooth running engine while meeting all the strict legal requirements. While looking like any other S&S Super Sidewinder engine from the outside, the essence of this new engine is the low vibration. High engine vibration is an enemy to both the rider and the motorcycle. The effects of high engine vibration may cause premature rider fatigue as well. Eliminate engine vibration and you will eliminate potential problems.

Finish Polished Case & Chrome Covers
Displacement 111"
Bore X Stoke 4 1/8" X 4 1/8"
Horsepower 115.8 bhp
Torque 122.8 lb/ft
Induction S&S Super E Carburetor
Air Cleaner S&S Tear Drop
Oil Pump S&S High Volume
Warranty 2 Year / 20,000 Mile


This is still the best built tranny to this day... hands down. This Detroit built tranny is designed and manufactured to comfortably handle the power from our engines while looking good behind it.

Brand Baker
Finish Natural Finish Case with Chrome Covers
Drive LeftSide
Gears 5-Speed Overdrive
Warranty 2 Year/24,000 Miles


Keeping with the mindset of making form and function coexisting, this newly designed proprietary primary is built tough and reliable along with a very sleek, new generation styled aesthetics with a cool BBC branded inspection cover. This primary drive is approximately 200% stronger than most other manufacturer’s primaries with its machined forged aluminum inner and outer cases. The dense aluminum material makes for a unit that does not flex under heavy torque, and absorbs most engine vibration. Another great attribute that sets this primary drive ahead of the curve is the triple seal design on the main shaft, as opposed to an industry standard single seal, insuring virtually no leaks. The starter motor shaft accessory plate is removable for an easy starter change-out. The internals utilize an easy-to-replace standard type clutch basket and a compensating sprocket for a smooth power transfer.

Primary Drive BBC Enclosed Primary
Finish Polished
Final Drive RSD Belt


We teamed up with Wire-Plus, the industry’s leader in motorcycle electronics, to design a wiring harness with no compromises. Combine this harness with the high-end brand name electrical components like the Cycle Electric charging system and the Dynatech ignition, and we’re sure your seat time will be long. You won’t be on the side of the road kicking rocks.

Wiring Harness BBC-WirePlus
Charging System BBC 40 Amp
Ignition S&S
Coil 80,000 Volt Mini
Starter Polished Case & Chrome Covers
Battery Interstate
Battery Extreme Magna Power AGM


The Screamin Demon frame is based on the old wishbone style frame design with a little touch of the new school. Yea, it’s a rigid, but don’t forget you got that spring loaded seat under you for added comfort if your worried about your lower back.

The frame is the foundation of the motorcycle’s aesthetics and reliability. All our frames are designed and manufactured in house in our San Bernardino facility. Every frame component (e.g. neck, side plates, tank mounts, tranny plate, axle adjusters, etc) are CNC manufactured with precision. Utilizing a 0.250 wall, 1.5” tube steel for the backbone and 0.160 wall, 1.125” tube for the rest of the frame, BBC uses the best steel possible for our frames. All frames are 100% TIG welded for a clean, strong and precise fusion. We think we make a statement about our confidence with a lifetime warranty on the frames we make.

Brand BBC Screamin Demon
Type Rigid
Frame Tube 0.160" Wall DOM Seamless
Backbone Thick 0.250" Wall at Stock Length Wish Bone
Downtube 0.160" Wall Stock Length
Neck Rake 34°
Seat Height 24" from ground
Wheel Base 76" axle to axle
Overall Length 102" end to end
Weight 650 lbs. approx.
Warranty Lifetime of Original Owner


Like our frames, our tanks and fenders are designed and manufactured in-house. We produce the sheetmetal with the frame as a unit, then gets ’mock-up’ before we hand it over to our painters or ship it out to the unassembled kit customers. We use heavy duty 12 gauge steel for our fenders and 14 gauge steel for the tanks. All tanks are pressure tested and the fenders are computer cut. We guarantee and warranty any leaks from the tanks and cracks in the fenders for your lifetime.

Fuel Tank BBC Screamin Demon. 3.25Gallons
Gas Cap BBC Flush Mount Pop-Up
Oil Tank BBC Screamin Demon 14 Gauge Steel
Rear Fender BBC Standard Springer 12 Gauge Steel
Front Fender BBC Standard 12 Gauge Steel
Warranty Lifetime of Original Owner


Designed and manufactured in-house, our retro inspired springer is aesthetically cool and functionally bomb proof. We built 2° rake in the triple trees of the springer for a true trail measurement.

Frontend BBC Screamin Demon Springer
Finish Raw for Kits, Painted/Chrome for Builds
Triple Tree Rake
Trail Length 3.75"
Leg Length Stock
Travel 3"

Wheels and Brakes

Wheels RC Components
Type Stainless Steel Spokes, Chrome Rim & Hub
Front Rim 21" x 2.125"
Rear Rim 18" x 8.5"
Front Tire Avon Cobra 90mm
Rear Tire Avon Cobra 250mm
Front Brake P.M. 4-Piston Caliper
Rear Brake P.M. 4-Piston Caliper


This is where a lot of manufacturers cut corners to cut costs. Well, we don’t. In fact, we march though every corner of the motorcycle’s manufacturing, assembly and component selection without a doubt that we are providing to you the best possible bike for your money.

Pipes Chrome 2 into 1 Baffled EPA Approved
Bars BBC Screamin Demon
Hand Controls Chrome OEM Style
Dash Dakota Digital 5011
Grips Chrome with Black Rubber
Foot Controls BBC Chrome
Headlight Chrome
Signals Chrome DOT Approved
Mirrors Chrome DOT Approved
Seat BBC-High End
Kickstand BBC Mid-Mount
Cables Goodridge Stainless Steel Clear Coated
Warranty 6 Months from the Factory
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