• 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R Naked
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R Naked
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R Naked
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R Front Wheel
  • 2009 BMW K 1300 R Gearbox Lever
  • 2004 BMW K 1200 R

The 2009 BMW K 1300 R is a massive and very well individualized German naked which retains goodies such as the Duolever front suspension and single-sided rear swingarm with shaft included from its fully-faired sibling, the K 1300 S. The engine is the same, all-new 1293 cc, four-cylinder inline managing an outstanding 173 hp. This much amount of power together with the bike’s 217 kg dry weight position the new Beemer up against the Suzuki B-King, something that isn’t quite often seen.

Features and Technical Highlights

Making a significant departure from traditional sports motorcycle concepts, BMW proudly presented the “most powerful naked bike of all times” at the 2004 INTERMOT Motorcycle Show: the BMW K 1200 R. Ever since it has been a well-known fact that BMW is by all means willing and able to openly demonstrate extreme power and extroverted design in genuine style.

Now, after the significantly upgraded successor to the BMW K 1200 R became available to the large public – the new K 1300 R – it is once again all about the most powerful naked bike BMW has ever built.

Developing maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp) and weighing exactly 243 kg (536 lb) with a full tank, this extravagant Power Roadster, one of the most powerful and dynamic machines in its segment, fulfils the greatest demands in terms of riding dynamics without in any way neglecting the particular wishes and preferences of the BMW customer in terms of safety, equipment and riding comfort. Hence, BMW remains at the top also in the special category of Power Naked Bikes.

Even more sporting, superior and dynamic

2009 BMW K 1300 R
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2009 BMW K 1300 R

The K 1300 R Power Roadster is a high-performance riding machine offering a perfect blend of performance, riding safety and technical features carried over from the K 1300 S. So while the drivetrain and running gear are carried over from the K 1300 S, they have been modified in this case to meet the particular requirements of a large-capacity naked bike. The most significant and outstanding considerations in developing the K 1300 R were indeed to offer the rider supreme riding pleasure combined with equally outstanding safety on the road as well as the most sophisticated design features and an extroverted, masculine look.

Suspension geometry upgraded to an even higher standard than on the previous K 1200 R gives the K 1300 R even greater agility combined with the same high standard of riding stability as before. The basic technical data on the suspension are now the same as on the K 1300 S. In comparison with the previous K 1200 R, the BMW Duolever front-wheel suspension is now slightly lower, with the wheelbase of the new model being correspondingly longer.

The guide ducts on the engine have likewise been modified for the new machine, with maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp) almost the same as on the K 1300 S. Quite generally, both engine output and torque have been increased significantly over the previous model, while the shorter final drive ratio of 2.91 versus 2.82 on the K 1300 S likewise has a positive impact on the acceleration and pulling power of the new machine.

Technical Highlights – an Overview:

2009 BMW K 1300 R
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2009 BMW K 1300 R Naked
  • Even more dynamic, particularly at lower and medium engine speeds, thanks to the increase in engine capacity.

  • Engine output 127 kW (173 hp) at 9,250 rpm, maximum torque 140 Newton-meters (103 lb-ft) at 8, 250 rpm.

  • Increase in torque by more than 10 Newton-meters (7.4 lb-ft) all the way from 2,000–8,000 rpm.

  • Newly tuned Digital Motor Electronics to fulfill the highest environmental standards.

  • Optimized charge process for greater performance and lower fuel consumption.

  • Optimized exhaust system with a new rear-end muffler and electronic flap control as well as a fully controlled three-way catalyst.

  • Desmodromic operation of the power application function to improve dosage of engine power.

  • Even greater riding precision combined with maximum riding stability ensured by the optimized Duolever front wheel suspension with a newly designed longitudinal arm at the bottom.

  • Firmer spring/damper set-up for even better feedback to the rider.

  • Supreme handling ensured by optimised suspension geometry, optimum mass distribution and a perfectly balanced overall concept.

  • Second-generation ESA II electronically adjustable suspension and ASC anti-spin control as an option.

  • New, innovative generation of control switches with optimized ergonomics.

  • Optimized, maintenance-free shaft drive with a new two-stage drive shaft.

  • HP Gearshift Assistant for shifting up without the slightest interruption of power and traction available as an option.

  • Wide range of standard features and accessories tailored to the K 1300 R, all offering the usual supreme qualities of a BMW.

  • Increase in engine size for significantly better performance

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302892
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

    Like the K 1300 S, the new K 1300 R also benefits from the significant improvement and upgrading of the straight-four power unit now increased in size from 1,157 to 1,293 cc. Maximum output is now 127 kW (173 hp) at 9,250 rpm, maximum torque is 140 Newton-meters (103 lb-ft) at 8,250 rpm, an increase in power by 7 kW (10 hp) and an increase in torque by 13 Newtonmeters (9.6 lb-ft).

    While the former K 1200 R reached its maximum output at 10,250 rpm, the power unit in the new K 1300 R develops its maximum power at a significantly lower 9,250 rpm. A further advantage is that more than 70 per cent of the engine’s maximum torque is available from just 3,000 rpm, just as the K 1300 R offers more than 10 per cent more torque than the K 1200 R all the way from 2,000 to 8,000 rpm.

    This clearly reflects the objective of the engineers developing the new machine, focusing on even greater driving dynamics with significantly more traction and much better acceleration than on the former model already so successful in the market.

    Like the K 1200 R, the new K 1300 R comes with a shorter final drive ratio (2.91 instead of 2.82), improving both acceleration and pulling power to an even higher standard.

    All technical modifications serving to optimize the engine and drivetrain are the same as on the new K 1300 S. The airbox comes with a modified air filter and a newly set-up intake funnel versus the K 1200 R to meet the greater demand of the engine for a smooth and efficient supply of air. And last but not least, the oil cooler with its larger block again reflects the greater power and performance of the engine.

    Sporting rear muffler with exhaust flap

    Like the K 1300 S, the new K 1300 R comes with a new rear muffler not only making an important contribution to the machine’s “beefy” torque curve and riding qualities, but also providing an even more powerful sound full of character. This special effect is provided by an electronically controlled exhaust flap reducing the damper volume with a higher throughput rate. Through its hexagonal design and smaller dimensions, the muffler looks particularly compact and sporting to clearly underline the muscular stance of the K 1300 R.

    The K 1300 R is available with a very light and sporting slip-on muffler made of titanium complete with a carbon trim cover from Akrapovic® as special equipment.

    New gearshift kinematics and HP Gearshift Assistant

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302888
    2009 BMW K 1300 R Gearbox Lever

    Like the K 1300 S, the K 1300 R features a new gearshift lever with an ergonomically optimized pivot point. Together with the likewise new anti-friction bearing on the gearshift lever, this ensures an even more precise and faster gearshift particularly when the rider opts for a more sporting and dynamic style of riding.

    For the first time in the history of series production BMW motorcycles and indeed for the first time worldwide in series production, the rider of the new K 1300 R is able to shift up without operating the clutch or taking back the gas handle, that is with hardly the slightest interruption of power and traction, by means of the HP Gearshift Assistant available as an optional extra. Introduced for the first time on the BMW HP2 Sport, the HP Gearshift Assistant may be combined with the sport footrests likewise available as special equipment on the new machine.

    Optimized suspension geometry, even firmer spring and damper settings

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302868
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

    The suspension geometry on the new K 1300 R has been modfied versus the former configuration in the interest of even greater agility and is now the same as on the K 1300 S. This improvement is ensured by a different process in machining the wheel carrier and through the Duolever suspension featuring a newly designed longitudinal arm at the bottom with a newly defined pivot point. As a result, the front-wheel guidance angle is now slightly lower and the wheelbase of the new machine has been increased accordingly.

    The K 1300 R meets the significant demands made of a Naked Power Bike in terms of sportiness and riding dynamics through the even firmer set-up of the gas-pressure spring strut.

    The new K 1300 R comes as standard on a 180/55 ZR 17 (K 1300 S: 190/55 ZR 17) rear-wheel tire. As an option the particularly sporting rider may choose BMW sports wheels from BMW Motorrad’s wide range of optional extras and special equipment, allowing the use of a 190/55 ZR 17 tire. Again in the interest of even better handling and greater performance, this special tire replaces the usual 190/50 ZR 17 tire.

    Electronically adjustable ESA II running gear

    BMW’s new ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment II) running gear is available as special equipment at extra cost also on the K 1300 R.

    This allows the rider to vary not only the damping effect on the two spring struts and the spring base (spring pre-tension) on the rear spring struts, but also the spring rate and, accordingly, spring hardness conveniently at the touch of a button. Hence, the rider is able to set the running gear very conveniently and more precisely than ever before to his specific wishes and the weight the motorcycle is carrying under all riding and load conditions, thus enjoying a new dimension of riding stability combined with optimum response at all times.

    ESA II is the world’s first system for electronic adjustment of the motorcycle’s suspension offering such a wide range of setting options.

    EVO brake system

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302887
    2009 BMW K 1300 R Front Wheel

    The K 1300 R also comes with BMW Motorrad’s proven EVO brake system featured on other models in the Boxer and K-Series. The brake lines are protected by steel sleeves, brake discs measuring 320 mm/12.6" at the front and 265 mm/10.4" at the rear ensure maximum stopping power even from very high speeds and with the motorcycle carrying a heavy load.

    Further benefits of the EVO brake system are its unparalleled brake pressure build-up rate and the reduction of operating forces to a minimum even when braking all-out – qualities the system has proven in many tests. Indeed, the BMW EVO brake system – EVO stands for evolution – is already renowned in the market as one of the safest and most effective brake technologies available.

    Handlebar detached for minimum vibration, new controls and switches

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302879
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

    The new K 1300 R features a handlebar detached from the frame of the machine in the interest of minimum vibration, a technology carried over from the K 1200 R Sport. The big advantage is the higher standard of everyday riding quality particularly on longer distances.

    Another new highlight on the K 1300 R is the brand-new generation of switches and controls. Featuring MID (Molded Interconnect Device) technology, the new control units are far smaller and more compact and at the same time offer an even higher standard of functionality, clear design and optimum access for easy reach.

    HP instrument cluster as special equipment for sports riding

    The new K 1300 R may be equipped with the HP instrument cluster already well-known from the HP2 Sport as special equipment for the most sporting and dynamic riding requirements, for example on the race track.

    This superior system developed in cooperation with the German data specialist 2D Systems comes with a large digital display informing the rider in the Road Mode on typical features and data such as road speed, engine speed, mileage covered so far, remaining mileage on the fuel available, and the time spent travelling. During the warm-up phase, in turn, the instruments offer further helpful data.

    In the Racing Mode the instrument cluster presents data such as lap times, maximum engine speed, road speed, or the number of gearshifts.

    The HP instrument cluster comes additionally with eight freely programmable LED lights serving, for example to present engine speed or acting as an external gearshift indicator.

    Even more dynamic, masculine and aggressive look

    With its even more muscular design, the new K 1300 R simply oozes a strong feeling of power and performance at very first sight, standing out clearly from its competitors and leaving behind an impressive visual message through its even more dynamic appearance.

    The newly designed fairing on the front wheel mount and the compact front wheel mudguard give even greater emphasis to the front end of the K 1300 R, making it look even sleeker and more dynamic. The aggressively styled radiator trim panels, in turn, demonstrate even more power and performance than before. The intake panel is also new in its design and is now fully painted, supporting the powerful, dynamic look of the K 1300 R through its almost rough and jagged form.

    The side covers are even more striking in design, offering even better protection of the rider’s knees from wind and weather through their contoured edges. A modified headlight body as well as new paintwork on the headlight panel, in turn, give the K 1300 R a new and even more aggressive face at the front. To match this outstanding look, finally, the hydraulic reservoirs fitted on the two halves of the handlebar for the brakes and clutch now come in a discreet smoky glass look.

    Modified instrument graphics in clear, techno-like layout clearly demonstrate the design of the new machine to the rider himself. The newly designed rear light in LED technology and with a white clear glass look conveys an exciting touch of technical excellence and a superior look of harmony together with the white direction indicator lights.

    Comfort seat for the passenger as special equipment

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302875
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

    Apart from unparalleled riding pleasure on country roads, the new K 1300 R offers supreme all-round qualities through its outstanding power unit. And to enhance riding comfort for the pillion rider to an even higher level, BMW Motorrad offers a seat bench much wider and more upholstered at the rear.

    Range of Equipment

    Optional extras and special equipment – sporting customisation BMW-style

    It almost goes without saying that even the very sporting and dynamic K 1300 R comes with the very best all-round qualities so typical of BMW – also for long distances and tours. The new features boasted by the K 1300 R also include a special comfort seat for the pillion rider as well as LED direction indicators both front and rear.

    The usual wide range of options and special equipment from BMW Motorrad serves to further customize this outstanding machine. The particularly sports-minded rider, for example, has the choice of the HP Gearshift Assistant, the HP Info Display as well as carbon trim components as special features on the new K 1300 R.

    Optional extras are delivered straight from the factory and integrated during production. Special equipment is fitted by the BMW Motorcycle Dealer either right from the start or at a later point in time, whatever the customer wishes.

    Optional extras

  • Heated handles.

  • Lower rider’s seat (approx 790 mm/31.1", step arch length 1,750 mm/68.9").

  • Passenger comfort seat (new).

  • Luggage rack.

  • BMW Motorrad Integral ABS.

  • Anti-theft warning system.

  • ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment II; new).

  • HP Gearshift Assistant (new).

  • ASC Anti-Slip Control.

  • TPC Tyre Pressure Control.

  • On-board computer including oil level warning.

  • BMW 6.0 x 17" sports wheels on 190/55 ZR 17 tyres.

  • Sports windshield.

  • LED direction indicators front and rear.

  • Special equipment.

    Luggage and storage options

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302880
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

  • Luggage rack with installation kit.

  • Water-tight tank rucksack (new).

  • Water-tight tank bag including fastening elements.

  • Set of sports cases including case supports.

  • Sports softbag, small, 19 liters/large, 51 liters.

  • Water-tight luggage roll, 53 liters, including fastening belt with tightening lock.

  • Multi-strap fastening rope.

  • Service and technical features

  • HP Gearshift Assistant (new).

  • HP Instrument Cluster (new).

  • Main stand.

  • On-board toolkit – service kit.

  • Paddock stand including adapter.

  • 230 V/110 V battery charger including adapter.

  • Repair kit for tubeless tyres.

  • Repair instructions for K-models, DVD.

  • Motorcycle cleaner.

  • Ergonomics and comfort

  • Heated handles with switch unit.

  • Low rider seat (approx 790 mm/31.1", step arch length 1,750 mm/68.9").

  • Passenger comfort seat.

  • Sports windshield, tinted, including fastening elements.

  • HP rider’s footrests (new).

  • HP passenger’s footrests (new).

  • HP forged wheels, front (3.50 x 17") and rear (6.00 x 17").

  • Design and sound

  • LED direction indicators.

  • HP carbon windshield (new).

  • HP carbon wheel cover, front.

  • HP carbon clutch top cover (new).

  • HP carbon engine spoiler.

  • HP carbon seat cover.

  • HP carbon heat protector for standard muffler (new).

  • Akrapovic® sports muffl er (new).

  • Safety

  • Anti-theft warning system with remote control.

  • Mudguard, rear.

  • First-aid kit, large/small.

  • Motorcycle cover.

  • Navigation and communication

  • BMW Motorrad ZUMO navigation and communication unit incl support (new).

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302895
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

    Power Unit

    Configuration: Water-cooled four-stroke straight-four, two camshafts, four valves per cylinder
    Bore x stroke: 80 mm x 64.3 mm (3.15 x 2.53")
    Capacity: 1,293 cc
    Max output: 127 KW (173 hp) at 9,250 rpm
    Max torque: 140 Nm/103 lb-ft at 8,250 rpm
    Compression ratio: 13.0 : 1
    Fuel supply/engine management: Electronic fuel injection, Digital Motor Electronics with integrated knock control (BMS-K)
    Valve/gas control: DOHC (double overhead camshaft)
    Diameter inlet: 32
    Diameter outlet: 27,5
    Throttle valve diameter: 46
    Exhaust management: Fully controlled three-way catalyst, EU3 emission standard

    Performance/fuel consumption

    Top speed: 200 km/h (124 mph) +
    Fuel consumption at a steady 90 km/h (56 mph): 5.0 ltr/100 km
    Fuel consumption at a steady 120 km/h (75 mph): 5.8 ltr/100 km
    Fuel grade: Premium Plus, unleaded, 98 RON; automatic knock control also enabling the engine to run on premium fuel down to 95 RON

    Electrical System

    Alternator: 580 W three-phase alternator
    Battery: 12 V/14 Ah, maintenance-free

    Power Transmission

    Clutch: Multiple-plate clutch in oil bath, hydraulically operated
    Gearbox: Dog-shift six-speed gearbox
    Primary Transmission: 1,559
    Transmission, gear stages
    I: 2,398
    II: 1,871
    III: 1,525
    IV: 1,296
    V: 1,143
    VI: 1,015

    Secondary drive: Drive shaft


    Frame: Bridge frame, aluminum, load-bearing engine
    Front wheel guidance/spring elements: BMW Motorrad Duolever; central spring strut
    Rear wheel guidance/spring elements: Cast aluminum single swing arm with BMW Motorrad Paralever; central spring strut with lever system, spring pre-tension with infinite hydraulic adjustment by hand wheel, adjustable inbound damping
    Spring travel, front/rear: 115 mm/135 mm (4.52/5.31")
    Wheelbase: 1,585 mm (62.4")
    Castor: 104.4 mm (4.11")


    Steering head angle: 60.4°
    Wheels: Cast aluminum wheels
    Rim, front: 3.50 x 17"
    Rim, rear: 5.50 x 17"
    Tire, front: 120/70 ZR 17
    Tire, rear: 180/55 ZR 17
    Brake, front: Double-disc brake, floating brake discs, diameter 320 mm (12.6"), four-piston fixed caliper
    Brake, rear: Single-disc brake, diameter 265 mm (10.4"), double-piston swing caliper
    ABS: Optional: BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (semi-integral)


    Seat height: 820 mm (32.3") (low seat 790 mm/31.1")
    Step arch length: 1,810 mm (71.3") (low seat 1,750 mm/68.9")
    Weight, unladen, in road trim and with full tank: 243 kg (536 lb)
    Dry weight: 217 kg (478 lb)
    Max permissible: 460 kg (1,014 lb)
    Max load (with motorcycle in standard trim): 217 kg (478 lb)
    Useful tank capacity: 19 ltr
    Thereof reserve: approx 4.0 ltr
    Length: 2,228 mm (87.7")
    Height (without mirrors): 1,095 mm (43.1")
    Width (on mirrors): 856 mm (33.7")

    The K 1300 R Colors Range

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302867
    2009 BMW K 1300 R

    Contrary to the former model, the frame, wheel carriers and drivetrain come in the same color on all three color variants of the K 1300 R. This is because the black engine and suspension components such as the frame and wheel carriers in Asphalt Metallic symbolize the technical character and sporting style of the new K 1300 R.

    The body colors highlight the newly designed features and the strong character of the new K 1300 R, in particular the muscular front end and the slender rear. While Silk Metallic stands for masculine strength and determination, Lava Orange Metallic creates a sporting, almost provocative touch.

    Reflecting the current Zeitgeist, white is now back in the market, nevertheless re-interpreted in this case as Light Grey Metallic with a larger share of metallic components emphasizing the three-dimensional presence of a motorcycle from BMW.

    The graphically much more aggressive model designation stands out clearly but in full harmony on all color variants.

    K 1200 R (2004–2008)

    2009 BMW K 1300 R
- image 302897
    2004 BMW K 1200 R

    Launching the high-performance K 1200 R Roadster, BMW enters the segment of high-power Naked Bikes for the first time in 2004. Based on the K 1200 S, the new K 1200 R benefits from the straight-four engine with dry sump lubrication as well as innovative suspension technology with the BMW Duolever at the front and the BMW EVO Paralever at the rear.

    Developing 163 hp at 10, 250 rpm, the K 1200 R is almost as powerful as the sports model with its special fairing, immediately moving to the top in the Naked Bikes segment.

    The new Roadster also bears out its superior performance through the special look of this new machine. Special body elements around the tank and rear end as well as the striking dual headlight with its surface finished in matt chrome stand out particularly. Only a small windshield covers the front area above the headlight, but still offers efficient protection from the wind rushing by despite its small size.

    Fitted with racing tires, carbon trim and other motorsport components, the K 1200 R hits the headlines in the BMW Motorrad Power Cup held on the occasion of the MotoGP races in 2005.

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    Rod  (825) posted on 06.9.2009

    If I would buy a naked bike this would be the one I always like this model.
    Great to see it has more power it would be sweet in the race track.
    The only option I would add it would be the quick-shift for sure.smileysmiley

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