As avid lovers of motorcycles, we have great expectations when it comes to our bike’s performance and design. We aim for a two-wheeled vehicle that can perform at its best, have outstanding features, and a mesmerizing appearance. These expectations in our bikes are what cause us to be grateful for BMW Motorrad who are here to produce the best motorcycles ever built. For several decades, Motorrad had been serving the motorcycle industry by producing highly-designed motorbikes thereby committing them to creating bikes that are near perfect.

This year, BMW Motorrad surprised the local market by launching their newest sportbike, the BMW R1200 GS. The R1200 GS is a versatile motorbike that can be treated as a touring-oriented naked motorcycle or a classic sport bike. The term ’GS’, as defined by BMW Motorrad, is an output of their bikes’ high-quality performance. According to Motorrad, The ’GS’ is not just able to handle everything, it is actually built to do so; it’s the result of independent tests worldwide. Their GS series of R1200 is a combination of easy handling, great touring features, off-road potential, and comfort for rider and pillion passenger.

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Due to its state-of-the-art exterior and high engine performance, the 2010 BMW R1200 GS is competing aggressively against other superbikes in the market. One of its rivals is the Ducati Multistrada 1200. They are often compared to each other because of their touring and off-road features.

Features and Exteriors

Since the BMW R1200 GS’ press introduction in South Africa last year, the newest GS model had captivated thousands of riders. So what makes R1200 GS the best-selling BMW model? Well, it’s definitely because of the fact that it’s versatile and sensible. The 2010 BMW R1200 GS offers a combination of off- and on- road features that make it perfect for touring adventures. This bike is a good choice if you want to travel on dirt roads, freeways, and city streets. Moreover, be wowed with the GS’ tall height which is enough for you to see over most standard cars. Also take note of it’s air-cooled motor which wipes away the traveling hassles giving you a peace of mind when riding. And we can’t forget to mention the fact that the bike is virtually bulletproof.

Technically, the 2010 BMW R1200 GS goes by the GS and the HP2 name. The HP2 acronym stands for the bike’s most outstanding feature; the High Performance 2 cylinder. This cylinder consists of twin overhead cams and four valves per cylinder for more effective burn and transfer of gases. The bulbous cylinder heads will protect your legs if the bike goes down on a wet road.

The R1200 GS possesses an air/oil cooled “Boxer” engine, which is known as the signature of BMW’s classics. At 100 horsepower, the 1170 cc motor has been created to deliver a more sharper acceleration and torque at lower speeds. The engine possesses a bore and stroke of 101.0mm x 73.0mm, with the new HP2 heads pumping up the bike’s power to 110 horsepower at 7,750 rpm.

The bike’s adjustable height of 33.5 and 34.2-inches will protect it’s rider from any mud and water while on the go; with an optional low seat to give shorter riders a safer ride.

Aside from the BMW R1200 GS’ new paint finishes, the motorbike is also equipped with a 5.2-gallon gas tank and an on-road mileage of around 42 mpg. When the tank is full, the bike weighs in at just 500 pounds, and can feel top-heavy. The GS also features a unique off-road ESA and ASC and extensive motorcycle fittings.

With regards on the frame, this fascinating sportbike owns a thick tubular steel trellis frame with a 59.3-inch wheelbase. For the brakes, the R1200 GS uses a single 265mm disc and 2-piston caliper on the back, while up front dual 305mm rotors are combined to 4-piston calipers for a strong braking action.


  • Engine Type: Flat Twin
  • Cylinders: 2
  • Engine Stroke: 4-Stroke
  • Cooling: Air / Oil
  • Valves: 8
  • Valves Per Cylinder:4
  • Valve Configuration: DOHC
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0:1
  • Starter:Electric
  • Fuel Requirements: Premium
  • Fuel Type:Gas
  • Transmission Type: Manual
  • Number Of Speeds: 6
  • Primary Drive (Rear Wheel): Shaft
  • Front Tire (Full Spec): 110/80 HR19
  • Rear Tire (Full Spec): 150/70 HR17
  • Front Brake Type: Dual Hydraulic Disc
  • Rear Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc
  • Wheelbase (in/mm): 59.3 / 1506.2
  • Fuel Capacity (gal/l): 5.3 / 20

Press Reviews

“The GS Adventure has a distinct personality, exuding confidence and delivering performance that’s in a category all its own (literally, BMW virtually invented the adventure realm with their prized motorcycle, which remains a fairly exclusive club). The GS is finding a widely varied array of converts. Not surprisingly the machine is becoming the most common transition for riders moving away from large cruisers and sportbikes...The 2010 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure remains a class-leading machine with a purpose-built presence of De Facto chic”. - Ultimate Motorcycling

“Go farther faster with greater ease on the R1200GS. This "dirty" Boxer may have its roots in off-road races, such as the famous Paris-to-Dakar Rally, but it is also a fantastic streetbike capable of embarrassing many purpose-built sportbikes on a twisty canyon road. Now fitted with double overhead camshafts, the air/oil-cooled twin-cylinder engine makes a great deal of power over a broad rpm range, and transmits that performance to the rear wheel through a precise-shifting transmission. An off-road version of the originally street-only Electronic Suspension Adjustment, known as Enduro ESA, is available, along with various other useful options”. - Cycleworld


The safety-enhancing options: traction control ($365), anti-lock brakes ($1,040), heated hand grips ($235) and tire pressure monitors ($260). Starting at around $15,000 including delivery, the 2010 BMW R1200 GS can be purchased for $14,950.


As BMW Motorrad introduces the 2010 BMW R1200 GS, they’re adding yet another masterpiece to their successful collection of GS models. For almost 30 years, Motorrad had served us with the most alluring motorbikes. The BMW R1200 GS possesses a wide array of features that give riders a reason to call this BMW’s greatest motorcycle ever built.

Source: BMW Motorcycles

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