Since its introduction the BMW S1000RR has dominated the market. Despite the fact that the bike is around for over a decade its engine output has remained unchanged and the unit continues to develop 142 kW (193 hp) with a weight of only 204 kilograms including 90% fuel (206.5 weight with Race ABS).

However, the German engineers have constantly improved the engine by enhancing the linearity and harmoniousness of its power and torque curves. The same operation was made for 2013 and besides it the bike also comes with an upgraded suspension which boosts its riding dynamics.

The company didn’t stop to technical modifications and has also made a few design changes. The tail section now brings a considerably leaner look, while the asymmetrical side panels and the centre airbox cover are also slightly reshaped. Moreover, on the top side of the panels, a new, telling identifying feature takes the form of two winglets that enhance the aerodynamic qualities.

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  • 2012 BMW S1000RR
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Water or oil-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine, four titanium valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts
  • Transmission:
    Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox, straight-toothed
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    193 @ 3000
  • MPG(Cty):
  • MPG(Hwy):
  • Torque @ RPM:
    83 @ 9750
  • Displacement:
    999 cc
  • Top Speed:
    120 mph
  • Price:
  • Price:

Press Release

2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445097

When we build a superbike, we have no time for second best. Presenting the very latest in racing power, the 2012 S 1000 RR. With an aluminum bridge-type frame, radial brakes, a super sporty tail-up nose-down design, hot colors and the ultimate combination of electronic rider assistance. The Race ABS, includes four modes, two for the road and two for the track, a banking rotation speed, gear-related Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) which allows slip.

Never before has it been so easy to keep so much power under control. This is as true on public roads as it is on the racetrack. The RR is a full-blooded racing bike, even though it can be ridden with a number plate attached. To top it all off its power plant is our absolute pride and joy. And our worldwide motorsports teams agree wholeheartedly.

BMW S1000RR Race Parts

2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445098

Competition riding requires ultimate performance. The difference between winning and losing is measured in hundredths of a second. And High Performance Race Parts like the 100% titanium Akrapovič exhaust system and a range of other racing accessories can give you the vital edge. This is equipment made by professionals for professionals to get your S 1000 RR in perfect shape for racetrack. So uncompromising that it´s not even street-legal.

HP Race Power Kit

  • Akrapovič® racing exhaust system made entirely of titanium, open. The dB Eater (98 dB) included in the scope of supply can be installed if necessary to keep the machine within the tech-spec requirements imposed by some racing-circuit operators for noise abatement.
  • Racing electronic engine management unit with racing data release.
  • Increased torque, particularly at midrange rpm relevant for racing on closed tracks.
  • Optimisation of the ride modes (RAIN, SPORT, RACE, SLICK) for track racing to boost performance under acceleration and traction (Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).
  • Purpose: Optimised handling characteristics for circuit racing.
  • Already used successfully by race teams (Developed by the SBK Team Italy).
  • Enablement by authorised BMW Motorrad dealer (by enabling code in the control unit).

HP Race Calibration Kit

  • Software tool for customising the parameters of engine management and DTC (injection, ignition, traction control, shift response HP shift assistant, speed limit for pit lane, deleting adaptation values).
  • Ideal for use in combination with the HP Race Power Kit.
  • Including adapter cable with USB connector for PC/laptop and 10-pin plug to motorcycle.
  • Purpose: Custom, professional adaptation of engine performance and traction to the needs and preferences of the rider.
  • Already used successfully by race teams.
  • Enablement by authorised BMW Motorrad dealer (by enabling code in the control unit).

HP Race Cover Kit

2012 BMW S1000RR Exterior
- image 445100
  • The mirrors, the front indicators and the number-plate carrier (including the rear indicators) are removed for racing. The HP Race Cover Kit consists of covers that take the place of these parts once they have been removed.
  • 2 covers for mirrors, 2 covers for front indicators, 1 cover for underside of tail section.
  • Purpose: Preparation of the motorcycle for track racing.

HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser

  • Replacement of the shift lever for reversing the shift pattern (up for 1st gear, then down for upshifts).
  • Purpose: Fast upshifts on the race track, also when motorcycle is heeled over in left-hand bends.
  • Use in combination with the optional HP shift assistant is possible.
  • Combination with both HP footrest system and standard footrest system possible.

HP Race footrest plate, right

  • Specially shaped footrest plate for the right side of the HP footrest system for use in combination with the racing silencer (HP Race Power Kit).
  • Without the superfluous mount for connecting the standard silencer or the homologated sports silencer.
  • Purpose: Weight reduction and even better racing looks.

HP Race data logger

  • Permanent storage of lap and race data in the data logger.
  • Data can be exported to a USB memory stick for post-race processing on a PC or laptop computer.
  • Including software for data analysis.
  • Parameters logged include speed, engine rpm, throttle angle, brake status front/rear, gear selected, longitudinal acceleration, angle of heel, engine temperature, GPS position and GPS speed, ABS control range, DTC control.
  • Purpose: Logging and analysis of race and lap data for optimising performance for even faster lap times.

BMW S1000RR Accessories

2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445102

Akrapovič Sport Silencer

  • Weight approx. 1,1 kg (0,5 kg lighter than standard version)
  • Titanium silencer
  • Fits standard exhaust manifold
  • Conical carbon end-cap and carbon trim for exhaust manifold/silencer join
  • Laser-etched Akrapovič logo
  • Homologated for use on Public roads EU-wide

Tinted High Windshield

  • For increased visual impact
  • Tint matched to paint colour
  • Adds an eye-catching, personal touch

HP Rider Foot Pegs

2012 BMW S1000RR Exterior
- image 445106
  • Enhance both looks and functionality
  • Foot brake, gearshift and HP rider foot pegs all multi-adjustable
  • Optimum fit gives maximum comfort and safety
  • Narrower foot pegs allow greater lean angles
  • Fixed foot pegs as favoured by competition riders
  • Also available in conjunction with gear-shift assist
  • Milled BMW Motorrad lettering
  • Improved protecting against wind

LED Indicators

  • Significantly longer bulb life
  • Reduced electricity consumption
  • White glass with two LEDs in each indicator

HP Lap Timer

  • Compatible with HP instrument cluster
  • Automatically measures lap times, no manual resets required
  • Enhanced safety for the rider
  • Transmitter and receiver available separately

HP Carbon Bagde Mounting

  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • A visually striking detail

HP Carbon Tank Cover

  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • A visually striking detail
  • Replaces standard plastic tank cover
  • High impact resistance
  • Replaces standard plastic badge mounting

HP Carbon Seat Hump Cover

2012 BMW S1000RR Exterior
- image 445096
  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • A visually striking detail
  • Replaces standard cover
  • High impact resistance

HP Carbon Engine Spoiler

  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • Adds an eye-catching, personal touch
  • Replaces standard radiator trims
  • High impact resistance

HP Carbon Rear Mudguard

  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • Gives a more individual look
  • Replaces standard mudguard
  • High impact resistant

HP Carbon Chain Guard

2012 BMW S1000RR Exterior
- image 445108
  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • Stylish and distinctive
  • Replaces standard plastic chain guard
  • High impact resistance

HP Carbon Heel Guards

  • UV-resistant lacquer varnish
  • Make the bike stand out visually
  • For standard foot pegs
  • Replace standard aluminium heel guards


2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445109
Engine Type Water/oil-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine, four titanium valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts
Bore x stroke 80 mm x 49.7 mm
Capacity 999 cc
Rated output 193 hp (142 kW) at 13.000 rpm
Max. torque 83 lb/ft (112 Nm) at 9.750 rpm
Compression ratio 13.0 : 1
Mixture control / engine management Electronic injection, digital engine electronics with integrated knock control (BMS-KP)
Emission control 2 closed-loop 3-way catalytic converters, EU-3 norm with electronically controlled interference pipe and acoustic valves
Maximum speed over 120 mph
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 90 km/h Fuel Economy: 41 mpg, at a constant 55 mph
Fuel consumption per 100 km at constant 120 km/h
Fuel type Premium unleaded.
Alternator Three-phase alternator 350 W
Battery 12 V / 10 Ah, maintenance-free
Clutch Multiplate clutch in oil bath, anti-hopping clutch, mechanically controlled
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox, straight-toothed
Drive Chain
Frame Aluminum composite bridge frame, partially self-supporting engine
Front wheel location / suspension Upside-down telescopic fork Ø 46 mm, compression and rebound stage adjustable
Rear wheel location / suspension Aluminum 2-sided swing arm, compression and rebound damping, high and low speed adjustable
Suspension travel front / rear 4.7"/5.1"
Wheelbase 56"
Castor 3.9" (98.5 mm)
Steering head angle 65,99°
Wheels Aluminum cast wheels
Rim, front 3.50 x 17"
Rim, rear 6.00 x 17“
Tyres, front 120/70 ZR 17
Tyres, rear 190/55 ZR 17
Brake, front twin disc brake, floating brake calipers, 4-piston fixed caliper, diameter 320 mm, 5 mm thick
Brake, rear Single disc brake, single piston floating caliper, diameter 220 mm, 5 mm thick
ABS BMW Motorrad Race ABS, disengageable, 4 modes to select: Rain, Sport, Race, Slick (optional equipment)
Length 80.9"
Width (incl. mirrors) 32.5"
Height (excl. mirrors) 44.8"
Seat height, unladen weight 32.3"
Inner leg curve unladen weight
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 1) 451 lbs (incl. Race ABS)
Dry weight 2) 398 lbs (incl. Race ABS)
Permitted total weight 893 lbs
Payload (with standard equipment) 442 lbs
Usable tank volume 4.6 US Gallons
Reserve approx. 1 US Gallon


2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445123

Motorcycle-usa ---- "When BMW introduced its S1000RR sportbike in the fall of ’09 it instantly became the benchmark in the ultra-competitive Superbike class. "

Totalmotorcycle ---- "When BMW build a superbike, we don’t have time for second best. A motorcycle designed for the race track, built to deliver acceleration that takes your breath away."

Ultimatemotorcycle ---- "The superbike returned in 2010 as a carry-over model, able to sustain these praise. Although a top machine in the literbike category, BMW totally revised the S1000RR for 2012, the superbike optimized based on the feedback from national super stock race data."

Cycleworld ---- "Not only has the S1000RR been a smashing success in magazine comparisons worldwide, but the RR, according to BMW, is the best-selling 1000cc sportbike on the market, and by a large margin."

2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 445129
2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445128
2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
- image 445127
2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445107
2012 BMW S1000RR High Resolution Exterior
- image 445103

HP Carbon Chain Guarddoc445103|center/b

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