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BMW Motorrad offers a full range of premium motorcycle models. Early in the 20th century and through World War I, BMW manufactured aircraft engines and established the brand as one of high-quality and reliability. Starting with its first motorcycle sale in 1923, BMW bikes were instantly recognizable from their bulky air-cooled, flat-boxer engines. BMW Motorrad still uses the flat-twin boxer configuration in its "R"-series line, but now manufactures engines in a variety of configurations. Starting in 2013, all BMW Motorrad engines are now water-cooled.

BMW Motorcyles naming convention:

BMW Motorrad uses a three-segment model identifier, each segment is separated with a space. The first segment or prefix letter identifies the engine type. The second segment usually indicates the approximate engine size, but there are exceptions to that ’rule.’ Case in point, the F 750 GS has a 853 cc engine. The third segment or suffix letter(s) identifies the motorcycle class or body style.

Prefix letter:

C – water-cooled, swingmount engine
R – water-cooled, horizontally opposed ("boxer") two-cylinder
K – water-cooled, inline three-, four- or six-cylinder
F – water-cooled, vertical two-cylinder (since 2007)
G – water-cooled, single-cylinder
S – water-cooled, inline-four superbike

Suffix letter:

C – Cruiser
CS – Classic Sport
G/S – GelΓ€nde/Strasse (Off-road/Street)
GS – GelΓ€nde Sport (Off-road Sport — Enduro)
GT – Gran Turismo (Grand Touring)
LS – Luxus Sport (Luxury Sport)
LT – Luxus Tourer (Luxury Tourer)
R – Road or Roadster
RR – Racing Replica
RS – Reisesport
RT – Reise Tourer (Travel Tourer)
S – Sport
ST – Strasse (Street or Sport Tourer)
T – Touring

Additional suffix modifiers:

L – Luxury
P – Police
C – Custom
PD – Paris Dakar

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