BRD is a new motorcycle company that currently builds only electric models. Its current lineup of models includes the Redshift model which is available in three versions namely the MX, SM, and PD.

The Redshift SM is a tough city motorcycle that promises to help you deal effortless with the daily traffic. Given the fact that it features a dirt-bike DNA, the Redshift SM is also pretty tough and reliable.

Its electric motor is powered by a 5.2 kWH battery and delivers a maximum power of 40 hp. This power is more than enough to propel you to a maximum speed of 85 mph. It is worth mentioning that the batteries can keep the bike running up to 50 miles.

You also get a pair of 17 inch wheels which are combined with front and rear fully adjustable suspensions.

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The RedShift SM is a race sumo without the oil changes. It is designed for everything a city can throw at a bike. Because of its off-road roots, it may be pretty but it’s not precious. Feel free to beat on it, but remember: just because it is fully capable of launching stair gaps and airing out the crests of San Francisco hills does not mean we condone that use or behavior in any way.


Price $15,495
Power (hp) 25/40 *
Battery capacity (kWh) 5.2
Est. range 50mi **
Top speed 85mph ***
Street weight (lbs) 265
Race weight (lbs) 255
Front suspension 12" fully adjustable
Rear suspension 12" fully adjustable
Front wheel 17" spoked
Rear wheel 17" spoked
Wheelbase 56.6
Seat height (in) 35.5

* Continuous/Peak (10s); ** Based on recreational trail or mixed road use; *** Redline based on standard gearing;

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