The Can-AM DS 450 is an agile ATV that will reward you with a unique riding experience everytime you jump on its saddle.

The ATV’s backbone is represented by a no-weld, all-aluminum frame which houses a 449.3 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve engine with 38 mm intake valve and 31 mm exhaust valve. The unit transfers its power to the wheels via a 5-Speed transmission.

The stopping power is assured by inverted twin-piston front brake calipers which bite large brake discs (7.2 in) and a rear 198 mm rotor with single piston caliper.

The ride is kept in leash by a sport front suspension which features a short spindle, one-piece aluminum knuckle, and the longest aluminum upper and lower A-arms for a 46-in sport ATV. You also get Kayaba HPG Piggyback shocks which feature compression, rebound and threaded preload adjustments.

The Can-Am DS 450 is offered with a base price of $7,799.

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  • 2014 Can-Am DS 450
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve head with high-flow “Durchzugskraft” design, 38 mm intake valve, 31 mm exhaust valve Nimonic – alloy
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Displacement:
    449 cc
  • Price:


2014 Can-Am DS 450 High Resolution Exterior
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The first no-weld, all-aluminum frame with hollow rear axle and inverted brake calipers delivers unmatched performance in a sport quad.

2014 Can-Am DS 450 Key Features:

2014 Can-Am DS 450 High Resolution Exterior
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• Rotax 4-Tec 449 cc, 45.3-hp liquid-cooled engine
• Class-leading power-to-weight ratio
• 5-Speed manual trasmission
• EFI with 46-mm throttle body
• 520 O-ring chain
• Altec twin pyramidal aluminum frame
• R-type cast-aluminum swingarm rear suspension
• R-type forged aluminum double A-Arm front suspension
• Kayaba front & rear HPG Piggyback shocks
• Hollow rear axle
• Inverted brake calipers
• Racking kick-up rests with heel guards
• Detachable headlights
• Interchangeable fenders
• Alumunium sprocket & sprocket hub
• Race-inspired radiator grill
• 33" seat height with low profile

2014 Can-Am DS 450 Features and Benefits:

2014 Can-Am DS 450 High Resolution Exterior
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Industry-Leading Performance
Engineered to race, the reliable Rotax® 4-TEC 450, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine has what it takes to get you off the line first and keep you out in front.

Performance Engine
The DS 450 is equipped with a 449 cc, 4-stroke EFI Rotax engine, offering the largest bore and largest intake valves from the DOHC 4-valve head, with 97 x 60.8 mm bore and stroke. The EFI uses the largest throttle body and an near-straight intake path.

Unmatched Power-to-Weight Ratio
The DS 450 features an innovative, no-weld ALTEC™ aluminum frame and a hearty Rotax® engine for the best power-to-weight ratio of any 450-class sport ATV. Combined with other weight-saving innovations and mass centralization engineering to reduce unsprung weight, it’s unmatched in its class.

Race-Ready Transmission
Competition-ready 5-speed manual transmission with foot-shifter and manual clutch lever. Features heavy-duty clutch and 9 friction plates with Direct Link mechanism.

Efficient Fuel Delivery
The Electronic Fuel Injection system with 46-mm throttle body, 16-bit CPU, and 32-MHz clock speed efficiently delivers fuel to the engine, resulting in more power and reliability.

Heavy-Duty Chain
Heavy-duty, race-ready O-ring chain can handle the high stress of racing.


2014 Can-Am DS 450 Exterior
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Precision-Engineered Handling
Take on every turn with less unsprung weight, the advantage of mass centralization, and a better power-to-weight ratio.

Stronger Yet Lighter
A maximum strength, no-weld, all-aluminum frame that uses a twin pyramidal structure. Major components are firmly secured with aluminum fasteners called lock-bolts. The frame is stronger yet much lighter than a traditional ladder frame.

Lowest Possible Unsprung Weight
Features a Chromoly hollow rear axle, extended-reach aluminum wheel hubs, aluminum sprocket, cast-aluminum swingarm, and 10.5 in of travel, for the lowest possible unsprung weight and the most mass centralization.

Sport Front Suspension
Features a short spindle, one-piece aluminum knuckle, and the longest aluminum upper and lower A-arms for a 46-in sport ATV.

Versatile Suspension
Kayaba HPG Piggyback shocks feature compression, rebound and threaded preload adjustments, and 9.5 in of travel, to give riders the flexibility of tuning the suspension to fit the terrain and riding style.

Shorter Axle
The hollow, high-strength steel axle has been shortened by extending the length of the aluminum hubs. The final design: a shorter axle mated with "spider" all-aluminum hubs with precision machined splines and longer arms. Lower unsprung weight for better mass centralization and dry weight.

Impressive Stoppping Power
Inverted twin-piston front brake calipers offer impressive stopping power because of the larger brake discs (7.2 in). By putting the caliper "inside" a peripheral brake disc, the diameter can be increased as close as possible to the inside of the wheel for improved stopping power and feel.


2014 Can-Am DS 450 Exterior
- image 542012

Rider-Focused Design
Loaded with race features including kick-up foot pegs with heel guards, detachable headlights, and interchangeable fenders, you’re always ready to race.

Superb Footing and Protection
Wide foot pegs with kick ups and integrated heel guards offer riders superb footing and protection.

Remove the headlights for racing.

Added Performance and Convenience
An added performance and convenience feature to simplify maintenance, cleaning, and fender replacement.

Lightweight and Durable
Lightweight, durable sprocket and sprocket hub reduce weight.

Race-Ready Looks
Get a sporty look out front with a race-inspired radiator grill.

Race-Inspired Seating
Low seat height provides a lower center of gravity and race-ready positioning for aggressive riding.


ENGINE TYPE Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC 4-valve head with high-flow “Durchzugskraft” design, 38 mm intake valve, 31 mm exhaust valve Nimonic – alloy
BORE & STROKE 97 x 60.8 mm
EFI SYSTEM / CARBURETOR 46 mm Throttle Body, 16 bit / 32 MHz CPU
TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual / heavy-duty clutch, 9 friction plates with DirectLink mechanism
DRIVE TRAIN 520 O-ring high capacity chain, aluminum sproket hub, aluminum sprocket, rigid axle
FRAME ALTEC dual-pyramidal aluminum
FRONT SUSPENSION TYPE / SHOCKS R-Type forged-aluminum Double A-arm KYB† HPG Piggyback shocks with compression, rebound and preload adjustments
REAR SUSPENSION TYPE / SHOCKS R-Type cast-aluminum swingarm Chromoly hollow rear axle KYB† HPG Piggyback shock with compression, rebound and preload adjustments
REAR SUSPENSION TRAVEL 10.5 in. (26.7 cm)
FRONT BRAKE Dual 182 mm discs with inverted twin-piston calipers
REAR BRAKE 198 mm rotor with single piston caliper
21 x 7R-10 in. (53.3 x 17.8R-25.4 cm)
20 x 10R-9 in. (50.8 x 25.4R-22.9 cm)
WHEELS Polished-aluminum
DRY WEIGHT 349 lb (158.3 kg)
L X W X H (IN) 72.4 x 46 x 41.9 in.
L X W X H (CM) 183.9 x 116.8 x 106.4 cm
WHEELBASE 50 in. (126.7 cm)
SEAT HEIGHT 33 in. (83.1 cm)
GROUND CLEARANCE 9 in. (22.9 cm) under frame
5.2 in. (13.2 cm) under rear axle
FUEL CAPACITY 3 gal (11.5 L)
INSTRUMENTATION Low fuel, check engine, neutral
LIGHTING Dual removable headlights (35-W)
FACTORY WARRANTY 6 months limited warranty
EXTENDED WARRANTY B.E.S.T. available from 12 to 36 months
COLOR Yellow
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