The Spyder RT is an innovative trike that was carefully designed to reward its rider with top notch ride and handling abilities and first class ergonomics.

The trike rides on 15-inch front wheels with low-profile tires and rear 12-spoke Metallic Silver wheels. Power comes from a Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3 cylinders, liquid-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control. The engine generates a maximum output of 115 Hp (85.8 KW) at 7250 rpm and 96 Lb-Ft. (130.1 Nm) at 5000 rpm. All this power is transferred to the rear wheel by means of a six speed transmission with reverse.
The speed is kept in check by front 270 Mm discs with Brembo 4-piston fixed calipers and rear 270 mm discs with Brembo single-piston floating calipers.

The Can-Am Spyder RT can be your for no less than $23,199.

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  • 2015 Can-Am Spyder RT
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3 cylinders, liquid-cooled
  • Transmission:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
  • Torque @ RPM:
  • Energy:
    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Top Speed:
    118 mph (Est.)
  • Price:


2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Exterior
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Jump on the Spyder RT, hit the road and don’t look back. With a long list of comfort and convenience features, you and your passenger will find the open road hard to resist. Its Advanced Combustion Efficiency ACE engine and a 6-speed transmission are engineered for great acceleration, easy cruising and a long fuel range.

2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Key Features:

2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Exterior
- image 572057

• Rotax 1330 ACE High Torque Engine
• 6-Speed Transmission With Reverse
• Vehicle Stability System
• Dynamic Power Steering
• Unique Suspension Geometry
• Ultra Comfort Touring Saddle
• Cruise Control
• Sachs Shocks
• Adjustable Electric Windshield
• Heated Driver Handgrips
• Passenger Comfort Features
• ECO Mode Smart Assist
• 41 Gallons (155 L) of Storage
• AM/FM Audio System With iPod Cable
• Anti-Theft System
• Premium Colour Digital Gauge
• 1200w Alternator
• 12-Spoke Metallic Silver Front Wheels
• Dynamic Front Fascia Design

2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Features and Benefits:

2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Exterior
- image 572052

Performance and Handling:

High Torque and Efficiency
With ample torque in every gear, the Spyder RT delivers a smooth ride and can go 252 miles (406 km) on a single tank*. The distinctive sound of its triple-cylinder design, Y-frame design and automotive technologies mean you’ll be enjoy every confident ride. *Tested at constant speed. Fuel mileage may vary depending on Spyder RT models, personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition, vehicle configuration and other conditions. Up to 202 miles tested at constant speed 75 mph (325 km at 120 km/h). Break-in mileage may vary.

Torquey, Powerful and Efficient
The Rotax 1330 ACE engine is an in-line triple-cylinder configuration for maximum torque delivery in every gear. It delivers excellent roll-on acceleration and response, and it has a unique sound with lots of character. It’s also efficient, making it possible to ride up to 252 miles (406 km) on a single tank*. Plus, it’s extremely low maintenance. *Tested at constant speed. Fuel mileage may vary depending personal riding habits, weather conditions, trip length, vehicle condition, vehicle configuration and other conditions. Break-in mileage may vary.

Makes For An Incredibly Smooth Ride
This 6-speed transmission offers the perfect balance of comfort and fuel economy thanks to a sophisticated hydraulic clutch system. Cruise comfortably at low RPMs with your choice of manual or semi-automatic transmission. Both include, reverse. The semi-automatic version uses left thumb and index finger paddle shifting.

Designed For Optimal Control
Developed in partnership with BOSCH and inspired by automotive technologies, the Vehicle Stability System integrates anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control for confidence taking on the open road.

Easy To Maneuver
The electronic power steering system provides a varying amount of assistance depending on the speed of the vehicle. So it’s always easy to maneuver and steer.

Positioned For Better Handling
The bike’s unique suspension geometry redirects forces to reduce load on suspension components, minimize body roll during cornering, and maximize tire-to-ground contact. The end result? Tighter turns, more precise handling and a more comfortable ride.


2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Exterior
- image 572051

Ultimate Comfort
From day trips to week-long adventures, the Spyder RT surrounds you with comfort every inch of the ride. And since the journey is meant to be shared, the Spyder RT has been designed with your passenger in mind, from adjustable footboards to passenger backrests and more.

Comfort and Support For Two
A premium saddle with lumbar support and passenger backrest provides maximum comfort during long journeys. Ready to accommodate the driver backrest (sold as an accessory).

Just Relax and Enjoy
Set a comfortable pace so you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Engineered For A Smoother Ride
A bigger piston diameter and better damping capacity ensures a plush ride even on bumpy, backcountry roads.

Like Climate Control
Adjustable-on-the-fly windshield lets you quickly react to changing weather conditions and helps ensure your comfort, whether it’s a hot or cool day.

Be Warm In Any Weather
To extend your riding season, thermal grips for the rider come standard. Perfect for chilly nights or beautiful autumn rides.

Total Comfort
The passenger experience on a Spyder RT is like no other. The Y-frame design creates peace-of-mind, while the ergonomic backrest, adjustable footrest, individual audio control pamper them over the long haul.


2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Drivetrain
- image 572048

Never Miss A Beat
With conveniences like integrated AM/FM audio, plenty of storage and the ECO mode, the Spyder RT makes it that much easier for you to own the road.

Smart Shifting Behaviour
Optimize your shifting behaviour with the ECO mode smart assist. The gauge light indicates the best time to shift to, reduce your fuel consumption on long trips. Combined with the fuel efficiency of the Rotax 1330 ACE engine and 6-speed transmission, it gives a range of over 252 miles (406 km) per fill-up.

Take It With You
Keep your gear safe and protected with the Can-Am Spyder’s trademark lockable watertight front storage, plus two side compartments, a rear compartment and a glove box for a total of 41 gallons (155 L) of storage.

On-Road Entertainment
Enjoy the full benefits of an audio system and weather band that is also satellite-radio-ready. Rear speakers with independent audio control let you spoil your passenger even more.

Constant Protection
The Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) helps protect the Can-Am Spyder from theft or other unauthorized use. The vehicle will not start unless the rider uses the correctly coded electronic key.

Information At A Glance
A vivid, full-colour digital screen allows quick access to key vehicle information such as speed, trip distance, and RPMs.

Power Your Favourite Devices
With a total capacity of 1200 watts you can power more of your devices, such as smartphones, GPS or CB radios.


2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Exterior
- image 572047

Stand Out From The Crowd
The Spyder RT’s styling is a unique blend of elegance and power.

Great Look Comes Standard
15-inch front wheels with low-profile tires and 12-spoke Metallic Silver wheels for a striking look.

Keep Cool and Look Good
Radiators are moved forward and it includes fans with a reverse mode that blow hot air away from the rider for more comfort.


2015 Can-Am Spyder RT Exterior
- image 572045
ENGINE TYPE Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3 cylinders, liquid-cooled with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control
BORE & STROKE 3.31 x 3.14 in. (84 x 80 mm)
POWER 115 hp (85.8 kW) @ 7250 RPM
TORQUE 96 lb-ft. (130.1 Nm) @ 5000 RPM
FRONT SUSPENSION Double A-arm with anti-roll bar
FRONT SHOCKS TYPE / TRAVEL SACHS shocks / 6.85 in. (174 mm)
REAR SHOCK TYPE / TRAVEL Air preload SACHS shock / 6 in. (152 mm)
ELECTRONIC BRAKE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Foot-operated, hydraulic 3-wheel brake
FRONT BRAKES 270 mm discs with Brembo† 4-piston fixed calipers
REAR BRAKE 270 mm disc with Brembo single-piston floating caliper
PARKING BRAKE Electromechanical
FRONT TIRES 165 / 55 R15
REAR TIRE 225 / 50 R15
ALUMINUM FRONT RIMS 12-spoke Metallic Silver, 15 x 5 in. (381 x 127 mm)
ALUMINUM REAR RIM Metallic Silver, 15 x 7 in. (381 x 178 mm)
INSTRUMENTATION Premium color digital gauge: digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip & hour meters, gear position, ECO mode smart assist, temperature, engine lights, electronic fuel gauge, clock
RUNNING LIGHTS 2 halogen headlamps (55-W)
WINDSHIELD Touring - Electric adjustment
SEAT Ultra comfortable with lumbar support and passenger backrest
AUDIO SYSTEM AM / FM audio system with iPod integration cable and 4 speakers
POWER OUTLET 12-V power outlet
CAN-AM FREEDOM TRAILER CAPABILITY Towing capacity of 400 lb (181 kg)
TRIMS AND PARTS Metallic Silver:
Rider footpegs, adjustable passenger footboards, footpeg support, handlebar, rear sprocket wheel, front and rear shock springs, exhaust tip, and heat shield
TRANSMISSION OPTIONS 6-speed manual with reverse (SM6)
6-speed semi-automatic with reverse (SE6)
COLOR OPTIONS Steel Black Metallic
Pearl White
SAFETY & SECURITY SCS: Stability Control System
TCS: Traction Control System
ABS: Anti-lock Braking System
DPS: Dynamic Power Steering
ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM: Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.)
L X W X H 105 x 61.9 x 59.4 in. (2 667 x 1 572 x 1 510 mm)
WHEELBASE 67.5 in. (1 714 mm)
SEAT HEIGHT 30.4 in. (772 mm)
GROUND CLEARANCE 4.5 in. (115 mm)
DRY WEIGHT 1 012 lb (459 kg)
MAXIMUM VEHICLE LOAD 494 lb (224 kg)
FUEL CAPACITY 6.9 gal (26 L)
RESERVE 1 gal (3.8 L) approx.
FUEL TYPE Premium unleaded
FACTORY WARRANTY 2-year BRP Limited Warranty with 2-year roadside assistance
EXTENDED WARRANTY B.E.S.T. available from 12 to 36 months
STANDARD FEATURES SPYDER RT Rotax 1330 ACE in-line 3 cylinders, high-torque engine
6-speed transmission, manual or semi-auto, both with reverse
Vehicle Stability System with ABS, traction control and stability control
ECO mode smart assist
Ultra comfort touring saddle with rider backrest ready
Adjustable passenger footboards
41 gal (155 L) of storage
12-spoke, Metallic Silver front wheels
AM / FM audio system with iPod† integration cable and independent passenger audio controls
Anti-theft system
Front design
Dynamic Power Steering
Unique suspension geometry
SACHS shocks
Premium color digital gauge
1200-W alternator
Comfort features like electronic cruise control, heated rider handgrips, adjustable electric windshield and more
PRICE $23,199


"The ultimate touring vehicle with powerful engine, comfort features and long range." — Total Motorcycle

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