• 2013 CR&S DUU

There aren’t many motorcycles that can compete with the CR&S DUU when it comes to futuristic designs. This model is by far one of the most interesting production models we’ve seen so far and its tasty style offers a perfect mix of sportiness and aggressively.

At the heart of the CR&S DUU lies a 1916 cc X-Wedge engine which features two pushrod head valves per cylinder with hydraulic self adjustment and three belt driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust). The engine is linked to a catalyzed stainless steel exhaust system with 2 lambdas. In terms of power the 1916 cc power plant cranks out 71 KW at 5100 rpm and 148 Nm of torque at 4300 rpm.

As far as the transmission is concerned the CR&S DUU is available with either 5 or 6 speeds units supplied by Baker.

The motorcycle is offered in two versions, namely solo and two seats.

  • 2013 CR&S DUU
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    4 strokes V-Twin 56°.
  • Transmission:
    5 speeds standard – 6 speeds optional
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    52 @ 5100
  • Torque @ RPM:
    109 @ 4300
  • Energy:
    Electronic injection
  • Displacement:
    1916 cc
  • Top Speed:
    125 mph
  • Price:
    € 19000


2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498008

The CR&S DUU is a unique model around the world’s motorcycle context. It was born in the CR&S workshop, the small Milanese factory which is known for the refinement and the exclusivity of its own creations. But above all, because of for the first time two motorcyclist excellences are gathered: Italian sporty rolling chassis and design powered by a muscular American big-twin. The American big displacement engine’s attraction, and particularly its muscular torque, doesn’t have any equivalent at all. One look at the engine’s fins is enough to be seduced by such a pure shape, devoid of radiator. And for a lot of motorcycles fans, the air cooling system and the pushrod distribution are elements issued from a rich historical past.

But it is not a model born only for the huge American open roads. The chassis and its handling performances are much more evolved than what can be thought. These parts have been engineered and designed to warrant a complete riding satisfaction on every kind of routes, even on fast bends or mountain’s narrow roads. The DUU is an innovative motorcycle, "modular and muscular", with durable materials and components, equipped with a powerful, rugged and reliable engine.

​The DUU’s harmonious and innovative shapes surround those mechanical parts, selected only for their qualities.

Two versions are available: solo and two seats.

CR&S DUU Solo Seats

2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498009

SD1 – SOLO 5 (single seat chassis and 5 speeds gearbox ) :

Chassis and swingarm in brushed stainless steel with visible weldings – Self supporting, solo seat holder with light alloy box structure - Yokes, fork feet and chassis holders in light alloy machined from solid, with raw anodized finish – Powertrain in light alloy with light grey finish, chromed/polished lateral carters and head covers – Primary transmission in polished aluminum – Aluminum oil tank – Compounded alloy wheels (raw/silver hubs and polished rims) - Wave floating front break disks – Front radial 4 pistons calipers - Radial front brakes and clutch master cylinders – Upsidedown fork in light alloy with anodized finish – Variable section handlebar in light alloy with raw finish – Light alloy rear hub machined from solid – Stainless steel exhaust system – Carbon license plate holder, front and rear fender’s holders with glossy finish – Light alloy single progressive rear shock absorber, with raw finish and titan colored spring – Carbon lateral wires tunnels and carbon front air intakes structure with glossy finish – Clutch’s cover protection, rear master cylinder’s protection, tension regulator’s carter protection and main chassis tube’s protection in carbon with glossy finish – Carbon air intake for engine starter and gearbox and carbon klaxon/coil holder with glossy finish – Footpegs’ protection, dashboard’s protection, front light back’s protection and front wires tunnels with matt black finish – Matt gunmetal body color finish – Seat cover in supergrip black sky – Rear mirrors aluminum holders with black finish.

SD3 – SOLO 6 (single seat chassis and 6 speeds gearbox) :

Same as SD1 version, but with 6 speeds gearbox.

2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498013
2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498016
2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498016

CR&S DUU Two Seats

2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498014


SD2 – TWO SEATER 5 (two seater chassis and 5 speeds gearbox) :

Differences compared to SD1 version : Self supporting, seats holder with light alloy box structure designed to carry pilot, passenger and accessories – Light alloy passenger’s footpegs and footpeg holders – Shock absorber with manualy adjustable spring preload – Passenger’s seat cover in sky, black supergrip – Light alloy passenger’s handgrips.

SD4 – TWO SEATER 6 (two seater chassis and 6 speeds gearbox) :

Same as SD2 version, but with 6 speeds gearbox.

The two-seater versions can easily be turned with the technical and aesthetic specs of the solo versions, you can’t do the opposite.

2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498013

Technical Characteristics and Innovations

2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498019


Two pushrod head valves per cylinder with hydraulic self adjustment, three belt driven camshafts (one intake and two exhaust). One piece machined crankshaft with twin conrods. ECU developed by S&S. It’s a traditional engine, but built with modern technologies and materials, produced by S&S Cycles, leader in manufacturing high performances pushrod American "V" twins. Catalyzed stainless steel exhaust system with 2 lambdas. Baker gearbox available with 5 or 6 speeds.

This 117c.i. (1916 cc) X - Wedge engine is the DUU’s « heart ». An engine designed to give a strong and usable power from low revs and above all, an unbeatable huge torque : from 2.500 until 4.700 rpm, the torque available is always over 140Nm, with a totally flat dyno curve.

The rolling chassis

The chassis has a compound structure. The main element consists in a stainless steel high section tube (107,5 mm), same quality as the one used for oil pipelines. It’s a backbone chassis working also partially as fuel tank. All the other chassis’ elements are made in stainless steel and manually TIG welded. The stainless steel chassis has been chosen to avoid corrosion for life, and it enables excellent finishes. All these chassis components are connected together by light alloy parts, all machined from solid. The seat holder light alloy box structure, a CR&S’ patent, is manually TIG welded and used partially as gas tank, keeping the fuel pump, the battery, the ECU, and the main electric accessories.

The single side swingarm is made in a big section stainless steel tube too (90 mm), reinforced with stainless steel welded structure box. Everything is totally TIG manually welded. The light alloy fork yokes are machined from solid. The two seats version’s shock absorber has a fast manually adjustable spring preload. The standard compound wheels are made in light alloy with casted hubs. The CR&S’ compound wheels have machined from solid light alloy hubs and light alloy rims. The rear tire size is 190/55X17" and the front one is 120/70X17". This tires’ size has been chosen to offer the best sporty handling capabilities available, performing top riding control on each kind of routes (max lean angle 43°) : they are radial tires, with sport-racing compound (the rear one has three zone compound).

This is the agile « body » of the DUU: a sporty rolling chassis, top components and top materials give to the DUU safe and fast rides without forcing.


The structural components are made in carbon. The others are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. The gas tank is divided in two parts : the chassis’ backbone and the seat holder box structure. Some body’s parts have an specific aerodynamic function enabling a better flow channeling to favor the vehicle’s efficacy, the cooling of the mechanic parts and the pilot’s comfort.

This is the DUU’s « skin »: technological et minimalist, but functional as the same time. A balanced mix that makes this body unique.

Personalization and modularity

The DUU, as every CR&S’ motorcycle, is fully customizable on customer’s request. For instance, storage accessories can be added, or the driving position can be modified, or the suspensions can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.
Several configuration possibilities are available concerning the look, from each component’s color, to the chassis and the wheels finishes. The powertrain’s color can even be chosen. A customized engraved silver plate gives the final touch.

This is the DUU’s « thought »: it is an exclusive tecno-custom-built bike, designed to be flexible and durable, which follows and fits its owner’s needs.


2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498021

The options list includes a lot of high quality hand-made components. In addition to this, each new option introduced will be 100% retrofittable on each DUU. At the DUU introduction, the main technical-esthetical options shown will be: the front light, the fake gas tank with storage function, GPS holder and folding windshield (CR&S patent), the passenger comfort seat, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the CR&S light alloy machined from solid wheels, the SBK break disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap’s cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, and the powertrain finishes.

This is the research behind each CR&S: for never saying « This is a bike made like this… » but « This is a bike made for growing up », always looking for new solutions and permanently upgradable…made by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.


2013 CR&S DUU High Resolution Exterior
- image 498025
Brand S&S
Model X - Wedge 117”
Engine Type 4 strokes V-Twin 56°.
Cubic inch displacement 117” (1916 cc)
Bore x Stroke 4-1/8” x 4-3/8” (104.8 x 111.1 mm)
Distribution Pushrod
Valves per cylinder 2 (with hydraulic self adjustment)
Cooling System Air
Alimentation Electronic injection
Primary Transmission Wet twin chain
Clutch Wet multidisks, with hydraulic control
Gearbox 5 speeds standard – 6 speeds optional
Final Transmission O-ring chain
Chassis Stainless steel main structure made with big section tubes, stainless steel engine’s cradle and holder. The chassis’ components are made in stainless steel, machined, bended and hand welded.
Swingarm Single arm made in stainless steel high section tube reinforced with stainless steel box hand welded structure.
Front Suspension Upsidedown telescopic fork with 48 mm diameter. Adjustable hydraulic damping and spring preload. 120mm travel.
Rear Suspension Swingarm with single hydraulic progressive shock absorber. Adjustable hydraulic damping and spring preload. 127 mm travel.
Front break 320mm Wave double floating disks with radial 4 pistons brake calipers.
Rear break 260 mm single brake disk with 2 pistons floating caliper.
Front wheel 3.50 x 17"
Rear wheel 6.00 x 17"
Front tire 120/70-ZR17"
Rear tire 190/55-ZR17"
Length 2197 mm
Width 770 mm
Wheelbase 1576 mm
Seat height 800 mm
Weight 245 kg (dry)
Gas tank 15,5 liters (4 liters for reserve)
Max Power 71 KW at 5100 rpm
Max Torque 148 Nm at 4300 rpm
Max Speed Over 125 MPH (over 200Km/h)
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