The CR&S Vun is a pretty sporty motorcycle especially developed for those who put versatility and comfort on the first place.

The motorcycle is built on a modern tubular frame with cross-sections and diameters which is both stiff and light, assuring a proper handling at high speeds. To optimize the weight, damping of vibration and rigidity, the bike also adopted the interposition of alloy plates for the installation of the engine. Talking about the engine, the CR&S VUN is powered by a Bombardier-Rotax, 652 cc engine which rewards you with 54 Hp (40 KW) at 7.000 rpm and a maximum torque of 6 Kgm (58,9 Nm) at 5.000 rpm. The engine’s power is more than enough to propel the bike to a top speed of over 180 kph (110 mph) with a 0-400 m acceleration of 12.79 seconds.

The motorcycle is offered with a very wide range of options, accessories and graphic designs which permit you to personalize it according to your wishes.

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  • 2013 CR&S VUN
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    Bombardier-Rotax / CR&S type 654
  • Transmission:
    Five-speed gearbox
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    54 @ 7000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    43 @ 5000
  • Energy:
    Integrated CR&S/Walbro/Dell’Orto ignition/injection system, 52 mm throttle housing, twin injectors, twin spark
  • Displacement:
    652 cc
  • Top Speed:
    110 mph
  • Price:
    € 19000


2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498079

We have worked around two simple concepts that were completely effective in helping us towards the objective we had set ourselves:

A) Simplicity in forms and building applications, while maintaining a sophisticated approach to materials and design systems with a view to quality and exclusiveness.

For example, we have chosen a tubular frame with cross-sections and diameters optimised to make it light, rigid and aesthetically pleasing. This is then welded manually in “Tig”, highlighting the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the units. We then decided to adopt the interposition of alloy plates for the installation of the engine, in order to optimise the weight, damping of vibration, constructive rationale, rigidity and looks.

B) Functionality and practicality for use geared to maximum fun and satisfaction.

To enjoy riding a motorbike to the full, no compromises will do. For example: in order to have ideal weight distribution in all conditions, a motorbike “must” be a single-seater. The market is full of excellent “naked” two-seater bikes for all uses, ok for all occasions but excelling in none. We have not accepted any compromise.

More precisely, we have produced a bike with “extreme” biking requirements designed for agility, with a distribution of weight which has 55% on the front and 45% on the rear, unladen, to achieve an optimal 50/50 with the rider aboard. With high-quality suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres, of a size to provide the greatest ratio of agility/adherence. The engine is robust, powerful, reliable, with manageable output, light and compact as only a single-cylinder engine can be. A design based on “traditional” forms in their timeless, essential nature.

We did not aim to produce a “fashionable” bike; we wanted a “different” one, one which could not be pigeon-holed, which could have a meaning outside of its temporal and aesthetic connotations.

In which function is greater than form but does not penalise it; indeed, it integrates it in a subtle manner.

CR&S VUN Road version

2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498072


(VR1/2 - € 11.850,00 VAT excl. EX WORKS)

For those that use the motorbike in a “traditional” way. This version has a deliberately restrained, neutral design, made specifically to leave space for the imagination and so be able to reinterpret the motorbike by following ones own technical-aesthetic preferences.

An infinite range of options, accessories and graphic designs are offered for this reason: these are the “rules” to start participating in the game, sharing it with the designer, up to the point your motorbike achieves a tangible form. A unique motorbike, because two identical motorbikes cannot exist in this game, since two identical personalities do not exist. But, the game has only just started, because now you must discover the pleasure of riding a different type of motorbike also in dynamic terms: easy, intuitive, that enhances your agility limits, safely.

The enjoyment of riding a 140Kg motorbike with manageable power, designed to deal with bends,

in the “Mistostretto”, where the motorbike knows just how to provide the most enjoyable sensations. The harmony of riding through the bends, with a rhythm that makes you feel the choreography of a graceful and sensual dance. The true pleasure of riding the motorbike.

2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498073
2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498074

VUN Frame and suspensions kit

2013 CR&S VUN Exterior
- image 498080


(Cod. KCSS - € 4,950.00 PRICE IN €, VAT EXCL. EX WORKS)

Designed for enthusiasts who want to play directly, manually with the genesis of their motorbike and beyond. A game for the most experienced, for the mechanical hobby experts, for the “do it yourself” enthusiasts.

To discover a different way, a more intimate way, by playing with their own VUN by exploiting the availability of the BMW/Rotax F 650 engines fitted with carburettors: see the bike develop in their own garage, day after day. Based on the infinite customising solutions provided by the options and by the parts proposed by CR&S, with your personal, total involvement.

The condition we could define as the Zen of the motorbike of long ago, or an anti-stress therapy, until the motorbike is seen with its wheels on the road, finished, ready to be looked after and weaned, to feel its vibrations. Ready to obey its father to discover the world.


It’s supplied disassembled, with rustproof epoxy finish for the steel plants and natural anodising for the aluminium parts. The kit includes the main frame structure, seat supporting frame, swingarm and tubular steel base plate supports all manually TIG welded, engine plates, fork plates and handlebar supports all machined from light alloy solid billet by Rizoma, light alloy steering unit, wheel pins and swingarm pin, Ceriani fork, Paioli shock absorber, footpegs and light alloy pedal controls machined from light alloy solid billet by Rizoma, heel pad and alloy rear sprocket protection, light alloy workshop stand connections, in addition to the elements to mount the various parts.

CR&S VUN Track version [PPP]

2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498075


(Cod. PPP - € 19,950.00 PRICE IN €, VAT EXCL. EX WORKS)

Designed for the most demanding “purists”, for those who want to play and go fast without having to take into account the traffic, the careless car driver, placing their driving licence at risk.

The best racing components available today, a powerful and easy to handle engine, an even more extreme weight. With the possibility of implementing these features again.

A motorbike designed using the direct experience gained in competitions by CR&S, virtually unbeatable on the most frequently used bendy circuits. A preparatory motorbike, but able to generate enthusiasm also in the most expert riders.

A starting point to be able to grow where the pleasure of riding a motorbike is most intense.


Ceriani racing fork with DLC tubes, light alloy machined outer tubes, hydraulic & spring preload adjustments – Ohlins racing shock with hydraulic adjustments, spring preload & adjustable offset – Brembo racing floating front disc – Brembo racing front radial caliper – Brembo radial master cylinder – CDR single racing water cooler - Marvic Piuma racing cast magnesium five spoke wheels –Pirelli racing compound tyres – Carbon fenders, heel protections, sprocket protection & tail – Neoprene seat – Aviacompositi Racing dashboard – Lightech tank filler cup – QD titanium racing exhaust – Workshop bike stand – Chassis with “rough finish” protection treatment – Glossy polished fuel tank & carbon finish – Team CR&S racing stripes (checkers & yellow lines) – White racing number plates.

2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498077
2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498078

CR&S VUN Sidecar [PPB]

2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498069


(Code “PPB” acronym from Milanese dialect meaning ‘Per Purtà i Barlafùss’ [to carry odds and ends])

(PPB - € 8.000,00 VAT excl. EX WORKS)

An “accessory” to be applied to a VUN road version as if it were a luggage carrier trolley. We selected the aerodynamic shapes of a record-breaking sidecar of the ’40s*, converting it into a comfortable and large capacity “luggage compartment” that enables the destination to be reached with an adequate amount of kit, to then detach it rapidly and have fun with the unleashed motorbike.

2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498070
2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498068


2013 CR&S VUN Exterior
- image 498067

Easy, fun “performance” is the essence of the VUN. Any vehicle taken to the limit can be satisfying, but this limit can be more or less hard to reach. The VUN has an extremely high limit and can be easily reached without an extreme commitment.

​​To achieve this result, we have worked principally on two fronts:
A) A favourable weight/power ratio in which the weight is the dominant factor.
Do two motorbikes with the same power/weight ratio move forward in the same way? No, the lighter one will generally be more manageable, stable and powerful in braking, while the more powerful one will have a greater top speed. We have deliberately chosen the first option: biking for us means taking bends and enjoying them. Try slowing down and changing the direction of two balls rolling at the same speed: one for bowling and one for basketball… (Below is a table with some examples of motorbikes and their weight/power ratio compared to that of the VUN).
B) An optimal distribution of the weight for riding and balancing the bike. Are two motorbikes of the same mass equally “agile” if that mass is concentrated as close as possible to its centre of gravity or if it is distributed in a more distributed manner with respect to the whole machine? The one with the more “compact” centre of gravity will certainly be the more “agile” of the two. One need only imagine shifting a 5 kg bowling ball or a 5 kg table. One can play with the ball, but it takes a second person to move the table.

We have thus created a motorbike weighing little more than 130 kg, equipped with manageable power, a balanced ride, high-quality components and all the masses concentrated around its centre of gravity. It will thus be “easy”, “immediate” and “fun” in braking, curving, accelerating, changing direction on tortuous roads. In places where the motorbike provides the greatest potential satisfaction for its rider.

Top speed over 180 kph (110 mph)

Acceleration from stopped (0-400m) 12.79 secs. with terminal speed of 168 kph (104 mph)

Acceleration (in fifth gear 90-130 kph - 55 - 80 mph): 4.8 secs


2013 CR&S VUN Exterior
- image 498066

In order to have optimal control in the “mixed roads” type of route for which the bike was designed, there is no need to the riding position to be uncomfortable. The typical riding position of “super-sports bikes”, for example, with the handlebars in “two pieces”, high seat, high and backward footrests, and weight pushing down on the wrists at low and medium speeds. For a bike intended for “mixed routes”, it is far more logical that the position be only slightly forward-leaning, with the torso largely upright, the wrists light, the footrests comfortable high and backward, all making it possible to shift the weight of one’s body easily.

We have also taken into account the different ergonomic characteristics of possible users. Thus, the footrests are adjustable to three different levels of height/horizontal adjustment, the pedals are mounted on off-centre pins and those on the handlebars can be adjusted to alter the gap of the handles.

There are also infinite possibilities of personalising the set-up through the suspension (the hydraulics and preload are widely adjustable), the off-centre mounting of the rear axles, the wheelbase of the shock absorber (only if Ohlins unit mounted), the positioning of the fork rods with respect to the plates of the handlebar: just like in the most sophisticated racing bikes.


2013 CR&S VUN High Resolution Exterior
- image 498072
Engine Bombardier-Rotax / CR&S type 654
Capacity 652 cc
Bore/Stroke 100 x 83 mm
Final Drive Chain drive with double over headed camshaft (DOHC), 4 valves
Starter Electric start
Injection Integrated CR&S/Walbro/Dell’Orto ignition/injection system, 52 mm throttle housing, twin injectors, twin spark
Exhaust tainless steel catalytic exhaust system (CR&S by QD)
Cooling Liquid-cooled
Lubrication Dry sump lubrication
Clutch Multiple disc wet clutch
Gear Five-speed gearbox
Standart Emission Euro3
Power:Max power output 54 Hp (40 KW) at 7.000 rpm
Torque Max torque 6 Kgm (58,9 Nm) at 5.000 rpm
Compression Compression ratio 9,7:1
Chassis steel tubes and machined light alloy plates compound
Front suspension Tele-hydraulic fork with 46mm diameter rods and 120 mm travel
Rear suspension Oscillating swingarm, single shock absorber with 128 mm travel
Front brake Floating 320 mm diameter disk, four opposing pistons radial caliper with 4 pads
Rear brake 220 mm disk, floating caliper
Final drive With “O” ring chain
Wheels 3,50X17 (front) and 4,50X17 (rear)
Tyres 120/70 ZR x 17” (front), 160/60 ZR x 17” (rear)
Tank Hand made light alloy petrol tank – capacity:12.5 l. (reserve: 3 l)
Dashboard Comprising speedo, revs counter, odometer, clock and water, oil pressure, side stand, neutral, indicators, full beam, reserve, excessive revs, battery, servicing lights
Foot pegs Adjustable foot pegs and pedal controls in machined light alloy (CR&S by Rizoma)
Side stand Forged light alloy side stand
Max Length 1980 mm.
Max width 740 mm.
Wheelbase 1386 mm.
Minimum ground clearance 150 mm.
Seat height 800 (± 20) mm
Dry weight 135 Kg
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