The boon of Ducati’s two-stroke engine craze hit fever pitch in the 60’s and one model, in particular, was the recipient of the many small capacity two-stroke models Ducati built during the decade.

That model is the 1962 Ducati 48SL Cacciatore, a bike that was originally created specifically for the Italian market in 1964 and came with combined components from the 48 Sport and the 80 Setter.

The engine of the 48SL Cacciatore - a 48 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine that’s mated to a three-speed transmission - isn’t a world-beater by any means whatsoever. But where it lacked in power, it more than made up for by being a dual-purpose model with a hand gear change, universal tires, higher braced handlebar, higher exhaust on the left, solo saddle, rear rack, and dual rear sprockets.

The 1964 Ducati 48SL Cacciatore that was offered at the 2012 RM Auctions - CN: DM48SL/0041 - is in original and unrestored condition. The combination of age and condition may translate to a little restoration job, but one that doesn’t involve anything too drastic.

Expected pricing was around €2,000 - €3,000, which is around $2,600 - $3,800 based on current exchange rates. Actual selling price was $1,515.

  • 1962 Ducati 48SL Cacciatore
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Transmission:
    3-Speed Transmission
  • Displacement:
    48 cc
  • Price:
    € 3000


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