Japanese denim brand, Evisu, may not be a familiar name to a lot of people in this side of the world, but over in Japan and Asia, the fashion house is quite a big name. So now that the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, it only seems fitting to have something special done to commemorate the occasion. By taking a Harley Davidson bike and dressing it up in spectacular fashion, Evisu did exactly that.

Together with the Harley-Davidson dealership in London-Warr, the oldest Harley dealer in Europe, Evisu created a customized, hand-made, limited edition Kamone Sprinter, a bike that combines vintage styling with modern bad-assery, thanks to the the extensive use of black, chrome, and gold that serve as its primary colors.

The meticulous styling details crafted into the bike also underscore Evisu’s goal of making this bike a true one-off jewel. In addition to the fancy three-piece scheme, Evisu also made sure to give plenty of design inspirations from their brand, one that emphasizes pure functionality with timeless elegance.

“Synonymous with luxurious craftsmanship and one-off design, The Evisu Warr’s Harley-Davidson Motorbike, aptly named the Kamome Sprinter, showcases the creativity and hand-made practices for which both brands are famous,” the Japanese denim brand said in a statement.

“Welding, carving, bending metal; stitching, riveting denim, and embossing and treating leather – the Evisu heritage is celebrated throughout the entire motorcycle, and the same technical exactness that Evisu rule by was taken into account,” it added.

The bike has been tagged as a limited edition – rightfully so – that costs £35,000, which is about $58,000 based on current exchange rates. Anybody interested in owning this rare Harley can avail of it at the Evisu store in London.

  • 2011 Harley-Davidson ’Kamome Sprinter’ by Evisu
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  (453) posted on 06.29.2011

I though that this one would be very pricey. But at $58,000, this one is actually not that high for a special edition bike this good. This would definitely be a must have for biking enthusiasts.

  (415) posted on 06.27.2011

One thing that I can say about this one is that it is definitely very cool. I love it whenever I see those vintage bikes given an aggressive look, definitely makes them a must have.

  (502) posted on 06.23.2011

The Harley Davidson Group really never fails to get the satisfaction of each rider. This new Kamome Sprinter look amazing as the other models of Harley.

  (407) posted on 06.21.2011

Another milestone to Harley-Davidson!. They really offer what’s the best and I’m proud to what they have done. And i surely believe on their cars.

  (378) posted on 06.15.2011

Wow, this one is definitely the right ride for those motorcycle gangsters that you see on TV. It re4ally says badass all over it. A lot of the guys out there are sure going to like it.

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