Harley Davidson revealed their new Street 750 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

The motorcycle is a completely new model aimed at the emerging markets. The bike is built in India and is powered by a 749 CC liquid cooled revolution X engine which is kept in leash by a six speed transmission. The engine breathes through a 2 into 1 exhaust and needs to deal with a wet weight of 480 lbs.

In terms of design the 2014 Harley Davidson Street 750 comes with a tasty blackout style, a café style windscreen, an aggressive slash on the tail and a round headlight.
It is also worthy of being that the 2014 Harley Davidson Street 750 rides on a pair of 17” front and 15’ rear wheels.

The 2014 Harley Davidson Street 750 features a low seat height, smooth suspensions, premium brakes and broad handlebars.

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  • 2014 Harley Davidson Street 750
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Transmission:
    6 speed
  • Displacement:
    749 cc

Introducing the Revolution X™ engine.

Riding on crowded streets and jam-packed freeways puts its own set of demands on a motorcycle engine. The all-new Revolution X™ engine is pure Harley-Davidson® V-Twin engine muscle specifically designed for urban riding. It’s liquid cooled to maintain peak performance no matter how high the mercury climbs or how long you’re in gridlock. There’s a single overhead cam. Four valves per head. And a smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission. It all translates to one thing: instant response to the twist you give the throttle when stop turns to go.

Built for tight turns and quick moves.
Let the autos crawl at their pace. On the Harley-Davidson Street™ motorcycle you travel at yours. The chassis is lean and narrow for easy handling. The seat is super low. The suspension is tuned for the roughest urban roads. You’ve got premium brakes. And a broad handlebar sweep and a skinny front tire for tight turns and fast moves. One opening in that honking mass of sheet metal, and you’re gone.

Not just a sound. A signature.
No one on your block will mistake the note coming from the upswept exhaust on the new Street™ motorcycle. This is the pure, deep-thumping Harley-Davidson® V-Twin engine rumble; the kind that hits your ears and reaches all the way down to the pit of your stomach. Tuned to perfection in our state-of-the-art sound-testing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Instantly recognized on any corner in the world.

Premium Harley-Davidson. There is no other kind.
Take a close look at any Harley-Davidson® motorcycle you see parked under the neon lights. Premium to the last detail. The Street™ 750 motorcycle is no exception to that rule. Steel tank and fenders. Paint a mile deep. LED taillight and mini bullet turn signals. Ignition, fork and gas cap locks. Rock-solid belt final drive. Painstakingly tight fit and finish. Intuitive hand controls. Because only a motorcycle we’re proud to build is a motorcycle you’ll be proud to park on your curb.

It even sets your creativity free.
This is about what separates you from the masses on the sidewalk. No Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is finished until the rider unleashes some of his or her own soul on the look of the machine. The Street™ is a blank canvas. Ready for you to paint with your attitude and style. There are as many ways to customize it as there are riders. There are no rules. Let everyone else be one of the crowd.

By the street. For the street.
When the street is where you live, it starts to live in you. True of a rider. True of a motorcycle. The look of the Street™ 750 motorcycle comes from the street. Born out of the custom tradition of tearing down a motorcycle to its raw, minimal essence and letting the pure rebellion inherent in the lines of the machine come screaming through. This is the essential attitude. It doesn’t require much explanation. On the Street™ motorcycle, one look says it all.

Dark is in the details.
Blacked out engine and covers. Black pullback handlebars. Black fork gators and lowers. The first all-black exhaust on a Harley® motorcycle since our original Café Racer was roaming the streets in the 70’s. You’ve also got a café style windscreen. A 17 inch front wheel. And an aggressive slash on the tail section. This isn’t something common rolling down the boulevard every day of the week. This is the new Harley-Davidson Street™ motorcycle. This is Dark Custom™ attitude like nothing the world’s ever seen before


2014 Harley Davidson Street 750 Exterior
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749 CC Liquid Cooled Revolution X™ Engine
6 Speed Transmission
Belt Drive
2 into 1 Exhaust
Mid Mount Controls
Easy Lock to Lock Sweep
Single Caliper Disc Brakes
Specially Tuned Suspension
2 Up Seat with Passenger Pegs
Metal Tank and Fenders
LED Tail Lights and Bullet Signals
Locking Gas Cap, Forks, and Ignition
V Twin 60° 4-Valves per Head
Wheel Size: 17” Front, 15” Rear
Wheelbase: 59.5”
Weight: 480 LBS (WET)
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