The next generation of MotoGP machine is here in the shape of the Honda RC212V racing prototype. Built to conform to the new-for-2007 Grand Prix rules, the bike features an 800cc, V4 engine and a stunning all-new chassis built with mass centralization and ultimate handling in mind. Welcome to the future…

  • 2007 Honda RC212V
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Takanori Okuma, the Honda R&D RC212V Large Project Leader, explains the principles behind the RC212V:

“When we started development of the 800cc machine, effectively the "second generation" of Honda MotoGP bike, we gave top priority to the pursuit of excellent handling and drivability. For the newly-reduced engine capacity of 800cc, we decided a V4 was the most efficient layout. Rather than focusing solely on top end power, we also concentrated on producing good power delivery characteristics, which can have a significant effect on lap times. Using enhanced control systems, the result is an engine with good drivability in the low and mid ranges, and excellent power under acceleration when the engine is at the top of its range."

“On the chassis side, we further enhanced the "mass concentration" package developed for the RC211V to improve the agility and quick handling characteristics of the bike. The outward appearance is aggressive and appropriately innovative for a new generation of bike, affording both drivability and aerodynamic efficiency. We will continue to evolve the bike before the season opener and throughout next season.”

Satoru Horiike, Managing Director of HRC comments:

“We are satisfied with the progress of the RC212V prototype. Under the leadership of Takanori Okuma, the project team has remained well on schedule with the development and testing programme set by HRC. We are confident that winter testing will be positive and look forward to being competitive in this exciting new era for MotoGP.”


Overall length(mm): 2050
Overall width(mm): 645
Overall height(mm): 1125
Wheelbase(mm): 1440
Road clearance(mm): 125
Weight(kg): over 148kg
Engine type: liquid-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4 valve V-4
Displacement(cc): 800
Maximum power: N/A
Frame type: twin-tube
Front Wheels(inch): 16.5
Rear Wheels(inch): 16.5
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension: New Unit Pro-link
Fuel tank capacity(litre): 21

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  (1) posted on 12.16.2009

wow 1000cc 2-stroke engine....

500cc 2-stroke engine power = 750cc 4-stroke engine power.....

if 1000cc 2-stroke = 1250 cc 4-stroke

it`s crazy power....

Rod  (825) posted on 04.29.2009

I would like to have this RC212V Repsol bike it would be excellent at the race track.smiley

Rod  (6023) posted on 03.3.2008

Larinya kurang cepat, buat lagi RC212V secepat RC211V. ok

Rod  (6023) posted on 11.16.2006

why motogp back to 800cc from 990cc?

i’m really want motogp have 1000cc with 2 stroke.

Rod  (6023) posted on 11.11.2006

Only 500? I went 1000mph on it going to McDonalds yesterday. No cup holder, though.

Rod  (6023) posted on 11.11.2006

this bike only looks slow it actually is fast i got it up to 500mph at the salt flats in salt lake city!!!

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