• 2008 Honda CBF600S
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4
  • Transmission:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    76 HP@ 10500 RPM
  • Torque @ RPM:
    44 lbs/ft@ 8250 RPM
  • Displacement:
    599.3 L


Totally redesigned to appeal to an even wider range of rider tastes and riding styles, the new 2008 CBF600 charges to the front of the mid-displacement Naked class with a compact and powerful new CBR600RRbased engine, an advanced new cast aluminum frame and lighter, more attractive styling that is certain to win fast new friends on every road it travels. Also featuring lighter weight, stronger performance with lower emissions and crisp, sporty handling, the all-new CBF600 gives riders new and old an invigorating new way to experience the limitless joys of motorcycle riding.

When its debuted in 2004, the CBF600 ushered in a new standard of exhilarating and easily accessible midsized motorcycle riding enjoyment. Its sleekly attractive styling and new ‘Just Fit’ approach to maximized riding comfort, which features an innovative three-position height-adjustable seat, greatly enhances riding comfort and confidence for a wider range of riders. Designed to provide broadly satisfying performance combined with easy riding manners, the CBF600 appeals to both experienced riders looking for easy, versatile and dependable riding experience, and relative newcomers seeking a well-rounded step up in performance and excitement from the 125cc learners class. This includes a new wave of women riders attracted to the CBF600’s user-friendly configuration, which builds confidence and provides an ample range of performance potential with which to comfortably develop one’s riding skills.

Over the years since its first release, changes in the market and environmental regulations eventually called for an upgrade of the CBF600 in order to bring it up to date with the latest in performance and technology. As well, customer requests for improvements to some of its comfort and performance features needed to be addressed. With the goal of improving its performance characteristics and operating ease while maintaining its distinctive European style, the CBF600’s development team set out to modernize this dependable Standard with Honda’s latest engine and chassis componentry, and take it to a new level of user-friendly riding enjoyment. Now, totally renewed from the ground up, the new CBF600 is positioned to attract even more new and experienced riders to its versatile performance and swift yet confidently assured riding characteristics. The new 2008 CBF600; one of the best fits and best values on two wheels.

Development Concept

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231189

In drawing up the next generation of the popular CBF600, its development team set out to achieve significant enhancements to its performance, handling ease, comfort and environmental compatibility in a way that further enhances its appeal to an even broader spectrum of riders. One of the most effective keys to realizing these desired improvements is weight reduction, which not only results in quicker, more exciting acceleration, but also lighter and easier handling that helps build rider confidence. However, in order to achieve this desired lighter weight, as well as the benefits of cleaner emissions, a reworking of the CBF’s current configuration simply wouldn’t do. Instead, it was imperative that the CBF600 be fitted with an entirely new engine and chassis to meet the requirements of the times.

Equipping the CBF600 with the most up-to-date technology was also a high priority, and for this the CBF’s development team turned to Honda’s recently released CBR600RR and CB600F Hornet. From these high-performance models, the CBF received a lighter and more compact new fuel-injected inline-four engine. This new engine was specially tuned for stronger and more accessible low-to-midrange performance that is easier for novice riders to enjoy with confident control, and experts to enjoy to the full. For a further contribution to lighter weight and smoother, easier handling, an all new chassis were also needed, and for this the team turned to the aggressive CB600F Hornet, adapting its innovative cast aluminum Mono-Backbone frame to the CBF’s more relaxed style of riding enjoyment. In fact, while the CBF600’s crisp styling stays very close to its predecessor’s timeless design, virtually everything else about the new CBF is new, including such prominent features as:

  • A lighter, more compact and higher-revving new fuel injected engine based on that developed for the 2007 CBR600RR and CB600F Hornet.
  • A new gravity die-cast (GDC) aluminum Mono-Backbone frame for lighter weight and sharper handling.
  • A 41mm cartridge-type front fork with adjustable preload.
  • A sleeker, lighter and faster-looking front cowl design for the half-faired CBF600S.
  • A new Combined-ABS version for the ultimate in braking control.
  • HISS immobilizer security system.
  • Full compliance with strict EURO-3 exhaust emissions regulations.
  • And more…

While all these new features combine to maintain the CBF600’s focus on giving new and less experienced riders easier access to the exhilarating delights of motorcycle riding, this uniquely enjoyable mid displacement machine consistently encourages its riders in developing their riding skills and confidence, letting them know they’ve made the right choice in a riding partner that will remain friendly and supportive for years to come.

Featuring stronger, more confidence-inspiring performance, smoothly responsive handling, adjustable seating and two brake systems to choose from, as well as a choice of faired or naked versions and expandable carrying capability, the new 2008 CBF600 offers everything most riders need to experience a fully satisfying range of riding enjoyment. The CBF also stands out as the perfect alternative for novices, weekend motorcyclists and returnees to the sport to gain a new-found feel for their own riding potential—at their own pace. With its lighter, more inviting look, smoother, more accommodating performance and always friendly disposition, the new CBF600 provides the best fit for a wide range of riders and riding styles.


2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231218

Closely adhering to its initial ‘Just Fit’ design concept, the new 2008 CBF600 emphasizes its new sculpturally lighter form with sleek and distinctively European style in a beautifully integrated form that shows elegant refinements to its original design. Retaining much of the styling and proportions of its predecessor, the new naked CBF is a seductive standard that provides a solid, reassuring focus on the basic fundamentals of performance and riding enjoyment. Its half-faired version features smoothly integrated bodywork contours which surround the purposeful mechanical look of its new engine to accentuate its sporty image of performance with a lighter and more aggressive profile while offering excellent wind protection and riding comfort.

Elegantly framing the crown of its new engine, the CBF600S’s redesigned half fairing features a much slimmer and visually lighter form which gives the new CBF a stronger impression of effortless speed and lithe, responsive handling. Contributing to this impression with a positive effect on overall performance are new air management ports prominently formed into the fairing’s side cowls, which more effectively deflect air around the rider for greatly enhanced riding comfort while contributing to lighter, more responsive handling at higher speeds. Essentially unchanged from its earlier version is a pair of large multi-reflector headlights cleanly integrated into its sharp front cowl. As before, the half-faired CBF600S also features a 2-position adjustable windscreen which can be raised an extra 50mm in height to provide extra wind protection for taller riders. Behind the front cowl resides an attractive, newly designed instrument panel featuring a new fuel gauge and new indicators for its HISS and fuel injection systems, as well as an ABS failure indicator for its Combined-ABS versions.

Beautifully integrated with the long sweeping lines of its half fairing, the CBF’s fuel tank complements its new fuel injected engine significantly improved fuel consumption with a larger 20-litre capacity to greatly extend its touring range. Beneath the fuel tank, the angular shapes of the CBF’s side covers cleanly integrate into its bolted-on swing arm pivot plate castings to provide solid look of visual strength.

Three-Position Adjustable Seat

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231209

The CBF600 retains essentially the same three-position height-adjustable seat it debuted with, permitting a wide range of riders to custom-fit the CBF to their own body heights and riding needs. In its lowest position, this comfortable seat provides shorter and less experienced riders with an easier—and more confidence-inspiring— reach to the ground. For taller riders, the seat’s highest position offers relaxing relief from cramped riding conditions. New features include a smoother, more narrow and rounded front profile that enhances comfort, especially for shorter riders.

The seat’s mounting hardware is also completely new, and features new rubber dampers built-in to minimize the transmission of vibration to the rider. A new seat foam composition further contributes to reduced long-term riding fatigue for enhanced riding comfort. The front edge of the seat also features a new sewn-in flap that effectively seals the gap between the seat and the back of the fuel tank, especially visible when the seat is at its highest position.

Another welcome feature for riders with smaller hands is a new set of dogleg clutch and brake levers that offer easier, more comfortable operation and a more relaxed reach to the controls.

Colouring Concept

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231187

The new, four rich colour variations of the CBF600S exude a sense of calm, assured style that perfectly complements its relaxing ride. A shimmering pearlescent black leads off the quartet, exuding cosmopolitan style with its grace and simplicity. Next, a regal pearlescent red accentuates the CBF’s curves with its warm, glistening shades, while a pale, bluish metallic silver projects a delightfully modern look of speed and agility. Finally, the CBF’s faired version also features the luxurious sheen of a dark metallic grey that blends in beautifully with the rest of its black and silvery metallic colour scheme.

The CBF’s engine is painted a bright shade of metallic silver, which accentuates the moulded-in strength of its compact, high-tech form while attractively complementing the sculpted lines and rich colours of its bodywork. With distracting graphics intentionally kept to a minimum, the CBF600 displays its lush colours to optimum effect with only the most basic identifying markings, for a spare look of understated elegance that doesn’t have to shout to be seen and heard.


2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231193
  • Pearl Nightstar Black
  • Pearl Siena Red
  • Quasar Silver Metallic
  • Dolphin Grey Metallic



2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231207

A hallmark of CBF600 performance since its debut has been its strong and smooth acceleration, which comes on with reassuring authority at every turn of its throttle, whether riding solo or carrying a passenger and gear. The new 2008 CBF600 receives the latest in Honda mid-displacement engine design and performance with a modified version of the same strong and responsive fuel-injected inline-4 engine that powers the current CBR600RR and CB600F Hornet.

Lighter and More Compact 600cc Engine

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231208

Based on Honda’s latest mid-displacement engine design, the CBF600’s new power plant is one of the shortest and more compact in its class. Tuned for a stronger feel of low-to-midrange power, the CBF’s engine revs up comfortably and forcefully from deep down in its wide power band to deliver smooth, instantly responsive acceleration and dynamic, torque-filled drives out of the corners. Its increased low-end torque also helps minimize stalls for less experienced riders by pulling strongly from idle with just the release of the clutch. Even the exhaust system’s note has also been tuned for a stronger, more impressive sound and feeling of power.

Together with producing stronger performance and a more potent power-to-weight ratio, the engine’s smaller size and lighter weight also make an important contribution to the CBF’s optimized balance of mass for quicker, more responsive handling that eases control and extends riding enjoyment.

New PGM-FI Fuel Injection

The CBF600’s new engine is also equipped with Honda’s advanced PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system for more instantly responsive surges of power, more precise throttle control and smoother, more predictable changes in speed. Honda’s oxygen-sensing catalytic converter system is also integrated into the fuel injection system, which works with a new 300- cell catalyzer element built into the front of the stainless steel exhaust system’s large silencer to reduce harmful exhaust emissions to well within EURO-3 emissions standards while still maintaining exhilarating top performance.

Six-Speed Transmission

To accentuate the engine’s feeling of improved low-to midrange torque, the CBF600’s six-speed transmission has been fitted with shorter ratios in third, fourth and fifth gears compared to the base CBR600RR transmission, which deliver quicker and stronger acceleration and a much more impressive feeling of power on tap at the twist of the CBF’s throttle. Gear changes are also light and easy, with the shift pedal linkage relocated relative to its position on the CBR600RR, offering a smoother and more effortless shift feel.


2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231217


New Die-Cast Aluminum Mono-Backbone Frame

The new 2008 CBF600 is built on an entirely new gravity die-cast (GDC) aluminum Mono-Backbone frame like that first created for the 2007 CB600F Hornet. Formed of three large cast sections (front head pipe, backbone and swing arm pivot) welded together for lighter weight, this simple construction holds the engine as a stressed member in a classic diamond configuration. Besides being fully 8kg lighter than the welded steel tube frame it replaces, this new cast aluminum frame also provides significant increases in overall strength and rigidity for sharper yet smoother handling and quicker response to changes of direction.

The frame’s cast aluminum seat rail is also sturdily designed and constructed to accommodate the mounting of panniers and a top box. For enhanced riding comfort, new damper weights are installed in the step holders to effectively cancel out vibration. Also, the frame’s lower centre stand pivot was repositioned and the stand’s foot tank lengthened to provide increased leverage for reduced effort to put the CBF up on its stand.

Confidence-Inspiring Suspension Components

The CBF600’s suspension components were specially selected to maximize riding ease for less experienced riders while ensuring instantly responsive control for riders who enjoy putting their riding skills to the test. Up front, a smoothly compliant 41mm cartridge-type front fork provides confident control for less experienced riders coupled with top performance for those who can take full advantage of the CBF’s exhilarating potential. Its front fork tubes now also feature easily adjustable preload, with slotted adjusters located atop the ends of the tubes.

At the rear, the new CBF600’s excellent, high-performance Monoshock suspension system supports a 46mm longer box-section steel swing arm for smoother, more confident control through the corners, especially under fully loaded riding conditions. Its rugged dual-chamber HMAS damper ensures both a comfortable ride and precise handling, whether dicing through the twisties solo or cruising with a friend and a load of touring gear. The damper’s spring preload is adjustable in seven steps to meet any road and load requirements.

Wheels and Brakes

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231205

The CBF600 rolls on the same elegant, lightweight 17" double 6-spoke wheels and radial tires it has since its 2004 debut. This combination ensures smooth high-speed performance and confident control, especially for less experienced riders.

The standard version of the CBF600 provides excellent braking feel and responsive control with a lightweight pair of dual-piston front calipers that firmly grip large 296mm floating rotors between their sintered metal pads. New, six-point inner rotors contribute to reduced unsprung weight. At the rear, a 240mm rotor is efficiently stopped by a compact single-piston calipers attached to the swing arm in a conventional setup that provides sporty braking control to match the new CBF’s aggressive riding capability.

High-Performance Combined ABS Version

The new CBF600 is also available in an advanced Combined-ABS configuration that features the reassuring braking control of Honda’s long-proven Combined Brake System coupled with the smooth, confidence-inspiring operation of its popular Antilock Brake System. Visually, the only major difference between the standard and Combined-ABS versions of the CBF600 are its calipers. Replacing the standard version’s compact dual-piston calipers are a set of bright gold-coloured three-piston calipers gripping its floating rotors. The right-side of each wheel also mounts a small pulsar ring, which is constantly monitored by the Antilock Brake System.

The ABS portion of the CBF600’s highly effective Combined Antilock Brake system operates in precisely the same way as Honda’s other ABS-equipped models. When braking over uneven or slippery road surfaces, this high-accuracy system instantly reacts to the most minute variations in the relative speed of the two wheels, predicting and counteracting tyre slip before it happens. With precise control, the system maintains just enough brake pressure for smooth and steady deceleration that greatly enhances confidence in one’s ability to stop quickly and surely.

This version’s Combined Brake System links the rear brake pedal to the centre piston of its right-side three piston front brake caliper to provide a measured balance of front brake control whenever the rear brake is firmly used. An inline delay valve ensures that light operation of the rear brake, such as when trailing through a corner, has little or no effect on front brake operation.

Stronger pressure applied to the rear brake pedal results in just enough front brake engagement to provides a positive balance of front and rear braking forces for smoothly controlled operation. The remaining five pistons of the two three-piston front brake calipers are controlled by the hand brake lever and operate in a conventional manner, providing reassuringly strong braking control to match the CBF600’s sporty riding capability.

Confident riding also requires strongly assured braking performance, and the CBF600’s advanced Combined ABS version provides an exceptional level of smoothly responsive braking control to give both seasoned experts and less experienced riders more confident stopping power in situations where optimal braking capability is crucial.


2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231215


Honda Ignition Security System (HISS)

Like most of Honda’s larger displacement motorcycles, the new Hornet is also fully equipped with the highly capable Honda Ignition Security System (HISS), which features a fail-safe electronic interlock to prevent the engine from being started by anything other than the machine’s two original keys, thus providing effective protection against ride-away theft. Designed to totally disable the engine at the very heart of its ignition system, the HISS system cannot be bypassed by hot-wiring the ignition or exchanging the ignition switch module. This model also benefits from SRA approval in France and Thatcham approval in the UK.

Optional Equipment

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231219

Honda Access Corporation will be supplying the new CBF600 with a wide assortment of specially designed optional accessories to further extend its riding range and versatility while elegantly complementing its cosmopolitan style. These accessories include:

  • A sturdy black rear carrier with integrated pillion side hand grips and mounting points for adding on an optional top box.
  • A locking 45-litre top box in matching colours designed to carry two full-face helmets and more with security and ease. Features integrated pillion back rest and handy, quick-detach locking mounting system.
  • A set of two black polyurethane armrests, which attach to the sides of the 45-litre top box lid for enhanced pillion riding comfort.
  • A locking, easily detachable 35-litre top box in matching colours designed to carry one full-face or two open-face helmets and more. Mounts to an injection moulded top box carrier.
  • A set of specially designed, aerodynamic and fully integrated panniers in matching colours. Available in both 29-litre and 33-litre capacities.
  • A ruggedly constructed, deluxe finish expanding liner bag designed to fit inside the top box which greatly facilitates the packing and transport of its contents.
  • A set of two strong light grey nylon inner pannier bags designed to protect their contents while offering handy straps for carrying ease. 16-litre capacity with front pocket featuring embroidered Honda Wing logo included.
  • A convenient, easily attached and removed 13-litre magnetic mount tank bag for keeping oft-used items close at hand. Can hold A4-sized files.
  • A motion and vibration-sensitive anti-theft AVERTO security system that warns off potential tamperers and thieves with a piercing wail. Low-consumption sleep mode protects the battery from drainage.
  • A light grey-tinted clear polycarbonate fly screen for the naked version of the CBF600 designed to surround the headlight provides a sharp and refreshing complement to its sleek form while also providing a measure of wind deflection from the rider’s chest area at higher speeds.
  • An adhesive-backed tank protector pad designed to be attached anywhere extra protection from scuffing and scratches is desired.
  • Comfortable heated handlebar grips featuring adjustable temperature and integrated circuitry to protect the battery.
  • A sturdy U-lock designed to fit easily under the locking pillion seat.
  • A handy cargo net that securely holds packages and luggage on the rear carrier or pillion seat.
  • A rugged, full-coverage bike cover to protect against weather and keep the CBF600’s attractive lines out of sight of potential tamperers.
  • Decorative chrome rings for installation on the Naked version’s speedometer and tachometer dials (set of two).



2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231214



Model: CBF600S
Mold Type: ED-type


Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4
Displacement: 599.3cm³
Bore x Stroke: 67 x 42.5mm
Compression Ratio: 11.6 : 1
Max. Power Output: 57kW / 10,500min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque: 59Nm / 8,250min-1 (95/1/EC)
Idling Speed: 1,300min-1
Oil Capacity: 3.5 litres

Fuel System

Carburetion: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore: 32mm
Air cleaner: Dry, cartridge-type paper filter
Fuel Tank Capacity: 20 liters (including 4-litre warning light reserve)

Electrical System

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231197

Ignition System: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance
Ignition Timing: 4° BTDC (idle) 60° BTDC (12,000min-1)
Sparkplug Type: CR8EH-9 (NGK); U24FER-9 (DENSO)
Starter: Electric
Battery Capacity: 12V / 8.6AH
ACG Output: 333W
Headlights: 12V, 55W x 1 (low) / 55W x 1 (high)


Clutch: Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Clutch Operation: Mechanical; cable-actuated
Transmission: 6-speed
Primary Reduction: 2.111 (76/36)
Gear Ratios:

  • 1 2.750 (33/12)
  • 2 1.938 (31/16)
  • 3 1.556 (28/18)
  • 4 1.304 (30/23)
  • 5 1.150 (23/20)
  • 6 1.042 (25/24)

Final Reduction: 2.625 (42/15)
Final Drive: O-ring sealed chain


Type: Mono-backbone; gravity die-cast aluminium


2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231191

Dimensions(LxWxH): 2,160 x 765 x 1,240mm
Wheelbase: 1,490mm
Caster Angle: 26°
Trail: 110mm
Turning Radius: 2.8m
Seat Height: 785mm (± 15mm)
Ground Clearance: 130mm
Kerb Weight:

  • 217kg (F: 107kg; R: 110kg),
  • *222kg (F: 109kg; R: 113kg)

Max. Carrying Capacity: 195kg
Loaded Weight:

  • 417kg (F: 144kg; R: 273kg),
  • *417kg (F: 144kg; R: 273kg)




  • Front: 41mm telescopic fork, 120mm axle travel
  • Rear: Monoshock damper with 7-step adjustable preload, 125mm axle travel



2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231211


  • Front: U-section twin 6-spoke cast aluminum
  • Rear: U-section twin 6-spoke cast aluminum

Rim Size:

  • Front: 17M/C x MT3.50
  • Rear: 17M/C x MT5.00

Tire Size:

  • Front: 120/70 ZR17M/C (58W)
  • Rear: 160/60 ZR17M/C (69W)

Tire Pressure:

  • Front: 250kPa
  • Rear: 290kPa




  • Front: 296 x 4.5mm dual hydraulic disc with dual piston (*Combined three-piston) calipers, (*ABS) and sintered metal pads
  • Rear: 240 x 5mm hydraulic disc with (*Combined) single-piston caliper, (*ABS) and sintered metal pads

* Combined ABS version

2008 Honda CBF600S
- image 231190
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