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2008 model year has programmed a complete redesign of the CBR1000RR. Although no one has any leak concerning specs or new features, we believe that Honda will apply the same strategy used on the all new 2007 CBR600RR. The method involves important loses of weight, vastly improved midrange, bigger amount of horsepower, forgiving and yet sharp handling, and complete redesign of the fairing which implies better aerodynamics.

The element that played a very important negative role on the 2004 CBR1000RR was weight so in order to keep the weight down for the 2008 model, Honda will mount a dramatically more compact engine, lighter frame with less welds, and a lighter exhaust among  other things. If they will stick with this plan that was used for the CBR600RR 2007 model year, the success is almost guaranteed.

What concerns technical features the bike will surely go on being another inline four as all CBR models have always been but we all know that big things evolve with small steps so until the 2008 arrival this fall, we will have to stick with what we already got and that is: Honda Electronic Steering Damper that debuted with the 1000RR in 2004 and which is almost certain to return, Intake Air Control Valve, a system developed in Grand Prix racing and which reduces engine braking by introducing a small quantity of air into the cylinders a the throttle is closed.

Until we’ll have the opportunity to obtain the awesome numbers written as specs of the 2008 Honda CBR1000RR, I invite you to enjoy the pictures of the 2007 model year and create a better idea of what’s about to come.

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