• 2009 Honda CRF70F

    2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • 2004 Honda CRF70F
  • 2009 Suzuki DR-Z70

Practically a CRF50F on steroids, the Honda CRF70F is the most appropriate alternative for kids who have outgrown the smallest bike in the lineup, but still aren’t suppose to worry about a clutch and a gearbox, at least until they gain a little bit of experience.

  • 2009 Honda CRF70F
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Transmission:
    Three-speed with automatic clutch
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    3.6kW @ 8,000min
  • Torque @ RPM:
    5Nm @ 3,500min
  • Energy:
    13mm piston-valve carburator
  • Displacement:
    72cc L
  • Top Speed:
    30 mph
  • Price:



There’s the CRF70F ready to do just that with its 72cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine that is user-friendly and very responsive thanks to the three-speed transmission to which it is mated on. No worries about the clutch as this bike features an automatic unit that does the job for the kids and lets them concentrate on what they’re interested more, getting higher on the learning curve and having as much fun as they can possibly have.

With its low seat height (only 26.1 inches) it allows kids to accommodate well and feel confident about being able to have control upon it.

This bike is fitted with a keyed ignition from two reasons: first, it prevents it from being stolen and, secondly and most important, it will never be used without proper surveillance. You all know how risky can riding be at young ages.


2009 Honda CRF70F
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2004 Honda CRF70F

First introduced in 2004, the CRF70F was a durable and dependable motorcycle that completed Honda’s dirt bike lineup. It started with the 70cc air-cooled single-cylinder, four-stroke, SOHC; two-valves engine which was to evolve a year later to a displacement of 72cc.

In 2006 the two-tone seat was added.

Not much changed since its introduction until 2008 when the new 13mm piston-valve carburetor had the task of fueling the small engine. This is also the year when the graphics are upgraded as the bike refreshes its looks.


2009 Honda CRF70F
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2009 Suzuki DR-Z70

You can easily find an alternative for the small Honda, especially if you wish to retain the power, but lose the seat height. There’s the 2009 Suzuki DR-Z70 to solve your problem. Featuring a comparative 67cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke, SOHC; two-valves engine, a three-speed semi-automatic transmission with centrifugal clutch at a seat height of 22 inches, it addresses to shorter riders who just start out. The Suzuki comes with both electric and kick starter.


2009 Honda CRF70F
- image 260113
2009 Honda CRF70F

Honda proves knowing how to conquer a children’s passionate-about-motocross heart as it inspired the design of the bike on those championship-winning CRF-R motorcycles and, as an extra, it added graphics inspired on those very same models.

But the 2009 CRF70F also features goodies such as a motocross-style handlebar with crossbar, silver painted frame and footpegs, as well as a pair of steel-spoked wheels, to look just like those big CRF models. The seat couldn’t make an exception so it was also designed in the CRF style, managing to accommodate riders of different sizes and ages.

It looks sleek and compact, but it won’t fool a trained man’s eye as it has a triangulated swingarm and the engine is leaned forward, just like on the smallest bikes available out there.

The durable plastic body parts are Red painted, like on all Honda motocross and off-road bikes.


Creating a reliable and confidence-inspiring bike would have been in vain if the MSRP was too high. In this case it isn’t. Priced at $1,699, the CRF70F is indeed more expensive than the Suzuki DR-Z70 ($1,599), but keep in mind that the DR-Z could also easily compete with the CRF50F, and that’s cheaper.


What’s so great about the Honda CRF70F is that although you wouldn’t expect to see it on a motocross track, you’ll notice that it often finds its place there especially when on its seat there are kids who dream about becoming racers one day. Because it also stands as an initiator in the world of motocross, I believe it has a very complete character.

But still, user-friendliness is a thing of great appreciation in this case and great ergonomics too. What a great motorcycle on which to start your riding days!



Engine and Transmission

2009 Honda CRF70F
- image 260107
2009 Honda CRF70F

Displacement: 72cc

Engine Type: air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke: 47.0mm x 41.4mm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Valve Train: SOHC; two-valve
Induction: 13mm piston-valve carburator
Ignition: CD

Transmission: Three-speed with automatic clutch
Final Drive: #420 chain; 15T/36T

Chassis and Dimensions

2009 Honda CRF70F
- image 260113
2009 Honda CRF70F

Front Suspension: 27.0mm telescopic fork; 3.2-inch travel
Rear Suspension: Single-shock; 3.5-inch travel
Front Brake: Drum
Rear Brake: Drum
Front Tire: 2.50-14
Rear Tire: 3.00-12
Rake: 27.03 degrees
Trail: 61.5mm (2.4 inches)
Wheelbase: 42.0 inches
Seat Height: 26.1 inches
Ground Clearance: 7.0 inches
Curb Weight: 139 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 1.3 gallons, including 0.3-gallon reserve

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