• 2009 Honda DN-01

    2009 Honda DN-01
  • 2009 Honda DN-01
  • 2009 Honda DN-01 Continuously Variable Transmission
  • 2009 Honda DN-01 Continuously Variable Transmission
  • 2005 Honda DN-01 Concept

Honda is keen on finding radical new approaches towards motorcycling and the 2009 DN-01 model is probably the best example of them all. Some people love it and others can certainly live without it, but despite the anticipation of critics, the DN-01 carries on being produced in 2009. Even more, it goes for the North American market and creates an entirely new category in the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup, something that tells us that there’s plenty where this came from as long as the market is positive and responsive about the first crossover motorcycle ever made.

  • 2009 Honda DN-01
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    liquid-cooled 52 degree V-Twin
  • Transmission:
    HFT continuously variable, hydromechanical two-mode automatic with six-speed manual mode
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    61 hp @ 7500 rpm
  • Torque @ RPM:
    64 Nm @ 6000 rpm
  • Energy:
    PGM-FI with automatic enrichment circuit, 40mm throttle bodies and 12-hole injectors
  • Displacement:
    680 L
  • Top Speed:
    120 mph
  • Price:



This revolutionary motorcycle is the result of Honda continuously looking to expand their offering and because they’ve pretty much reached a dead end a few years ago, the idea of combining different styles soon came. Practically a stepped up scooter with a low seating position and aggressive design, the DN-01 stands as a combination between sport and cruiser bikes.

At its base sits the Deuxville 700-derived, 680cc, liquid-cooled, 52-degree V-Twin engine that is fuel-injected in order to maintain more than a fair share of potency both for commuting and more aggressive riding (even though the engine develops around 60 horsepower and the curb weight is 595 pounds), but the best of this bike and the reason why riders seriously take it in consideration, is the Human-Friendly Transmission featuring two automatic modes (Economy, Sport) and a six-speed Manual one with a push-button for a shifter and no clutch. The classic belt is now replaced by a system of hydraulic pumps and motors that deliver torque and power smoothly through the variable gear ratios of the innovative tranny.

Testimony of the fact that different riding categories are being blended in the form of the DN-01 gather under a series of key features such as the use of a sporty, light versatile chassis with all goodies included – the low seat height (27.2-inches), sport 17-inch wheels, 41mm telescopic fork and Pro Arm single-sided swingarm as well as both front and rear ABS brakes – and the presence of cruiser-characteristic floorboards indicating a laid back riding position.


2009 Honda DN-01
- image 275898
2005 Honda DN-01 Concept

Honda would have first presented the DN-01 as a concept at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The ease of operating of the then all-new automatic sports cruiser concept destined both to experienced and inexperienced riders was the key point while the strange design gave the motorcycling press a hard time positioning the bike in a specific category and that is why it was, until now, considered a scooter.

Two years later, at the same motorcycle show, the Honda DN-01 was presented as ready to hit the streets and so it did starting March 7 2008.

The next logical step for Honda was to go for the U.S. market with their innovative and futuristic model and 2009 is the year for that to happen.


Because of Honda DN-01’s automatic transmission, people tend to compare it with the Aprilia 850 Mana Auto, but what’s there to compare apart from that? Indeed, Aprilia offers a CVT transmission with three auto settings (Touring, Sport and Rain) and a pseudo sequential seven speed manual set up, but that happens on a European naked motorcycle which can never be confused with a scooter, neither considered a crossover.

We give Aprilia all the credit for being the first manufacturer to come up with an “Auto” motorcycle, but Honda certainly didn’t aimed there.


2009 Honda DN-01
- image 275867
2009 Honda DN-01

Designing the DN-01, the Japanese manufacturer made an incursion into the future and brought a piece of it in the present days. They imagined a long (the wheelbase only is 63.2-inches), low and sleek piece of two-wheeled machinery that would accommodate the rider in complete comfort and simply built it around the V-twin engine and automatic transmission.

Clearly, the center of gravity was supposed to be low and that part turned out very good, but an aggressive design wasn’t out of the question either and that is how that great white shark nose ended up being a major distinctive feature of the DN-01 motorcycle. The aggressive look is enhanced by the integrated headlights, the almost too low positioned windshield and the wide fairing. The mirrors are fitted on the fairing, just like they were positioned on the front fenders of cars a few decades ago so it has a retro touch too.

Furthermore, the fairly small gas tank (4.0 gallons) is low positioned into the frame allowing the pulled-back handlebar bend to make the ride more comfortable for the biker which, from the 27.2-inches seat height and those nice, spacious floorboards, has no reproaches to bring in the comfort heading. Also, like on a veritable cruiser, the V-Twin engine is there for everybody to see and the passenger seat is flat and spacious, completing the overall tamped feel that is inculcated from the very first glance.

 The straight-out exhaust positioned on the right rider side blends perfectly in with the lower fairing from around the engine in a note of harmony and compactness.

Colors available for 2009 are Candy Dark Red and Black.

Test Ride

2008 Honda DN-01
- image 213276
2008 Honda DN-01

Despite looking like nothing we’ve seen before, the Honda DN-01 isn’t as out of the ordinary as you’d reckon after checking out a few pictures with it. Except the lack of a clutch, the engine gets started like on every other bike, the very few special buttons on the handlebars being the “D” which gets you down to business and the “up” and “down” button on the left side of the handlebar for when you feel like shifting through the six gears of the manual mode.

The transmission is very smooth and values properly the engine’s 60 horsepower, making the new Honda adequate for beginners, but also feeling a little disappointing for the more experienced riders willing to get sport bike excitement out of the 680cc V-Twin engine. Quite frankly, the engine and tranny provide less than you’d expect from such a package, but at 55 mpg, you really have to take savings in consideration.

With a low center of gravity and a versatile chassis, the DN-01 is perfect for making your way through crowded cities. But what am I saying? The fact that you don’t have to hold a clutch is simply manna while the low seating position makes for a relaxing get away from stop signs and traffic jams. Aggressively approached curves will easily have the floorboards scrap the pavement, but the bike feels steady and secure during cornering and a slight release of the clutch will surely keep you on your trace.

Do you know how irritating a very strong exhaust note can be on the long haul? Well, in this case the irritating part is the fact that you don’t benefit of almost any exhaust note at all. In fact, you can easily hear the engine over the exhaust so going for an aftermarket silencer is the recommended solution if willing to hear those horses when accelerating out of corners.

But, if it doesn’t go like it shows, at least it’s comfortable. That’s what I said to myself after putting a good 200 miles on it and that’s also the opinion I’m sharing with you. At first you’ll have to get accustomed with looking a faired thing and practically riding a cruiser, but apparently this is the future and I like it.

Safety is also a crucial for Honda so even though this is not a performance motorcycle it comes fitted with combined ABS triple-disc brake. Due to the bike’s geometry, reliable suspension and great stability, the brakes would have been efficient no matter the type of wheels that Honda would have gone for, but these 17-inch ones dressed in road rubber are surely contributing to that safety feel every time you hit the brakes hard.

What would really set the DN-01 on a pedestal is a 100+ horsepower engine so let’s just hope that Honda is test riding us with this model and we’ll be soon witnessing a whole new entry in the crossover category.


But, as for 2009, we should be glad that the existing model is available to the North American market. And I guess that the $14,599 manufacturer’s suggested retail price isn’t quite pocket-ripping. 


Some may love it, others may hate it, but what is worthy of appreciation in the case of the 2009 Honda DN-01 is the fact that it gets plenty of reactions and doesn’t pass unnoticed like a standard bike for example. Going through Honda’s lineup, you surely stop and smell the roses just before wanting to take one for a ride…and then home.



Engine and Transmission

2009 Honda DN-01
- image 275869
2009 Honda DN-01 Continuously Variable Transmission

Displacement: 680cc
Engine Type: liquid-cooled 52 degree V-Twin
Bore and Stroke: 81 x 66mm
Compression ratio: 10.0:1
Valve Train: SOHC; four valves per cylinder
Induction: PGM-FI with automatic enrichment circuit, 40mm throttle bodies and 12-hole injectors
Ignition: Digital transistorized with electronic advance
Transmission: HFT continuously variable, hydromechanical two-mode automatic with six-speed manual mode.
Final Drive: Shaft

Chassis and Dimensions


Suspension: Front: 41mm telescopic fork with 4.2 inches travel
Rear: Pro Arm single-side swingarm with single shock, seven-position spring preload adjustability; 4.7 inches travel
Brakes: Front: Combined ABS with dual full-floating 296mm discs and three-piston calipers
Rear: Combined ABS with single 276mm disc and three-piston caliper
Tires: Front: 130/70 ZR17 radial
Rear: 190/50 ZR17 radial
Wheelbase: 63.2 inches
Rake (Caster angle): 28.5o
Trail: 114mm (4.5 inches)
Seat Height: 27.2 inches
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gallons, including 0.8-gallon reserve
Curb Weight: 595 pounds

Features & Benefits


  • Colors include Candy Dark Red and Black.
  • Unique Features


  • Powerful 4-valve, 680cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine.

  • HFT transmission is a continuously variable, hydromechanical design that automatically and seamlessly changes drive ratios to produce strong, smooth acceleration. Unlike conventional belt-drive designs, HFT is compact, quiet, no scheduled maintenance, and features two automatic modes and a six-speed manual mode with push-button shifting.

  • Low 27.2-inch seat height assures flat-footed confidence when stopped.

  • Large-diameter 41mm front fork and single-shock Pro Arm® Rear Suspension (see Technology Section) provide a sporting ride on low-profile Z-rated radial tires.

  • Combined ABS (LBS-ABS, see Technology Section) triple-disc brake system for sure-footed braking in varying conditions.

  •  o Combined Braking System (CBS) provides excellent braking power for added confidence in a wide range of operating conditions. CBS applies front braking force whenever the rear brake is operated. On the DN-01, equipped with dual front disc brakes with three-piston calipers and a twin-piston rear caliper, rider application of the front-brake lever activates all six brake pistons in the front calipers. Application of the rear-brake pedal activates the dual pistons of the rear caliper and the center piston of the front-left caliper.

  •  o Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS w/CBS) utilizes modulators- one each on the front and rear wheels- driven directly by specially developed electric motors. In operation, an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) monitors wheel and vehicle speed. If one of both of the wheels approach a locking condition, the modulators, via a signal from the ECU, lower hydraulic pressure by acting directly on the brake piston(s). As wheel speed re-approaches motorcycle speed, the hydraulic pressure is increased. This entire process is repeated numerous times in just one second, resulting in optimal braking pressure and enhanced rider control.

  • Beautiful aerodynamic design provides protection from the elements.
  • Engine/Drivetrain


  • Compact 680cc, liquid-cooled SOHC 52-degree V-Twin provides substantial torque and power for everyday commuting and spirited backroad riding.

  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI, see Technology Section) with twin 40mm throttle bodies and high-performance 12-hole injectors provide excellent throttle response and fuel economy while contributing to low emissions.

  • Auto enrichment system is integrated into PGM-FI to optimize the air/fuel mixture on cold starts and eliminates the need for a choke.

  • ECU-controlled, closed-loop emission control system with oxygen sensor manage the air/fuel mixture and reduce exhaust emissions.

  • Front-mounted radiator receives ducted air from fairing shroud to maximize cooling.

  • 2-into-1 stainless steel exhaust system with chrome-plated triangular shaped tailpipe is designed to centralize mass for improved handling.

  • HFT offers two fully automatic, infinitely variable transmission modes - ’D’ (Drive) mode for ordinary riding, and ’S’ (Sport) mode for sharper acceleration. In addition, a push-button-selectable, six-speed manual mode allows the rider to upshift/downshift with the simple operation of left thumb-activated buttons.

  • The ECU-controlled HFT automatically ’downshifts’ when climbing steep grades to maintain optimum power.

  • HFT provides ’lock-up’ in cruising mode for maximum fuel economy.

  • HFT features button-activated mechanical neutral, permitting engine revving when stopped. Mechanical neutral is automatically engaged whenever the engine is turned off, allowing easy maneuverability.
  • Chassis/Suspension


  • Sturdy double-cradle steel tube frame provides exceptional strength and bolt-on seat rail simplifies servicing.

  • Stout 41mm front fork with 4.2 inches of supple travel and progressive damping.

  • Relaxed 28.5-degree rake and 4.5 inches of trail contribute to comfortable, stretched-out riding position and provide excellent straight-line handling.

  • Single shock, Pro Arm Rear Suspension (see Technology Section).

  • Combined ABS (LBS-ABS, see Technology Section) with two lightweight 296mm floating front rotors and a single 276mm rear rotor.

  • Handsome, lightweight 17-inch 5-spoke cast aluminum wheels with Z-rated 130/70 ZR17 (front) and 190/50 ZR17 (rear) radial tires offer sport-touring traction and comfort in wet and dry riding conditions.
  • Additional Features


  • The DN-01’s sleek, aerodynamic bodywork is functional and beautiful.

  • Low, polycarbonate windshield allows some air into the cockpit at lower speeds.

  • Low 27.2-inch seat height with wide passenger seat provides all-day riding comfort and allows rider to put both feet down at stops or when parking motorcycle.

  • Well-placed mirrors provide an excellent rear view.

  • Spacious rider footboards enhance riding comfort without compromising cornering performance.

  • Handy one-touch, cable-actuated parking brake.

  • White LED-backlit, LCD instrument panel provides multi-segment tachometer and large digital speedometer displays with dual-trip calculator, clock, six-segment fuel gauge, plus large turn signal and ’neutral’ indicators.

  • Mass-centralized 4.0-gallon dual-compartment fuel tank with .8-gallon reserve.

  • Dual-element headlights provide right-side low beam operation- just like Honda CBRs- while both beams illuminate in high-beam mode. A brilliant multi-segment LED taillight is integrated into the rear cowl.

  • Widely spaced turn indicators are mounted on rearview mirrors for style and function.

  • Detachable seat provides storage for a U-lock. (Lock not included.)

  • Transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

  • Purchase of a new, previously unregistered Honda USA- certified unit by an individual retail user in the United States qualifies the owner for a one-year complimentary membership in the Honda Riders Club of America® (HRCA®).
  • Honda Genuine Accessories


  • A custom-styled backrest for extra passenger comfort.

  • Rugged, full-coverage body cover.
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