One could easily mistake the Honda Integra with a big scooter, but the bike is much more than that. Though, It is true that the Integra has a pretty mixed personality and even Honda calls it a "Scooting Motorcycle".

The bike was built with comfort in mind. Thereby it features an ergonomic riding position with a comfortable seat and handlebar.

Power comes from a strong 51-horsepower water-cooled 700cc inline-two engine with a 73 mm x 80 mm bore-stroke ratio for its cylinders. The engine delivers an average fuel consumption of 27/l and is paired with a dual clutch transmission, which, for the 2012 model, is lighter and more compact than the previous version. Another significantly improvement is the simplified hydraulic circuit.

You also get a new learning function that has been added to each running mode to perceive a variety of riding environments so you can also stick to a 6-speed manual if you want.

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  • 2012 Honda Integra
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    Twin, four-stroke
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
  • Displacement:
    670 cc
  • Price:
    € 7500

Honda Integra

2012 Honda Integra High Resolution Exterior
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Development driven by what the customer wants - the INTEGRA
The development team decided to meet the needs of customers who "want to experience a relaxed ride that combines the comfort of a scooter with the thrill of a motorcycle" or to put it another way, who "want to be able to sometimes also enjoy FUN riding and touring, even with a commuter model." Users were envisioned as being in their 30s, active, young at heart, and seeking a status value that was not going to be achieved with conventional models.

The development concept of a "Scooting Motorcycle," with the keywords FUN, EASY, COMFORT, was decided on, with the goal of delivering an affordable, comfortable yet exhilarating ride with low running costs. This machine was then developed aiming for the following requirements:

  • Powerful but easy-to-control output characteristics, superlative environmental performance and best-in-class fuel economy
  • Handling that delivers excellent riding stability.
  • Enhanced comfort and a distinctive, cutting-edge design that any customer would be proud to own

In order to answer customer needs and to meet the demands of the day while looking ahead to the next generation, the development team had the idea of proposing to our customers a new kind of motorcycle life where the fun of riding a motorcycle is enhanced by maximizing the special character of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission, which delivers both FUN riding in manual mode and easy riding in automatic mode, and fusing this at a fundamental level with the practical comforts and generous luggage space of a scooter.

The ultimate goal of product development was to "maximize customer joy." To achieve this, the team took both a macro view of the world as a whole and a micro view of each country’s local characteristics through the eyes of Honda’s customers, and always with the environment at the front of its mind.

The passion of the development team is reflected in the INTEGRA’s excellent handling, through which the rider can experience the thrill of maneuvering that is unique to a motorcycle; its breathtaking and powerful ride that has a direct feel even in automatic mode; the useful addition of practical touches such as generous storage space and greater comfort for passengers; its styling backed by a functional beauty that anyone would adore.

Preserving its scooter-like configuration and not reducing fuel tank capacity, the vehicle further accentuates the engine’s primary advantage—its overwhelming fuel efficiency—by achieving a cruising distance of over 390 km (WMTC mode, includes the distance from reserve fuel). This cruising distance exceeds the figures of existing large-displacement scooters by over 25%.

Styling Design

2012 Honda Integra High Resolution Exterior
- image 463986

The styling design of the INTEGRA, a fusion of the mobility of a motorcycle and the comfort of a scooter, is an expression of the Honda originality that is so appreciated around the world. It gives the machine an identity Honda customers everywhere will instantly recognize as belonging to a Honda new concept model.

Users were envisioned as being in their 30s, active, young at heart and seeking a status value that was not going to be achieved with a conventional bike. To deliver a "Scooting Motorcycle" that would fit this target user’s lifestyle, Honda focused on the three keyword combinations below to achieve an iconic styling backed by a functional beauty that would be universally admired.

Energetic - Elegance: A dual-natured exterior design, on the one hand energetic and dynamic, on the other elegant

  • A compact, throbbing body infused with harmonious details
  • Fresh proportions that give rise to anticipation of a fun ride and a group of parts such as the frame cover that is reminiscent of fun models

Clean and Comfortable: Functional parts designed for cleanliness and comfort

  • A comfortable, large windscreen
  • A cleverly designed engine cover to protect riders’ feet from the heat escaping the engine
  • Functional parts designed with passenger comfort in mind, such as the pillion step and rear grips

Man - Machine Interface: Functionally superlative design that enables instant perception and intuitive operation

  • Meter design and layout for rider to easily check information without significant line-of-sight alteration when riding
  • Easy-operation ergonomic switches on the handlebars

As a result of the above, the final design brims with originality, delivers excellent air management performance and, thanks to the bike’s riding position with its high degree of freedom, also combines a comfortable ride with excellent maneuverability.


2012 Honda Integra Exterior
- image 463987

To allow users to experience, whether riding around town, on the highway or down winding country roads, the invigorating feeling of cutting through the air that only a motorcycle can provide the design takes full advantage of the slim and compact 2-cylinder engine to minimize the projected frontal area but still provide a comfortable riding space and a riding position with a high degree of freedom. The end result is a bike that is very adaptable and user-friendly.

The seat is designed to allow enjoyment of all sorts of situations, from touring to FUN riding as well as tandem riding. There is little height difference between the saddle and the pillion and ample room for two people. The seat splits in two (front and back) and the installed damper enables smoother opening and closing, making refueling and storage easy.

Standard equipment includes separate left and right rear grips, which are easy to grab a hold of to give the passenger a sense of secure comfort.

Furthermore, the aluminium rear step is retractable and easy to use. It is designed to flow from the line of the frame cover.

Upper Cowl, Front Face

2012 Honda Integra Exterior
- image 463985

The INTEGRA’s multi-reflector headlight unit is combined with wide, easy-to-spot indicators to form a "V" shape, on top of which sits a new-shape screen that provides excellent wind protection. The overall effect is a front face reminiscent of Honda’s FUN models that befits this next-generation Honda motorcycle.

The air intake and outlet on the front cowl provides excellent cooling performance and effective wind protection, contributing to both functionality and comfort.

Under Cowl

2012 Honda Integra Exterior
- image 463988

Since the structure of the under cowl blocks heat from the engine and guides the wind directly to the engine and the catalyzer, it offers high cooling performance and a highly efficient air management function while increasing comfort around the feet. Its simple yet beautiful design that integrates engine and muffler to achieve a low Cd value provides smooth-flowing aerodynamics and imparts a functional beauty to the lower part of the machine’s body.

There are also covers with a mechanical design mounted on the left and right floor-sides of the engine. The cover design calls to mind Honda’s cutting-edge Dual Clutch Transmission technology.

Meter Design

2012 Honda Integra Exterior
- image 463990

The meter design employs a layout with good visibility, as prescribed by the man-machine interface keyword combination.

The instrument display, including the speedometer and tachometer, is full LCD. The display is compact, but the use of a floating-effect layout means it appears detached from the bike body and its functional yet near-futuristic form can be seen without any significant shift in the line of a rider’s sight.

In this way, the meter accurately provides the rider with information in a manner befitting a new concept cockpit. The sports bike-like effect of the meter design arouses the sporting spirit.


2012 Honda Integra High Resolution Exterior
- image 463993
Displacement 670.00 ccm (40.88 cubic inches)
Engine type Twin, four-stroke
Torque 62.00 Nm (6.3 kgf-m or 45.7 ft.lbs) @ 4750 RPM
Bore x stroke 73.0 x 73.0 mm (2.9 x 2.9 inches)
Fuel system Injection
Fuel control SOHC
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
Cooling system Liquid
Transmission type, Final drive Chain
Clutch Wet, multiplate hydraulic 2-clutch
Front suspension 41mm telescopic fork, 120mm travel
Rear suspension Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 120mm travel
Front tyre dimensions 120/70-ZR17
Rear tyre dimensions 160/60-ZR17
Front brakes Single disc. C-ABS as standard
Front brakes diameter 320 mm (12.6 inches)
Rear brakes Single disc. C-ABS as standard
Rear brakes diameter 240 mm (9.4 inches)
Wheels Multi-spoke cast aluminium 17M/C x MT3.5
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc 238.0 kg (524.7 pounds)
Seat height 790 mm (31.1 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
Ground clearance 135 mm (5.3 inches)
Wheelbase 1,525 mm (60.0 inches)
Fuel capacity 14.10 litres (3.73 gallons)
Starter Electric
Color options Black, white, dark red


2012 Honda Integra Exterior
- image 463989

Motorcycle-usa ---- "Honda has released information on a new model that spans the gap between maxi scooters and motorcycles, dubbed the Integra."

Bikez ---- "The Integra takes its name from the fact it integrates the ease of use of a scooter with the dynamic performance of a motorcycle."

Autoblog ---- "Instead, Honda Motorcycles has pulled the sheets off of a new two-wheeled Integra model at this year’s EICMA show"

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