The Honda CRF 110F is a compact off roader that offers a perfect mix between comfort and sportiness. The 2013 CRF110F replaces the old CRF70F and takes its place among Honda’s entry-level off-road bikes.

In terms of ergonomy, the motorcycle comes with a low seat height and a perfectly angled handle bar that offers a pretty relaxed riding position. The motorcycle’s center piece is a new 110 cc single cylinder four stroke engine that delivers a maximum output of 5.35 KW at 7500 rpm and 8.85 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm. The engine is paired with a capable four-speed transmission with automatic clutch.

The fresh 110cc powerplant is brought to life by an electric starter and features a new throttle-limiter which offers additional tuning options to suit a variety of riders.

The stopping power is assured by front and rear 95mm drum brakes.

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  • 2013 Honda CRF 110F
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Transmission:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    4 @ 7500
  • Torque @ RPM:
    8 @ 3500
  • Displacement:
    110 cc

Press release

The youth market for off-road motorcycles is growing, and looks set to do so for the foreseeable future. These days riding off-road, in trail parks, motocross tracks or even back yards, can be very much a family activity that involves everyone.

It’s also a great, and enjoyable, introduction to motorcycling and readily builds skills and machine control, so useful later on whether out on the road or in competition. For Honda, acquiring young riders early in their careers is a great introduction to the brand, its core values and most importantly, its motorcycles.

The new CRF110F takes over the place of honor long held by the popular CRF70F among Honda’s family of fun, entry-level off-road bikes. The CRF110F features a low seat height, modest size, and a four-speed transmission with an automatic clutch on par with the CRF70F that it replaces. The new 110cc powerplant is tuned to meet the needs of those new to riding, and with a new throttle-limiter feature it offers additional tuning options to suit a variety of riders. Also, the CRF110F gets a new, convenient electric starter. Toss in race-inspired styling evocative of the hot new CFR450R, and you have a great new option that expands the family of entry-level dirt bikes from Honda.

About the same size as our CRF70F, the new CRF110F offers a bigger 110cc air-cooled engine that’s just as reliable and built to deliver the kind of power your young Red Rider needs.

In addition, the new CRF110F features both an effortless electric starter and a kick starter as well. And it all teams up with our four-speed transmission with automatic clutch that’s been proven in thousands of bikes, so your riders never have to worry about stalling or a handlebar-mounted clutch.

The CRF110F is a great off-road fun bike that your kids are going to love. And, better than that, they’re going to remember all the fun they had riding it—and with you—for the rest of their lives.

Important Safety Information

Parents need to consider their youngster’s age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. See owner’s manual for additional safety and supervisory information. Designed exclusively for off-road operator-only use. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing whenever you ride. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Always obtain written permission before riding on private land. Whenever you ride off-road, follow the “Tread Lightly” guidelines, and always keep on established trails in approved riding areas. Use common sense, keep your riding area clean, respect the rights of others when you ride. Operating your motorcycle with a modified engine, emission control system, or noise control system may be illegal.

Plenty of Power
The CRF110F’s new 110cc engine offers a generous, wide powerband without revving too high—perfect for young riders to learn on. Plus, the CRF110F offers a throttle limiter to allow parents to choose the appropriate amount of available power.

No Clutch Lever, No Worries

With our proven four-speed transmission with automatic clutch, riders can concentrate on shifting gears without the worry of a manual clutch or stalling.

Get Them Off To A Great Start

The CRF110F includes an effortless electric starter. We’ve even included a backup kick starter, so getting underway is a cinch, even if the battery charge gets low.


Honda’s CRF110F is a brand new motorcycle, and replaces the popular CRF70F. It is aimed squarely at the 8-11 year old age range, and happily accommodates heights between 120-145cm and weights between 30-50kg. Primarily designed for leisure riding, it also provides a valuable stepping-stone up to more competition-focused motocross and enduro machines in the Honda range.

The CRF110F’s engine offers more power and torque, and also features an electric starter; a brand new steel frame with improved suspension also adds to the ’big-bike’ feel and performance. With styling inspired by the 2013 CRF450R, the family resemblance is more than passing, further reinforcing the CRF110F’s appeal.


With a bore and stroke of 50mm x 55.6 (as opposed to the CRF70F’s 47mm x 41.4mm) the CRF110F’s air-cooled two-valve SOHC engine now displaces 109cc, rather than 72cc. Power and torque figures rise from 3.6kW/5Nm to 5.35kW/8.85Nm; power is up 49%, torque 77%. The result is greatly improved performance everywhere in the rev-range, and much stronger and more consistent drive out of corners.

The automatic twin clutch system features two types of independent clutch - one for starting, the other for shifting - that makes changing gears easier and smoother than a conventional system. The transmission now also has four gears, instead of three. The engine start switch is on the right hand side of the handlebar, the engine stop switch is on the left.

A 1.2L airbox (the CRF70F used a 0.25L airbox) provides the much greater airflow that the larger capacity engine requires. The exhaust muffler cover is all new; partly for aesthetic reasons but also for improved protection. For more reliable performance digital ignition now gives the engine optimum ignition timing.


To make best use of the CRF110F’s extra power and torque a new chassis was required. The new steel backbone frame and swingarm blends a high balance of rigidity with a certain amount of tuned flex, allowing the rider to fully exploit the engine’s capabilities. The frame also incorporates safety covers at heat points, and carrying handles for easy transport.

The suspension has been completely uprated, for better traction and stability. The telescopic front fork diameter is 31mm, 4mm larger than the CRF70F and has 100mm of travel, while the rear shock absorber features a 28mm piston damper, up 7mm, with 90mm travel. Drum brakes front and rear provide ample, and measured braking force. The front wheel size is 14in with a 2.5 x 14 tyre; the rear 12in with 3 x 12 tyre.

A completely new body kit, with echoes of the CRF450R’s ’triangle proportion’ gives the CRF110F a crisp and modern appearance. The newly designed chain cover looks great and with the addition of a handlebar pad aids safety. Wide-set footpegs increase control, and the redesigned kick-starter is easier to use. Seat height is 660mm, 5mm taller than the CRF70F - but the lowest in class - and the wheelbase is 7mm longer at 1070mm. Fuel capacity is 4.9L, and wet weight of the CRF110F is 72.2kg.


  • New air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke 110cc engine tuned for the beginning rider.
  • Four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch.
  • Adjustable Throttle Limiter Screw to match rider abilities.
  • Convenient electric starter with kickstart backup.
  • Low seat height of only 26.3 inches.
  • Handlebar pad.
  • Race-inspired styling evocative of the hot new CRF450R.


Engine Type 110cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 50mm x 55.6mm
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Valve Train SOHC; two-valve
Induction 13mm piston-valve carburetor
Ignition CD
Transmission Four-speed with automatic clutch
Final Drive #420 chain; 14T/38T
Suspension Front Telescopic fork; 3.9 inches travel
Suspension Rear Single shock; 3.43 inches travel
Brakes Front Drum
Brakes Rear Drum
Tires Front 70/100-14
Tires Rear 80/100-12
Wheelbase 41.9 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 24°25’
Trail 52mm (2.0 inches)
Seat Height 26.3 inches
Ground Clearance 6.9 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.1 gallons, including 0.3-gallon reserve
Color Red
Curb Weight 163 pounds
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