The Honda CRF150R is the smallest MX model in the company’s lineup, but despite this fact it has the same unstable character as its bigger brothers.

The Motorcycle is powered by a strong Unicam 149cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is paired with a close-ratio five-speed transmission.

Thanks to its lively engine, the motorcycle is able to deal effortless with rugged terrains. Though, when it comes to off road, a strong engine is not enough. Thereby the CRF 150S has also received a set of flexible suspensions which are perfectly capable to keeps the wheels in check. Therefore the front wheel is mounted on a 37mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork while the rear one features a pro-Link fully adjustable Showa single shock.

You also get a pair of capable front and rear disc brakes which provide powerful and precise braking.

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  • 2013 Honda CRF150R
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  • Make:
  • Transmission:
  • Displacement:
    149 cc
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The CRF150R may be Honda’s smallest MX machine, but it has everything it needs to be a big winner.

Consider the Honda CRF150R’s high-performance Unicam engine with lightweight counterbalancer shaft and drive gears. Or its fully adjustable Showa suspension to smooth out bumps while maintaining a high level of wheel control. And a Pro-Link rear suspension just like the big boys. In short, even though it’s designed for smaller racers, it’s big on the features you expect from a Honda.

Thanks to the Unicam cylinder head, this four-stroke engine is more powerful yet more compact. And that helps improve handling, power and efficiency.

Winning Is Everything.

With its powerful and responsive Unicam four-stroke engine, race-ready suspension and track-designed chassis components, the CRF150B has revolutionised the small-displacement class and become a familiar face on winner’s podiums around the world. The CRF150RB is the ideal tool for inspiring fun-filled exhilaration, confidence and a lifelong taste for winning!

Younger racers may be smaller in stature, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a giant-sized heart for racing-and winning. So for these younger racers, Honda designed the CRF150R/RB as an integral part of the CRF racing lineup. This is the full-on racing machine, with a high-output 149cc liquid-cooled four-valve four-stroke engine with exceptional torque and drivability throughout the powerband. The championship-caliber chassis includes race-tuned suspension components with plenty of travel front and rear, all set to take on the toughest tracks around. Over the years and all around the country, the CRF150R/RB has won tons of championships at the highest levels of amateur racing. And that makes it the proven choice for younger competitors who are ready to take their racing up to the next level.


  • Unicam Engine - The CRF150R uses a Unicam engine based on our championship-winning CRF450R and CRF250R. Designed to give you excellent rideability and more power and torque across the rev band, the engine runs consistently at different tracks and varying elevations and temperatures—it’s an all-around winner.
  • Track-Designed Chassis - Lightweight, high-tensile steel frame with large-diameter frame tubing and cross-member delivers excellent turning performance and straight-line tracking.
  • Accelerator Pump - The CRF150R uses a carburetor featuring a “direct push“ accelerator pump. Based on the design we used on our carbureted versions of the CRF450R and CRF250R, it gives you better, more immediate throttle response.
  • Pro-Link Rear Suspension - The CRF150R’s Pro-Link® rear-suspension system features a fully adjustable Showa shock for superb bump absorption and wheel control.
  • Disc Brakes - Front and rear disc brakes provide powerful, precise braking.
  • Showa Suspension - Adjustable 37mm leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork features specially tuned valving for small bumps and a friction-reducing design to improve compression and rebound control.
  • Lightweight Wheels - Strong, lightweight wheels are durable and minimize unsprung weight.


Engine Type 149cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 66mm x 43.7mm
Compression ratio 11.7:1
Valve Train Unicam, four-valve; 26mm intake, steel; 22.5mm exhaust, steel
Induction Keihin 32mm flat-slide carburetor with Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Ignition CD with electronic advance
Transmission Close-ratio five-speed
Final Drive #420 chain; 15T/56T (CRF150RB)
Suspension Front 37mm fully adjustable leading-axle inverted Showa cartridge fork; 10.8 inches travel
Suspension Rear Pro-Link fully adjustable Showa single shock; 11.1 inches travel (CRF150RB) / 10.7 inches travel (CRF150R)
Brakes Front Single 220mm disc
Brakes Rear Single 190mm disc
Tires Front 70/100-19 (CRF150RB) / 70/100-17 (CRF150R)
Tires Rear 90/100-16 (CRF150RB) / 90/100-14 (CRF150R)
Wheelbase 50.6 inches (CRF150RB) / 49.6 inches (CRF150R)
Rake (Caster angle) 27°48’ (CRF150RB) / 27°02’ (CRF150R)
Trail 96mm (3.78 inches) (CRF150RB) / 78mm (3.07 inches) (CRF150R)
Seat Height 34.1 inches (CRF150RB) / 32.8 inches (CRF150R)
Ground Clearance 13.2 inches (CRF150RB) / 11.9 inches (CRF150R)
Fuel Capacity 1.14 gallons
Color Red
Curb Weight 187 pounds (CRF150RB) / 185 pounds (CRF150R)
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