With its unstoppable character and agile allure the Honda CRF450R is able to reward you with an unforgettable riding experience every time you jump on its back.

It is built on an advanced twin spar aluminum chassis which is combined with a set of modern air forks offering first class performances in terms of ride and handling.

The Honda CRF450R is propelled by a liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke engine with a displacement of 449 cc. The engine is kept under control by a close-ratio five speed transmission.

As far as ergonomics are concerned, the motorcycle comes with a minimal bodywork that helps you slide around on the seat effortless improving both the comfort and control.

As far as the breaks are concerned, the Honda CRF450R comes with a front single 240mm disc with twin-piston caliper and a rear single 240mm disc.

The Honda CRF450R is offered with a base price of $8,699.

  • 2014 Honda CRF450R
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
    Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
  • Displacement:
    449 cc
  • Price:


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There is no second place.

Riders and industry folk alike raved about the 2013 CRF450R. And , we’ve given them even more to love. For 2014, there’s new intake and exhaust ports, a new Dual-Timing PGM-FI fuel injection setup, and redesigned muffler internals to boost torque output and increase throttle response.

The CRF450R is designed for the way riders ride today. There’s more whipping. More scrubbing. So we built a bike that takes weight off the bike’s ends, and concentrates mass towards the bike’s center. The first thing you’ll notice is our revolutionary air fork. It’s nearly two pounds lighter than a conventional coil-spring fork, taking weight off the front. And now with improved oil flow, this year the fork is even more responsive, delivering even better handling. And new clutch springs to enhance lever feel.

The CRF450R also sports a compact dual exhaust, tucked closely to the frame to further enhance mass centralization. And with better exhaust flow, we’ve even managed to increase horsepower. There’s also our next-generation aluminum chassis, designed to help lower the center of gravity. All in all, the 2014 CRF450R takes the best and lightest bike in its class and makes it even better. And, in doing so, plants it firmly ahead of the pack.

2014 Honda CRF450R Key Features:

2014 Honda CRF450R Exterior
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Air Fork.

Affixed to the front of our CRF450R is a 48mm inverted KYB PSF (Pneumatic Spring Fork) air fork. It weighs less than a conventional spring fork. It’s a breeze to adjust (just use an air pump). And now with improved oil flow, it’s even more responsive and helps the front end feel more planted.

Dual Exhaust.

2014 Honda CRF450R Exterior
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Rather than a single pipe extending outward, our twin-muffler setup is short, compact, and located low and close to the frame to improve mass centralization. And with enhanced exhaust flow, we’ve managed to crank out even more horsepower.

Aluminum Chassis.

2014 Honda CRF450R Exterior
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At the center of it all is our next-generation twin-spar aluminum chassis. Designed to work with the CRF450R’s air fork, the spars are lower, lowering the center of gravity and improving handling. This results in a bike that delivers superior suspension action, steering feedback and chassis stiffness.

Honda Progressive Steering Damper.

2014 Honda CRF450R Exterior
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Our Factory Race Team developed the Honda Progressive Steering Damper to enhance cornering and tracking, while reducing rider fatigue. And if it’s good enough for our race team, it’s certainly good enough for you.

2014 Honda CRF450R Features and Benefits:

2014 Honda CRF450R Exterior
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Dunlop MX51FA Tire

The Dunlop MX51FA Tires were made for the CRF450R. Literally. We even designed the suspension to work specifically with these premium tires. So you have optimum traction and control around the track.

Works-Style Brakes

The 2014 CRF450R sports front and rear disc brakes with factory-spec master cylinders, and new rotor covers. You can wind down fast into turns, and get around the lap quicker.

New Air-Fork Front Suspension

The air fork made waves in 2013. And we’ve made it even better this year. It’s a 48mm inverted KYB PSF (Pneumatic Spring Fork), easily adjustable with a simple air pump. And now with improved oil flow, it’s even more responsive, keeping your front tire planted for better tracking through turns and across whoops.

New Cylinderhead Porting

New intake- and exhaust-port shapes work in conjunction with the new fuel-injection timing to give increased power and torque at partial throttle settings and more overrev, better suiting the CRF450R’s power delivery for most riders.

Fuel Injection PGM-FI

The settings on the CRF450R’s Programmed Fuel Injection improve low- and mid-range performance, and help deliver smooth, predictable engine performance. And with our HRC Fuel Injection Setting Tool, it’s easily adjustable to specific track conditions.

Next-Generation Aluminum Frame

Linking the front air fork and rear twin pipes is our Next-Gen twin spar aluminum chassis. The front spars are lower to work with the new fork. The subframe improves mass centralization. And overall, the bike has a lower center of gravity, so you get better steering feedback, suspension action and chassis stiffness and compliance.

Seat and Bodywork

To whip and scrub, the rider needs to move around the seat more. And the seat and bodywork on the CRF450R help make that happen. Riders fit easily on the bike, thanks to minimal bodywork. And they can slide around on the seat easier for better comfort and control.

Rear Suspension

With a large-diameter sub piston, the CRF450R’s fully-adjustable rear suspension delivers improved low-speed damping for better traction and handling across all track conditions.


By moving the CRF450R’s twin pipes lower and closer to the bike’s center, the subframe needn’t support a long, extended exhaust. That means the subframe can be lighter overall. And with a wide opening at the top, it’s even easier to change the air filter.


The CRF450R’s swingarm is specially designed to work with the updated rear suspension and Next-Gen chassis, delivering improved stability, traction and rider feedback.

Short Twin-Muffler Exhaust System

The dual exhaust on the 2014 CRF450R is compact and positioned closer and lower to the frame’s center. This reduces weight off the rear, bringing more mass to the bike’s center for improved “whipability.” And with by improving exhaust flow, we’ve increased overall horsepower.


Engine Type Liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement 449cc
Bore And Stroke 96mm x 62.1mm
Compression Ratio 12.5:1
Valve Train Unicam®, four-valve; 36mm intake, titanium; 31mm exhaust, steel
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 46mm throttle body
Ignition Full transistor with electronic advance
Transmission Close-ratio five-speed
Final Drive #520 Chain; 13T/48T
Front Suspension 48mm inverted KYB PSF(tm) (Pneumatic Spring Fork) with rebound and compression
Rear Suspension Pro-Link KYB single shock with spring preload, rebound damping adjustability, and compression damping adjustment separated into low-speed and high-speed; 12.5 inches travel
Front Brake Single 240mm disc with twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc
Front Tire 80/100-21 Dunlop MX51FA
Rear Tire 120/80-19 Dunlop MX51
Wheelbase 58.7 inches
Rake 27°04’ (Caster Angle)
Trail 116mm (4.57 inches)
Seat Height 37.5 inches
Ground Clearance 13.0 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.66 gallons
Curb Weight 242.7 lbs (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride.)
Available Colors Red
Price $8,699


2014 Honda CRF450R Exterior
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The Honda CRF450R has received major upgrades in 2013 so the previous model year was already a great machine. Luckily, the company didn’t stop there and has decided to spice things up even more with the 2014 model year.

Therefore, the new generation comes with further refinements that include a new cylinder head, a fresh exhaust system and dual-stage fuel injection. You also get new fork internal components and pressures.

Needless to say that all these upgrades are translated into first class performances which help the Honda CRF450R remain among the top bikes in its class.

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