Take one of the greatest names ever in the sport of trials riding - the Montesa Cota 4RT—and add the technology, engineering, and reliability of the greatest name in motorcycling—Honda. Then point it at your favorite trials section and get ready for a perfect score. And for 2015 you can pick from two versions: the Montesa Cota 4RT260 and Montesa Cota 4RT Race Replica.

The 2015 Montesa Cota 4RT260 is ready for competition with its reliable 260cc Honda engine and new suspension components. Or choose the Montesa Cota 4RT Race Replica with premium Showa suspension, race replica trim and specialty carbon parts. Either one is a great choice for serious weekend trials competitors.

Continue reading for more information on the Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260.

  • 2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
  • Displacement:
    259 L
  • Price:
  • Price:

2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260 Key Features:

2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260
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Championship Heritage. Honda Performance

Cota 4RT260: Maintaining the light feel characteristic of the Cota 4RT260 model, the suspension has been improved to provide the rider with a higher degree of control and comfort. To achieve this, the front forks have been fitted with more progressive springs whilst the rear suspension has been adjusted to increase the sensitivity of the hydraulic cylinders allowing a more precise regulation. Furthermore, the adjustment of the valve hydraulics, which can be regulated both in rebound and compression, has been replaced by a manual adjustment eliminating the need for an extra tool. The handlebar has a new style, with a new more open design that relieves pressure from the rider’s arms. The brake master cylinders have been remodeled internally for a more stable performance as well as consistent response at all times. The final transmission ratio has a new 41 rear sprocket which eliminates the need to substitute this component or the chain drive when the motorcycle is set to full power. Even though it maintains its basic Montesa Honda red colour, the model has new decorations and decals. An example of this is the upper and bottom bridge, now in black. The front mudguard has a new angular design that gives the motorcycle’s overall image a sportier and slimmer look. The shift pedal also has a new slimmer and elegant design. The new Cota 4RT260 model also comes with a supplementary seat for soft trial or trip trial. The seat is easy to remove and includes a space to store various objects. This new element gives the motorcycle more versatility, expanding the possibilities of its use.

2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260 Features and Benefits:

2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260
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• Among other updates, the Montesa Cota 4RT260 and Race Replica bikes have new color triple clamps, a different handlebar bend, re-shaped front fender, new shift lever, new final-drive gearing.

• The Montesa Cota 4RT260 comes with a removable seat that is substantially more comfortable and incorporates a bit of handy underseat storage.

• Different weather conditions? With an optional HRC FI tuning kit you can fine-tune the Cota’s PGM-FI Electronic Fuel Injection system. Expert riders can change the ignition and fueling maps with an optional HRC kit and the help of a laptop.

• The Montesa Cota 4RT260 and Race Replica fuel-injected power is easier to modulate, for surgical power delivery. A special crankcase decompression system reduces engine braking, making the bike easier to control in challenging trials conditions.

• The Montesa Cota 4RT260 carries its own fully adjustable 39mm TECH fork and R16V shock for the Pro-Link rear suspension for 2015, while the Race Replica adds premium fully adjustable Showa suspension front and rear, contributing to the bike’s superior handling on challenging terrain.


2015 Honda Montesa Cota 4RT260
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Engine Type Liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Displacement 259cc
Bore and Stroke 78.0mm x 54.2mm
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) 28mm throttle body
Ignition Electronically controlled digital transistorized
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Valve Train Unicam®, four valve
Transmission Close-ratio five-speed transmission
Front Suspension 39mm TECH cartridge-type telescopic fork with Pre-load extension adjustments. 175mm stroke = 6.9 inches
Rear Suspension Pro-Link®, R16V damper with Pre-load and extension adjustments. 170mm stroke = 6.7inches
Front Brake Single 185mm hydraulic disc with 4-piston caliper and sintered metal pads
Rear Brake Single 150mm hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper and sintered metal pads
Front Tire 2.75-21 Dunlop
Rear Tire 4.00-18 Dunlop
Wheelbase 52.0 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 23.0°
Trail 63mm (2.48 inches)
Seat Height 25.6 inches
Curb Weight 160.9 pounds, 163.7 pounds with fuel
Fuel Capacity 0.5 gallons
Ground Clearance 13.2 inches
Model ID MRT2604F
Available Colors Red
Price $7,799


“The 4RT 260 features the same aluminum frame and engine as the Race Replica version, but comes with a different suspension package. Out front a 39mm TECH fork soaks up bumps while a Pro-Link R16V shock is equipped out back. Suspension travel is rated the same as the Race Replica though, at 6.9-inches (front) and 6.7-inches (rear).

The primary difference with the 260 is the inclusion of a larger seat than the Race Replica, allowing riders to sit more comfortably while waiting for the next obstacle if needed. The seat can be removed or swapped out for more aggressive competition.” ----- Motorcycle USA

“The Montesa Honda Cota 4RT has always been recognized for its exclusive technological features, as well as for being a model of superior quality and proven reliability. In anticipation of the 2015 season, Montesa Honda has decided to continue to improve its trial motorcycles with changes that go beyond a few aesthetic changes. Montesa Honda is launching two new versions of the Cota 4RT model: the 4RT260 and the Race Replica.” ----- Total Motorcycle

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