The Husqvarna TC449 has anything it needs to be considered a capable off road motorcycle – it’s light, agile and strong.

It weighs only 238 lbs and is built around a 449.6 cc, four stroke, single cylinder engine with four titanium valves. The engine’s power is kept in leash by a five speed transmission and is fed by a 2.10 gallons fuel tank which is placed bellow the seat to improve the center of gravity.

To be able to deal effortless with rugged terrains, the Husqvarna TC449 received a long travel Kayaba 48 mm closed-cartridge fork which is paired with a rear fully adjustable Kayaba single shock.

The stopping power is assured by a capable Brembo braking system which offers fairly sharp performances.

As far as prices are concerned the Husqvarna TC449 can be yours for no less than $ 7,999.

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  • 2013 Husqvarna TC449
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
    Four-stroke, single-cylinder, Four titanium valves
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
    EFI w Keihin D46
  • Displacement:
    449 cc
  • Price:


2013 Husqvarna TC449 Exterior
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Husqvarna TC449: a different style
The new TC449 explores beyond the horizon, perfecting the concepts introduced last year: tank below the seat to improve the centre of gravity, airbox high in the frame to take in fresh and clean air, and above all, the swing arm pivot coaxial with the gear box output shaft, reducing almost to zero the effects of chain drag.

2013 Husqvarna TC449 Features and Benefits

2013 Husqvarna TC449 Exterior
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The TC449 is equipped with a cutting-edge 4 valve dual camshaft engine which has been significantly improved thanks to the experience gained by Husqvarna in its many years of offroad racing. The motorcross version stands for the engine which has been specifically tuned for MX use, delivering significantly more power than the Enduro version. The timing and camshaft profiles are completely different as is the compression ratio which has increased to 13:1 instead of 12:1 in the Enduro version. The electronic injection system still uses a 46mm Keihin throttle body but is fitted with a single flap instead of the Enduro twin flap version to provide a sharper, more aggressive throttle response. Additionally, the TC449 is fitted with a dual mode switch on the handlebars, which allows access to two different fuel injection / ignition timing maps to provide a softer power delivery for low traction conditions. The titanium exhaust system with carbon fibre tipped silencer has been developed specifically by Akrapovic and the five speed transmission has specific ratios for use in MX.

Extreme innovation

2013 Husqvarna TC449 Exterior
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Massive horsepower needs careful handling. Best to let off steam on the track. Traction and manoeuvrability: these are the objectives of the TC449 and its revolutionary mechanical design. The tank has moved below the seat with the fuel cap to the rear and the air filter box is located directly behind the headstock, making the bike more balanced and a different shape, definitely more user friendly. The bodywork has integrated graphics (InMould technology) enhancing design and function, finally resolving the problem of adhesives that peel off under the power wash. Moreover, the graphic design on the new TC449 has been completely revised, and the aesthetic makeover extends to the frame, which is now black and the rims, now anodized silver.

The frame has also been changed at the steering-head area, reinforced with chrome-moly 25CrMo4 steel plates. The rear seat rail and engine supports have also been similarly strengthened. Given the improved rigidity of the frame, the preload of the Kayaba suspension was reset: the fork has a harder setting and the monoshock damps more slowly. It is softer at the start of the stroke, and has a new progressive spring.

To lighten and simplify the electrical system, the 2012 Husqvarna TC449 has had the entire wiring completely redesigned.


2013 Husqvarna TC449 Exterior
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The idea behind the TC449 is ‘mass centralisation’ – to keep the weight of the bike concentrated as close as possible to the centre of gravity and to design a chassis which adapts perfectly to the demands of competitive racing. This solution, which Husqvarna calls CTS (Coaxial Traction System), eliminates the variation in the length of the chain during rear suspension movement, minimising the effect of the final drive on the bikes handling.

Engine: Ignition to the future

2013 Husqvarna TC449 Exterior
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The ultra-modern twin cam four valve engine is fed by a Keihin electronic injection (46 mm throttle body), but that is not what is so special about it. The air intake path is much more linear than other bikes in the category, and allows impressive performance to be achieved easily. The dry sump crank-case utilises two lubrication pumps, intake and outlet; the sophistication of the engine can also be seen in the choice of bore/stroke ratio: 98 X 59.6 mm. It was decided to equip the TC449 with electric start, because anyone, even a champion, can lose precious seconds kick starting after a simple slide. The radiators have been upgraded to improve the cooling efficiency, and the filter box breathes better thanks to a higher volume air intake. Engine performance has been raised by adjusting the valve timing and revising the two mappings for ignition/injection (now also selectable with the engine running). Mid range torque has been improved with a new intake manifold. These changes do not affect the bike’s reliability. On the contrary, the actual version of the engine undoubtedly has a more durable crankshaft, with galvanizing and high-resistance DLC treatments of the piston rod and rod bearing.

CTS - Coaxial Traction System

2013 Husqvarna TC449 Exterior
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A real refinement in the field of chassis design and exclusive to the TE/TC 449/511 range is the CTS, the Coaxial Traction System. The advantages of the CTS system compared to the traditional systems are huge. During the suspension movement along the whole stroke, the chain is not subject to any change in length. The tension of the chain remains constant regardless of the swing arm position, while the chain and sprockets benefit from reduced wear. An important positive effect on the riding characteristics is the marked reduction of the impact of alternating the load on the transmission. More in general, the values obtained by adopting the CTS have a much more uniform trend in all conditions, leading to improved ridability and stability of the motorcycle.


After the latest upgrades the new Husqvarna TC449 is certainly a better bike then the previous model. When it comes to equipment, Husqvarna never disappointed us and the TC449 features top-spec components such as Kayaba suspensions or Brembo brakes.

You won’t have any complains about the power either, but the suspensions needed more attention as they feel a bit undersprung. The TC449 also feels a bit heavier than other motorcycles in its class and this fact is significantly affecting the handling.

On the other hand you’ll certainly like the sharp stopping power.

In the end the Husqvarna TC449 hides a lot of potential. The company’s engineers could do wonders with the TC449 if they’ll help it lose some weight and make its suspensions more aggressive.


Engine Type Four-stroke, single-cylinder, Four titanium valves
Engine Displacement 449.6cc
Bore & Stroke 98 mm x 59.6 mm
Compression Ratio 13.0:1
Cooling Liquid-Cooled
Fuel System EFI w Keihin D46
Ignition CDI electronic with variable advance
Starting System Electric
Transmission Five-Speed
Final Drive Chain
Rake and Trail 25.8° / 3.98 in.
Wheel Base 58.7 in.
Seat Height 37.9 in.
Front Suspension Kayaba 48 mm fork, closed-cartridge
Rear Suspension Kayaba single shock, fully adjustable
Front Brake Brembo brake hydraulics and Braking rotors
Rear Brake Brembo brake hydraulics and Braking rotors
Rear Tire 110/90-19
Fuel Capacity 2.10 gal.
Dry Weight 238.1 gal.
Price $7,999
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