Indian Motorcycles has issued a recall on a number of its Thunder Stroke 111-powered models — 18,367 in the U.S. to be exact — due to the potential for elevated exhaust temps under certain conditions. After a lengthy investigation, Polaris determined this was being caused by free hydrocarbons entering the exhaust system due to a misfire which would then ignite within the catalyst. Affected models include 2014 through 2016 Chief Dark Horse, Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, Roadmaster, Chieftain and Chieftain Dark Horse.

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What’s Going On?

Indian Issues Recall For Thousands Of Thunderstroke Models Due To Fire Hazard High Resolution
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The concurrent spike in catalytic converter temps is where the threat comes from, and apparently it can get hot enough to ignite nearby components, and fire BAD, m’kay? Indian has issued marching orders for its dealerships to flash, or reprogram, the engine control module to use a sort of limp mode that will interrupt the spark to the affected jug when multiple misses are detected, and turn on a yellow idiot light at the instrument cluster, as if you needed a light to tell you that exactly half of your two-cylinder engine just turned into a boat anchor. I reckon they will have to address the misfire at some point, but this should keep the bikes from spontaneously combusting in the meanwhile.

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