The Kawasaki KLX 140L is a tough off roader that can tackle any terrain with poise. The 2014 model year comes with a comprehensive list of modern features that help you get maximum performances in terms of traction, maneuverability and reliability.

The 2014 Kawasaki KLX 140L sports a 144cc, four-stroke, SOHC, two-valve single engine that sends its power to the rear wheel through a five speed transmission with wet, multidisc manual clutch. The engine is brought to life by an electric starter and is fed by a compact 1.5 gallons fuel tank.

The high-revving engine is mounted on a high-tensile steel perimeter frame wrapped in a sharp looking body.

The ride is kept in check by a 33mm telescopic fork which is paired with a rear Uni-Trak linkage-equipped shock absorber that features 5-way preload adjustability and a remote reservoir.

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  • 2014 Kawasaki KLX 140L
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Transmission:
    5 speed
  • Displacement:
    144 cc
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A More Robust KLX140 for Larger Riders

2014 Kawasaki KLX 140L Exterior
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kawasaki klx 140L 3

With its 17" front and 14" rear wheels, the Kawasaki KLX®140 holds plenty of appeal for both young and old, but it also incorporates all of the standard 140’s many off-road-worthy features, yet wraps them in an even beefier package that will stand up to the demands of taller and more aggressive off-road riders. The 140L not only features larger 19” front and 16” rear wheels and a taller 31.5 in. seat height, its suspension is also more performance-oriented, featuring an honest-to-goodness reservoir-type shock that larger and more experienced riders will quickly appreciate.

Thanks to the convenience of its electric start, bringing the KLX140 to life is as simple as pressing the power switch and thumbing its start button, and its power switch includes an internal LED to remind riders when the ignition is on, preventing accidental battery drain. Its smooth and powerful 144cc four-stroke engine is easy to manage via a progressive manual clutch and five-speed, close-ratio transmission. A progressive clutch means that younger and beginning riders can more easily get the hang of shifting and clutch use, and half-clutch can be used at extremely low speeds to simplify the learning process while offering a direct feel and tremendous durability.

The KLX140’s high-revving engine is wrapped in a high-tensile steel perimeter frame covered by KX™-like shrouds, a two-tone seat cover and sharp, aggressive body work. A roomy cockpit, overall control layout and narrow footpeg/frame relationship – including wide and comfortable footpegs – make it easy for riders to move around while aboard with a minimum of effort.

A 33mm telescopic fork featuring custom-tuned spring rate and damping settings handles suspension duty up front. In back, a Uni-Trak® linkage-equipped rear shock featuring 5-way preload adjustability and a remote reservoir provides a high degree of wheel control, and is adaptable to the smaller-wheeled, standard-spec KLX140 for added performance.

Lightweight RK EXCEL aluminum rims and advanced braking components are another sign this is a serious off-road motorcycle. A large 220mm front disc and 27mm twin-piston caliper at the front and 186mm rear disc provide serious stopping power. Both utilize petal-shaped rotors, which help clean the brakes and reduce unsprung weight for better wheel control.

The KLX140L capitalizes on the strengths of the KLX140 while further upping the ante with larger wheels and a more advanced rear suspension for an ideal blend of size and performance. Enjoying the great outdoors has never been more fun.

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At A Glance…

  • 144cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine is simple to operate and to maintain
  • Close-ratio 5-speed transmission makes optimum use of the engine’s power
  • Progressive manual clutch offers young riders the chance to master clutch engagement and gear shifting
  • Rear shock with piggyback reservoir has fully adjustable preload, four-way compression damping and 22-way rebound damping
  • Keyless electric starting via a starter button on the handlebar; an LED indicates when the power button is on to help prevent accidental battery drain
  • Front 220mm petal disc and large-bore 27mm twin-piston caliper (same size as those on the KX™450F/250F) for strong and easy-to-control braking
  • Quiet muffler is equipped with a USFS-approved spark arrester, meaning the KLX®140L can access designated public off-road riding areas

144 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder engine

  • Reliable and easy to use lightweight engine is both simple to operate and to maintain
  • Engine revs easily and allows riders to use the full rpm range up to the 10,500 rpm rev limiter
  • Exhaust pipe is curved to achieve optimum length for good power character
  • The quiet muffler is equipped with a USFS approved spark arrester, meaning the KLX140L can access designated public off-road riding areas
  • Air-filter is washable, reusable, easily accessed and highly effective in dusty situations
  • 31.5-inch seat height accommodates taller riders

Electric start

  • Starting is via a (keyless) electric starter button on the handlebar
  • Orange LED light activates when the power button is depressed, indicating that power is “ON”
  • Digital CDI ignition helps ensure quick, reliable starts


  • Oval piston-valve Keihin PB20 carburetor features several Kawasaki-original modifications to provide stable fuel delivery under rough off-road conditions
  • Partitions in the float chamber keep the fuel from sloshing excessively and an umbrella around the main jet traps fuel when jumping
  • Dual air vents help provide a stable fuel supply even when the bike is at extreme lean angles
  • Needle valve is suspended on a spring that acts like a shock absorber
  • Float material is rubber instead of plastic

Close-ratio 5-speed transmission

  • Close gear ratios help the KLX140L’s acceleration performance
  • Like the KX models, the shift lever features a ball bearing to ease shifting and has a folding tip to help reduce the chance of bending the lever in a crash

Progressive manual clutch

  • Manual clutch offers young riders the chance to master clutch engagement and gear shifting
  • A spring damper in the clutch gives it a 2-stage engagement that permits half-clutch use when riding at extremely low rpm or idling speeds, and helps provide direct clutch feel and better durability

Box-section perimeter frame

  • Ready for off-road abuse, the highly rigid, KX™-inspired high-tensile steel perimeter frame uses the same upper tubes as the KLX250S
  • Aluminum swingarm offers light weight, strength and a brushed finish like on the KX machines
  • KX-style chain adjusters allow precise chain adjustments

Superior suspension

  • 33mm telescopic fork assembly has spring rates and damping settings specific to the 140L
  • Intended for use at a quicker pace, the KLX140L features a Uni-Trak® linkage and a rear shock with a piggyback reservoir, fully adjustable spring preload, 4-way compression damping and 22-way rebound damping

KX-style wheels

  • Strong, high-grade die-cast hubs offer the same durability as those found on the KX
  • Durable, lightweight RK EXCEL aluminum rims on the 19/16-inch front/rear wheels

Petal disc brakes front & rear

  • Front 220mm petal disc and large-bore 27mm twin-piston caliper (same size as those on the KX450F/250F) offer strong and easy-to-control braking
  • Rear brake uses a 186mm petal disc gripped by a 27mm single-piston caliper
  • Rear brake master cylinder features a large-volume, unitized reservoir that contributes to stable braking and helps ensure sufficient fluid pressure even when the brake pad wears down
  • In addition to helping reduce unsprung weight, the wave shapes of the petal discs help clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance


  • Combination of the flat surface of the frame’s box-section, long footpegs mounted close to the bikes’ centerline and no kick-start lever add up to good grip and a high level of machine control
  • Footpeg/frame relationship is modeled after the KX line for maximum leg grip
  • Handlebar is rubber-mounted for reduced vibration felt by the rider’s hands
  • Two-piece upper triple clamp and handlebar mounts foster easy aftermarket handlebar installation
  • Raised pattern on half of the grip surface offers more control and comfort
  • Two-tone seat cover has a slip-resistant top surface for good grip when seated and smooth sides for excellent rider mobility when standing

Sharp, aggressive bodywork styling

  • Box-section perimeter frame features advanced styling similar to that found on the KX racers
  • Two-piece shrouds with ventilation holes inspired by the top-of-the-line KX race machines
  • Fuel tank cover provides a flush transition from tank to shroud, and contributes to the bike’s high level of fit and finish
  • Eye-catching box muffler design protrudes as little as possible from behind the side cover, and features a plastic muffler end-cap that offers a surface cooler to the touch than steel


2014 Kawasaki KLX 140L Exterior
- image 525203
kawasaki klx 140L 2
Engine Four-stroke, SOHC, two-valve single
Displacement 144cc
Bore x Stroke 58.0 x 54.4mm
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Cooling System Air
Carburetion Keihin PB20
Ignition CDI
Transmission Five-speed with wet multi-disc manual clutch
Final drive Chain
Frame Type High-Tensile steel, box-section perimeter
Rake/Trail 27 degrees / 3.8 in.
Front suspension / wheel travel 33mm telescopic fork / 7.1 in.
Rear suspension / wheel travel Uni-Trak® linkage system and single shock with piggyback reservoir, fully adjustable preload and 22-way rebound damping / 7.1 in.
Front Tire Size 70/100-19
Rear Tire Size 90/100-16
Front brakes / rear brakes Single 220mm petal disc with a dual-piston caliper / Single 186mm petal disc with single-piston caliper
Overall length 74.6 in.
Overall width 31.1 in.
Overall height 42.3 in.
Ground clearance 10.0 in.
Seat height 31.5 in.
Curb weight 209.4 lbs.
Wheelbase 50.6 in.
Fuel capacity 1.5 gal.
Color Choices Lime Green
Warranty 6 months base warranty
Good Times™ Protection Plan 12, 24, or 36 months
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