The Kawasaki Ninja 500R offers stable handling and friendly power delivery for new riders, coupled with Ninja styling and willing performance for the more experienced motorcyclist.

Providing excellent fuel economy and an affordable purchase price, the 500R is also a great choice for those who are looking to ease the crunch of soaring gas prices and add some fun to their daily commute.

Expert and beginning riders will appreciate the Ninja 500R’s liquid-cooled, inline twin-cylinder four-stroke engine. With dual overhead cams actuating four valves per cylinder, the snappy motor is user-friendly and inspirational.
Exploring the top end of this engine’s rev range is entertaining for even the most seasoned riders.

Kawasaki Ninja 500R
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The high-performance engine isn’t the only selling point for the Ninja 500R. On twisty back roads, the bike’s lightweight, compact design makes for a great-handling machine. This is complemented by Kawasaki’s UNI-TRAK® rear suspension system, with a progressive linkage similar to the larger-displacement Ninja models.

The Ninja 500R also has the same sporty styling, which contribute to both form and function—the aerodynamic half-fairing provides wind protection for the rider, and is stylishly complemented by a lower fairing.

2007 Kawasaki Ninja 500R Specifications

  • Engine: Four-stroke, DOHC, parallel twin
  • Displacement: 498cc
  • Starting: Electric
  • Bore x stroke: 74.0 x 58.0mm
  • Compression ratio: 10.8:1
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Carburetion: Keihin CVK34 x 2
  • Ignition: TCBI with digital advance
  • Transmission: Six-speed
  • Final drive: Chain
  • Frame: High-tensile steel, perimeter design
  • Rake / trail: 27 degrees / 3.6 in.
  • Front suspension / wheel travel: 37mm hydraulic telescopic fork / 5.1 in.
  • Rear suspension / wheel travel: UNI-TRAK® system with single shock / 3.9 in.
  • Front tire: 11/70x17 tubeless
  • Rear tire: 130/70x17 tubeless
  • Front brake / rear brake: Hydraulic disc / Disc
  • Overall length: 82.5 in.
  • Overall width: 27.6 in.
  • Overall height: 45.7 in.
  • Ground clearance: 4.7 in.
  • Seat height: 30.5 in.
  • Dry weight: 388 lbs.
  • Fuel capacity: 4.8 gal.
  • Wheelbase: 56.5 in.
  • Color: Metallic Titanium or Solar Yellow
  • MSRP: $5,049


Twin-cylinder 498cc Engine

  • Compact parallel-twin design
  • Superior engineering produces sport bike power with broad usable torque
  • Good mass centralization for superior handling

Liquid Cooling

  • Maintains consistent engine temperatures for long engine life and sustained power during hard use
  • Allows closer engine tolerances for more horsepower
  • Includes temperature gauge

Auxiliary Cooling Fan

  • Maintains optimum temperature for best performance, fuel economy and reliability

Four Valves per Cylinder

  • Better breathing for more power at high rpm
  • Compact combustion chamber for increased compression ratio without detonation on today’s gasolines
  • Boosts low-end torque
  • Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow

34mm CVK Semi-flat Slide Carburetors

  • Precise fuel metering provides uniform power delivery at all engine speeds
  • Quick throttle response

Digital Ignition

  • Microprocessor-controlled timing never needs adjustment
  • Ultra-responsive to engine needs

Six-speed Transmission

  • Provides excellent acceleration and relaxed highway cruising

Positive Neutral Finder

  • Just lift the shift pedal from first at a stop to find neutral easily, every time
  • A Kawasaki exclusive

Standard Half Fairing

  • Offers rider wind protection for more comfort
  • Incorporates large, easy-to-read instruments with twin resettable trip meters
  • Stylish lower fairing completes the Ninja® image

Double-cradle Steel Box-section Frame

  • High-tensile steel perimeter frame
  • Lightweight, with superior rigidity for more precise handling and better control
  • Centerstand included for convenience

37mm Front Fork

  • Large-diameter fork tubes with thin walls for light weight and exceptional rigidity

Front Disc Brake with Dual-piston Caliper

  • Disc is drilled for better cooling and reduced unsprung weight
  • Dual-piston caliper increases braking effectiveness

Rear Disc Brake

  • Powerful and controllable
  • Single-piston caliper

Bottom-link UNI-TRAK® Rear Suspension

  • Lowers the center of gravity for better handling
  • Progressive rate provides a smoother, more controlled ride
  • Lightweight aluminum components provide quick suspension response

17-inch Wheels

  • Wide, modern 17-inch rims fit low-profile, high-performance tires

Centerstand and Sidestand

  • Permits easy parking, cleaning or servicing
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  (1) posted on 08.28.2014

This is an old article that I only came across because I was looking for (technically-factual) reviews for this model of motorcycle. I just thought I should mention in case someone comes after me for the same reason:

"Four Valves per Cylinder Better breathing for more power at high rpm"

Wrong. That one is simple math that a seventh-grader could have explained from his required math class (IOW, it’s not rocket science!). Area of a circle is π * the square of the radius. If that’s too difficult to understand, just call any HVAC installer, mechanic, pipefitter, or plumber smart enough to tie his own shoes and ask them if you remove your pipes and replace them with a set of two that are half the diameter of the originals, will they flow the same. After whoever you called gets finished laughing at you, he’ll explain it. For example, say the diameter of the pipe under your toilet I mean your exhaust valve is 10 (anything, but I’m feeling pretty lazy today). So the area of said item is π*(5*5), or just over 78.539. Take two items half the size, and it’s π*(2.5*2.5), or about 19.635. But you have TWO of them, you say? So double that figure and you get 39.27 - see what I mean? Two half-sized valves in a four-valve setup flow LESS THAN HALF what a comparable single exhaust or intake valve in a two-valve setup will. So, no, it doesn’t flow better.

"Boosts low-end torque" - you got this one right, but because of my comments in the previous paragraph, NOT the "facts" in your article. Sorry, but this one is so simple a kid could figure it out. In fact, my boy who’s "helping" me pick out a motorcycle reads faster than I do and caught it first. He’s twelve. Almost.

"Provides maximum valve area for optimum flow" - No. Just... NO.

In closing, I sincerely hope you’ve fired the veg-head that wrote this article. If not, I suggest you do so soonest and replace him with a reasonably-intelligent middle school student. (My boy said he’s available but he can only work after he gets his homework finished and has to stop by 10:00pm so that he can go to bed.)

  (1) posted on 09.19.2007

im like 5’3 130lbs and i really want this bike does anybody kno if its gonna work for me

  (6023) posted on 11.21.2006

anyone know how to check the fuel level on a 2007 500r it would help alot thanks.

  (6023) posted on 10.23.2006


  (6023) posted on 10.9.2006

I read a review on a 1994 model that ran a 12.98 quarter mile. I’ll find out what my 2007 runs when the drag strip opens next season. Mine will run a redline limited 140mph. I weigh 135 lbs, though. These bikes are a lot of fun, I recomend them as a first bike or a commuter. Very nice to ride.

  (6023) posted on 10.7.2006

anyone in the st. louis area wanna ride

  (6023) posted on 10.7.2006

i just bought an 07 ninja 500R does any one know the time in the quarter mile or the top speed.

  (6023) posted on 10.1.2006

just bought a 2006 ninja 500. first time rider.. finding very easy to get the hang of it. i recomend it for first time riders.
having lots of fun. smiley

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