After it was previously teased, the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype was finally revealed at the EICMA show.

The new model is the first functional concept ever developed by KTM and comes with a sharp design language and a strong 180 hp engine.

The bike is based on the KTM Super Duke and is powered by the same LC8 unit found at the KTM 1190 RC8 R. The two-cylinder engine is combined with a set of light steel pipes and a single-sided swing arm. As far as suspensions go, the prototype is fitted with upside-down forks with gas pressure reservoir, and a directly linked rear shock.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype also comes with racing wheels, racing brakes and racing tires. The bike’s backbone is a trellis frame made of chrome molybdenum steel combined with a single sided aluminium swing arm.

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Press release

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Before glimpsing the fascinating future of the Super Duke, a short flashback: in 2005, the first pure street twin with the name Super Duke rolls out of the KTM halls and changes the world of motorcycles. Extremely agile and muscular, the bike lives up to its name – an unmistakable machine, with an aggressive sound, a bike to fit no pre-conceived notions and keeping out of no competitor’s way. Over the years, the Super Duke gets even hotter. Its power increases – as does its fan community.

The success of this uniquely dynamic motorbike confirms the veracity of KTM’s commitment to the Naked Bike, opening the door for further models. The merciless street fighter becomes the leader of a veritable pack of exhilarating bikes – all of them light, pure, top quality, and all without fairings. In 2011, KTM hits the bull’s eye of the small displacement segment with the 125 Duke. Almost 10,000 motorcyclists hop up, by no means just beginners.

Just a year later, KTM stages another energetic escalation with the upgraded entry-level version 200 Duke, and puts the latest LC4 generation of the 690 Duke onto the grid – with well-known ingredients for maximum riding fun; with plenty of Single thrust at minimal weight; but also with more practicality, thanks to Drive-by-Wire and ABS. Another year later, there comes the athletic 690 Duke R, while at the same time, the brand new 390 Duke makes ready – a reasonable fun bike that will bring incredible enjoyment to riders all over the world.

Everything possible So far, so good: 125, 200, 390, 690 and 990 cubic centimetres. But things don’t need to end there, even if nobody can make a case for more displacement purely based on rational considerations. Rather, it’s about enjoying power in abundance, about crazy acceleration, about tires screaming for mercy, about pushing the limits of physics.

The world of KTM. The world of the new Super Duke

2012 KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype High Resolution Exterior
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Super Duke Onepointthree At the EICMA 2012, KTM showcases the prototype of the future 1290 Super Duke R – a machine whose entrance needs no explanation and which shouts the very essence of the KTM philosophy unfiltered into the world’s face through two open megaphones. The creators of this concept are not about complying with regulations and legal provisions. They are about showing what happens when the best technicians, designers and riders are unleashed in Mattighofen.

The developers started with another hefty rebore of the RC8 R engine in order to give it maximum punch. Around this two-cylinder elemental force, they fitted a tight suit tailored from light steel pipes, completing the chassis with a single-sided swing arm and the finest suspension components from the WP Suspension prototype development, as well as racing wheels, racing brakes and racing tires. To this they added the finest carbon parts, countless working hours, and spilled sweat by the bucket.

More sweat, more commitment, then finally, cheers. Job done. Rollout in Milan.

Wide open throttle

The best news comes last: KTM is already working on the production version of the 1290 Super Duke R, with that same enthusiasm. A good reason to look forward to 2013 – to the first press testride on the new Super Duke R.


- * Engine: liquid cooled V-twin based on RC8 R with Drive-by-Wire
- * Displacement: more than ever
- * Power and torque: very, very much
- * Electronic assistants: ABS and traction control – stoppie and wheelie protection disengageable (of course)
- * Top speed: depends on the rider’s courage and figure
- * Frame: Trellis frame made of chrome molybdenum steel
- * Swing arm: single sided aluminium swing arm

Suspension components:

- * WP prototypes – upside-down forks with gas pressure reservoir, directly linked rear shock
- * Wheels and tires: aluminium wheels with slicks
- * Brakes: front and rear Brembo racing callipers
- * Weight: incredibly low

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Rod  (825) posted on 11.19.2012

Damn I want one is a track weapon for sure.smiley

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