The Duke. The name itself already speaks of royalty, and when it’s taken in the context of a bike that’s as versatile as the 200 Duke, the name certainly applies.

The 200 Duke is the personification of lightness rediscovered combined with maximum riding fun, powerful propulsion, and optimum user value, all of which was accomplished through KTM’s unmistakable thoroughbred motorcycle technology.

Comfort is essential for a bike of the 200 Duke’s built, and KTM paid careful attention to it by designing a two-piece seat that provides surprising long-distance comfort, perfect support, and first-class ergonomics for rider and pillion. At 810 mm, the seat height is low enough for a secure standing position, but also high enough for sports-oriented use and a genuine big-bike feeling.

The 200 Duke also has a featherweight chassis that comes with high-quality components and first-class brakes. The bike carries a high-quality upside-down fork from WP Suspension with the same 43 mm outer tube diameter as the RC8 R, which is a true statement of the bike’s overall comfort and versatility.

The compact, three-chamber silencer is positioned close to the machine’s overall center of gravity. This aids centralization of masses and improves the playful handling of the 200 Duke. Not only noise, but emission levels are also exemplary thanks to the regulated catalytic converter.

At the heart of the 200 Duke is another improvement for the 2012 model: a state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine that generates 60% more displacement and correspondingly fully developed power to the tune of 25 horses. Add the new camshafts, bigger valves, a larger piston with a completely new crank drive, new airbox and a new exhaust layout, and it all results in a bike that offers punchy torque with irresistible smoothness.

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  • 2012 KTM 200 Duke
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    6-speed, claw shifted


2012 KTM 200 Duke Exterior Drivetrain
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No minor development: Based on the state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine of the 125 Duke, the 200 Duke’s power unit has been changed substantially to generate 60 % more displacement and correspondingly fully developed power. New camshafts, bigger valves, a larger piston with a completely new crank drive, new airbox and new exhaust layout. It all results in 19 kW (25 hp) and incredibly punchy torque, even at lower revs – with irresistible smoothness.

Just like the RC8 R, two overhead camshafts in the new 200 Duke’s cylinder head actuate four valves by means of cam levers. This design is not only extremely reliable, but the cam levers are coated with ultra-hard carbon which minimizes friction - releasing even more power.

The intricate engine design, state-of-the-art injection electronics and the close-ratio, six-speed transmission not only help the 200 Duke to achieve impressive performance, but also moderate fuel consumption. Thanks to the regulated catalytic converter, it produces only minimal emissions

Chassis and Suspension

2012 KTM 200 Duke High Resolution Exterior
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19 kW (25 hp) Power and an unladen weight of only 126 kg guarantee tremendous, fleet-footed riding fun with the 200 Duke. The first-class chassis, with lightweight tubular space frame in the proven KTM design, turns it into a real surfer through the curves. Weight grouped close to the center of gravity maximize maneuverability and precision.

The 200 Duke’s high-quality upside-down fork from WP Suspension has the same 43 mm outer tube diameter as the RC8 R – in other words, real racing equipment that guarantees highest levels of stability and precision.

The new 200 Duke’s lightweight, high-quality, die-cast swingarm is designed and produced according to the same principle as the 690 Duke. The light alloy swingarm with directly linked WP shock absorber excels with extreme torsional stiffness and outstanding tracking stability.

Brakes and Wheels

2012 KTM 200 Duke High Resolution Exterior Wallpaper quality
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With the powerful, outstandingly controllable brake system developed by KTM in collaboration with Brembo and the perfect grip of the wide tires, the rider always has the lightweight motorcycle under control. At the front, a radial four-piston brake caliper bites onto a 280 mm brake disc.

Equally lightweight and delicate as they are stable, the 17 in cast light alloy wheels are fitted with a 110 mm tire at the front and an impressive 150 mm at the rear. The tires impress with tremendous grip in both wet and dry conditions, as well as providing supreme durability.


2012 KTM 200 Duke Exterior
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The 200 Duke has everything that distinguishes a genuine KTM - from the high-quality chassis components to the multi-function cockpit, which even keeps you up to date with fuel consumption and remaining range. The extensive KTM PowerParts range gives you the option of adding your own individual style.


2012 KTM 200 Duke High Resolution Exterior
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The new 200 Duke is also a genuine motorcycle in terms of dimensions, providing plenty of space and freedom of movement. The gathered sitting position supports relaxed touring equally as well as committed cornering. Large contact surfaces ensure optimum control and perfect feedback.


2012 KTM 200 Duke High Resolution Exterior
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Design Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, liquid-cooled
Displacement 200 cm³
Bore 72 mm
Stroke 49 mm
Starting aid Electric starter
Transmission 6-speed, claw shifted
Engine lubrication Forced oil lubrication with 1 rotor pump
Primary gear ratio 22:72
Secondary gear ratio 14:43
Cooling system Liquid cooling system, continuous circulation of cooling liquid with water pump
Clutch Clutch in oil bath / mechanically operated
Ignition system Contactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
Frame Tubular space frame made from steel tubes, powder-coated
Fork WP Suspension 4357
Shock absorber WP Suspension 4618 EM
Suspension travel Front 150 mm
Suspension travel Rear 150 mm
Brake system Front Disc brake with two-pot brake caliper
Brake system Rear Disc brake with one-pot brake caliper, floating brake discs
Brake discs - diameter front 300 mm
Brake discs - diameter rear 230 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4” (520) O‑Ring
Steering head angle 65°
Wheel base 1,361±15 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded) 170 mm
Seat height (unloaded) 810 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 10.5 l
Unleaded premium fuel (95 RON)
Weight without fuel approx. 125 kg


Total Motorcycle----"The main difference is a larger displacement, expanded to 199.5 cc by a new cylinder with a 72 mm bore and 49 mm stroke. Complementing these are a newly developed cylinder head and valves, as well as new intake and exhaust systems specially designed by KTM for the 200. These developments increase power to a strapping 19 KW (26 hp) besides giving it a beautifully rounded power curve, highlighting once more the sporting DNA of this state-of-the-art single cylinder design. While the 125 Duke offers an excellent performance for its class, the 200 Duke has the punch of a real motorbike, not the least due to its very low weight of
only 127 kg. The powerful new engine is backed by the well-known trellis frame, as well as outstanding suspension and braking components. This makes the 200 Duke essentially KTM – simply one of the best small sport bikes for any day of the week."

Motorcycle----"The KTM Duke fires up and emits an enjoyable, deep exhaust rumble. Its clutch is well weighted and progressive, and gears shift with precise action. Throttle response is immediate and decisive from its large 38mm throttle body, although we did notice the fueling feeling unsettled between a narrow range just over idle to 3000 rpm, where we had to play the throttle to keep revs up and the engine firing smoothly."

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