The 250 EXC-F Six Days is has all it needs to deal with the tough conditions of any off road competition.

Built with maximum attention to each detail, the KTM 250 EXC-F Six days is a true masterpiece on two wheels.

The bike is fitted with top notch components and is powered by a reliable 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled, EFI engine with a displacement of 249.91 Cm³. The unit is mated on a six speed transmission with wet multi-disc clutch. For better off road performances, the transmission features slightly shorter transmission ratios for 4th, 5th and 6th gears.

The engine is housed by a central tube frame made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing. You also get WP suspensions, Brembo brakes and high-quality alloy wheels from GIANT.

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  • 2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    1-cylinder 4-stroke engine, water-cooled
  • Transmission:
  • Energy:
    Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Displacement:
    249 cc
  • Top Speed:
    75 mph (Est.)


2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Exterior
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The 250 EXC-F Six Days is "READY TO RACE" for the world’s largest enduro competition, the "International Six Days Enduro". Six days in succession, over a thousand offroad kilometres, 40 hours in the saddle - a gruelling test, not only for the rider. A whole package of high-quality special options makes the 250 EXC-F Six Days fit for this ruthless contest, in which more than half the starters bank on KTM every year. No other brand is anywhere near as strong and successful in offroad sport. In 2013 the fastest rider overall was once again on a KTM. The Six Days will take place in Argentina in 2014 and the KTM model range has been updated accordingly to be equipped for everything that the South American terrain has to offer. In the form of the new Six Days models, KTM offers well-proven, robust machines that fully satisfy the high demands of this extraordinarily tough competition.

2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Key Features:

2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Exterior
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Superior Chassis:

Individual Suspension Setting
Each EXC model has its own individual suspension settings, optimally tuned to weight and engine. At the rear, a PDS shock absorber from WP Suspension works with a direct linkage to the upper side of the swingarm. The PDS shock absorber has been updated with a new Monoseal gasket for MY 2015, for improved sealing and easier maintenance. The wide range of setting options for rebound damping and high- and low-speed compression damping are standard on KTM bikes.

Telescopic Fork
The KTM Six Days models are equipped with a 48 mm 4CS closed-cartridge fork from WP Suspension. The 4-chamber technology (4CS) patented by WP not only provides a key benefit in terms of responsiveness and consistent damping characteristics, it is also lighter and oil services prove to be far simpler than on the conventional closed-cartridge versions. Naturally, the setting can easily be adapted to track and rider in a matter of a few clicks at the top of the fork: compression damping on the left-hand shaft, rebound damping on the right - another advantage of the 4CS technology.

The modern frame design of the 250 EXC-F Six Days, comprising lightweight, high strength, chrome-molybdenum steel section tubes, combines maximum longitudinal stiffness with optimum torsional stiffness. It guarantees easy handling and precise steering behaviour, as well as excellent ride stability. The frame clearly represents the benchmark in terms of weight and stability.

The cast aluminium swingarm has been developed with state-of-the-art calculation and simulation software and constructed, in terms of design and wall thickness, for minimum weight with optimum stiffness and precisely defined flexibility.

Triple Clamp
Meticulously finished triple clamps, machined from a solid block: Not only do they look classy in anodised orange; they are also designed in such a way that they support the responsiveness and sliding behaviour of the new fork with their special shaping.

High Quality Wheels
The high-quality alloy wheels from GIANT made of extremely stable 7050 aluminium, featuring exclusive Six Days lettering and CNC-machined hubs, are standard on all KTM Six Days models. Developed in cooperation with KTM, the Metzeler tyres provide excellent traction, very precise directional control and a long service life. An additional Six Days standard feature: the Supersprox 2-piece rear sprocket with steel outer ring and aluminium star.

High-tech brakes from Brembo have always been standard equipment on KTM offroad bikes and, together with the floating front brake disc new for 2015 and the solid rear brake disc, they are the measure of all things in terms of brake technology. The new front brake disc guard ensures that it stays this way.


2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Exterior
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The 250 EXC-F Six Days is a proven winner in what is arguably the toughest and longest enduro event, the International Six Days Enduro. This machine shares many basic components with the successful engine of the 350 EXC-F and excels with first-class performance and plenty of torque from the bottom end up, thanks to its advanced design and state-of-the-art fuel injection. The bike is manoeuvrable, agile and controllable, quickly gaining the complete trust of the rider. The DDS clutch features Brembo hydraulics for comfortable clutch operation, while an electric starter and a kickstarter make starting no problem in every situation. Newly developed oil strainer sealing rings are used for MY 2015 to provide better durability in the most extreme conditions and a longer service life.

Engine Case
Thanks to the crankcase being manufactured in a pressure die-casting process, it has been possible to significantly reduce the wall thicknesses compared with a gravity die-cast case. A high-strength aluminium alloy is used, which is extremely resistant to stone impact and other damage.

The crankshaft of the 250 EXC-F Six Days is designed with sufficient gyrating mass for spontaneous throttle response and best possible traction. A plain bearing in the lower conrod eye with two press-fit bearing shells that run directly on the crank pin, increases the longevity of the engine and extends the crankshaft service intervals - two major benefits for the customer.

Cylinder Head
The heart of KTM EXC DOHC engine is the cylinder head with twin overhead camshafts and ultra-light, DLC-coated cam followers. In conjunction with the large intake valves, the big, flow-optimised ports enable optimum intake gas flow for outstanding performance. The camshafts have been specially designed to maximise performance and torque, with power development adapted to enduro riding. The engine is equipped with ultra-light titanium valves and cam followers for reduced reciprocating weight and higher speeds.

Balancer Shaft
To counterbalance the inertia forces, the 250 EXC-F Six Days engine is equipped with a balancer shaft that acts as a multi-function shaft, driving timing chain and water pump simultaneously.

The 250 EXC-F engine offers the benefits of en electric starter and a kickstarter. Positioned behind the cylinder, the electric starter is well protected and connected via the electric starter drive in the ignition cover to the starter freewheel on the ignition rotor.

DDS Clutch
For MY 2015, the DDS clutch (Damped Diaphragm Steel) is equipped with a further refined, lighter, single-piece basket, which together with its integrated primary gear, is machined from a single solid billet of high-strength steel. This process guarantees unbeatable reliability and allows the engine to be extremely narrow thanks to the compact, rivetless design of the outer clutch hub. In addition, this design allows use of thin steel discs, which also contributes to the compact dimensions of the clutch. The diaphragm spring enables implementation of an additional hub damping mechanism - a benefit in terms of traction and gearbox wear. Finally, in conjunction with the diaphragm spring, the hydraulic clutch actuation system from Brembo ensures very smooth and very precise clutch control.

Compared with its predecessor, the new six-speed enduro gearbox, developed especially for the 250 EXC-F, has slightly shorter transmission ratios for 4th, 5th and 6th gears. The new gearbox excels with high precision and easy shifting. The secondary transmission has also been adapted to the new gearbox.

Engine Management System (EMS)
The engine management system (EMS) from Keihin, with electronic fuel injection and 42 mm throttle body, ensures spontaneous responsiveness and maximum engine performance. An oil-cooled, 196 W alternator provides sufficient power for the fuel injection system, lights and other electrical loads. A redesigned ECU ensures even faster and absolutely reliable data processing. Various engine characteristics can be selected via the EMS, with a map-select switch available as a PowerPart. Furthermore, a user-setting tool (also available as an option) allows data to be read from the bike by laptop and the mapping, ignition and fuel injection to be modified in a matter of a few mouse clicks.

Slim Ergonomics For Perfect Control:

2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Exterior
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The KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days has bodywork with extremely slim ergonomics and excellent contact points between rider and machine. It provides unlimited freedom of movement. For MY 2015, the bike excels again with the graphics restyled in 2014 in the colours of the ISDE in Argentina.

The 250 EXC-F Six Days is equipped with a tapered Neken handlebar made from high-strength aluminium alloy. In accordance with the proven KTM standard, the handlebar can be fixed in a choice of four positions. The handguards are made from a new material in MY 2015 in order to achieve even greater impact resistance.

With Exclusive Optional Equipment:

2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Exterior
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Six Days Equipment
• 4CS closed-cartridge fork from WP Suspension for optimum damping and high reserves against bottoming out
• Camel seat for improved long-distance comfort
• Skid plate for effective frame and engine protection
• Milled, orange anodised triple clamps for extremely precise fork clamping and optimum fork function
• Orange frame
• Supersprox Stealth 2-component rear sprocket with an aluminium inner ring and steel outer ring for maximum durability
• Solid rear brake disc (no slots/holes) for improved heat resistance and reduced brake pad wear
• New floating front brake disc for consistent braking performance in extreme conditions
• New front brake disc guard for optimum protection from stone impact
• New, light and sturdy racing mirror
• New Metzeler tyres developed in cooperation with KTM for outstanding grip and traction
• Radiator guard for effective radiator protection
• Radiator fan for all 4-stroke models to optimise temperature management in extreme conditions
• Carbon pipe guard on all 2-stroke models for effective expansion chamber protection
• Six Days silencer, anthracite anodised and with Six Days logo (except 125 EXC)
• Front axle puller for simple front wheel removal
• Orange radiator grille
• Orange chain guide
• Exclusive Six Days graphics, this year with a striking Argentinian design


2015 KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days Exterior
- image 567676
Engine 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine, water-cooled
Displacement 249.91 cm³
Bore 78 mm
Stroke 52.30 mm
Starting aid Electric starter/Kickstarter
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Transmission 6-Gear
Engine lubrication Forced oil lubrication with 2 Eaton pumps
Primary ratio 24:73
Secondary ratio 14:52 (13:52)
Cooling system Liquid cooling system, continuous circulation of cooling liquid with water pump
Clutch Wet multi-disc clutch DDS / Brembo hydraulics
Ignition system Contactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
Frame Central tube frame made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing
Fork WP Suspension Up Side Down 4860 4CS
Shock absorber WP Suspension PDS 5018 DCC
Suspension travel Front 300 mm
Suspension travel Rear 335 mm
Brake system Disc brakes, brake calipers on floating bearings
Brake discs - diameter Front 260 mm
Brake discs - diameter Rear 220 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4"
Steering head angle 63.5°
Wheelbase 1,482±10 mm
Ground clearance, unloaded 345 mm
Seat height, unloaded 970 mm
Total fuel tank capacity, approx. 9 l Unleaded premium fuel (95 RON)
Weight without fuel, approx. 105.5 kg
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