The KTM 50 SX sets new standards in terms of off road performances, being fitted with a comprehensive list of modern technologies all of which can help the young riders learn all the secrets of dirt bikes.

It is powered by a 49 cc, 1-cylinder, 2-stroke, water-cooled engine with reed intake. The engine is fueled by a 2.3 liter fuel tank and is paired with a beginner-friendly automatic clutch.

The motorcycle sits on ultra-light, black anodised aluminum rims that are wrapped is a set of grippy off -road MAXXIS tires.

The ride quality is assured by front WP Suspension USD 35 forks and a rear WP Suspension 3614 BAEM shock absorber.

The stopping power is assured by front and rear hydraulic disc brakes from FORMULA.

For enhanced versatility the motorcycle is offered with an optional restrictor kit which allows you to downgrade the engine’s output to 5.5 hp.

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  • 2015 KTM 50 SX
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
    1-cylinder 2-stroke engine, water-cooled, with reed intake
  • Transmission:
    Rigid 1-stage reduction gear
  • Energy:
  • Displacement:
    49 cc
  • Top Speed:
    45 mph (Est.)


2015 KTM 50 SX Exterior
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2015 KTM 50 SX: The Perfect Launchpad Into The MX World

A real KTM for young crossers from the age of about 4 to 10 and a height of up to approx. 1.30 m. A real motorcycle with high quality components that’s child’s play to control and whose engine excels with linear power development and a beginner-friendly automatic clutch.

2015 KTM 50 SX Key Features:

2015 KTM 50 SX Exterior
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Control that’s child’s play

Both the rear shock absorber and the 35 mm upside-down telescopic fork are high-quality products from WP Suspension and guarantee ultimate damping and responsiveness.

Adjustable Automatic Transmission
The centrifugally controlled, multi-disc automatic clutch developed by KTM delivers easily controllable acceleration and makes riding the 50 SX the easiest thing in the world. Furthermore, it can still be quickly and easily adjusted to the specific requirements of both track and rider using the "KTM clicker system" - in a matter of seconds and with no special tools required.

WP chassis
A high quality, upside-down telescopic fork from WP Suspension, featuring 35 mm diameter outer tubes and 205 mm suspension travel, ensures outstanding ride stability. A WP shock absorber connected directly to the swingarm also supplies 185 mm of suspension travel at the rear wheel.

Made-to-measure performance

2015 KTM 50 SX Exterior
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The centrifugally controlled, multi-disc automatic clutch developed by KTM delivers easily controllable acceleration and makes riding this bike the easiest thing in the world. It can be adjusted in no time at all, without special tools, to the specific requirements of both track and rider.

The modern, extremely compact, 2-stroke engine sets the benchmark in its class with its very controllable power. Thanks to the 3-shaft concept, the crankshaft is close to the bike’s centre of gravity. This not only benefits the handling; it also provides a flow-optimised inflow angle at the intake membrane – a prerequisite for maximum performance.

Just like the big KTM bikes, the 50 SX is also equipped with water cooling that even cools the crankcase. Generously dimensioned radiators ensure excellent heat dissipation and therefore high reliability, even under extreme loads.

Optional restrictor kit
For absolute beginners, the engine power can be restricted to a moderate 5.5 hp with a kit from the PowerParts range.

Top quality.

2015 KTM 50 SX Exterior
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Water cooling
The liquid-cooling system of the KTM 50 SX, with two large radiators and additional cooling for the crankcase, prevents the engine overheating, even under the most extreme loads. The smallest KTM is even unfazed by coming to blows with the ground.

Just like the big factory bikes, the 50 SX is equipped with ultra-light, black anodised aluminium rims that easily withstand even the biggest of jumps. The 50 SX is now equipped with the very latest generation tyre from MAXXIS, featuring a profile that guarantees optimum grip on every surface.

Both at the front and rear, state-of-the-art hydraulic disc brakes from FORMULA ensure best possible retardation. The exclusive, self-cleaning Wave brake discs stand for the ultimate in race technology and outstanding safety.

Top ergonomics

The ergonomic Renthal handlebar made from a high-quality aluminium alloy ensures the highest levels of stability and safety. A Renthal crash pad around the centre brace protects the rider from hard knocks.

The graphic design derived from that of the full-size SX bikes makes the little KTM even cooler. Its frame has a hardwearing plastic coating in anthracite metallic.


Engine 1-cylinder 2-stroke engine, water-cooled, with reed intake
Displacement 49.0 cm³
Bore 39.5 mm
Stroke 40 mm
Starting aid Kickstarter
Transmission Rigid 1-stage reduction gear
Engine lubrication Mixture oil lubrication
Primary gear ratio 33:61 straight cut spur gear
Final drive 11:40
Cooling system Liquid cooling system
Clutch Multidisc automatic clutch on the main shaft / centrifugal force
Ignition system SELETTRA 2p D36
Frame Central tube frame of chrome molybdenum steel tubing, powder-coated
Forks WP Suspension USD 35
Shock absorber WP Suspension 3614 BAEM
Suspension travel Front 205 mm
Suspension travel Rear 185 mm
Brake system Front Disc brake with four-pot brake caliper
Brake system Rear Disc brake with two-pot brake caliper
Brake discs - diameter Front 160 mm
Brake discs - diameter Rear 160 mm
Chain 1/2 x 3/16”
Steering head angle 66°
Wheel base 1,032±10 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded) 252 mm
Seat height (unloaded) 684 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 2.3 l Unleaded premium fuel (95 octane), mixed with 2-stroke engine oil (1:60)
Weight without fuel approx. 39.8 kg
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