No matter where you fall on the global-warming debate, there can be no doubt that “going green” by using renewable and clean energy is a good thing for the environment. Daymak Incorporated, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada recognizes this fact. Founded by Aldo Baiocchi in 2001, Daymak now has over 100 dealerships selling vehicles designed to reduce the carbon footprint through the use of electric propulsion and solar recharging systems. Today I want to look at a 2015 The Beast Ultimate, Daymak’s top-of-the-line, street legal, offroad eBike built with ATV features that improve upon the 2014 debut model.

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The Beast Ultimate by Daymak Exterior
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If I had to compare The Beast to another vehicle type, I would say that it looks like a scooter sans fairings/sheetmetal. Built to provide basic transportation, the Ultimate model comes with a single seat and a luggage rack complete with a storage compartment, while the Standard and Deluxe models drop the luggage capacity in favor of a cleaner look. While all models of the bike have full lighting, include headlamp, taillamp, turn signals and marker lights, the storage box comes with a large, red reflector for added visibility, hence safety, from the rear.


The Beast Ultimate by Daymak Exterior
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The 2015 model benefits from a stiffer frame than was used on the previous year, while retaining the lightweight and spartan design. Rear suspension consists of a coil-over monoshock and swingarm, while the hydraulic forks buffer the front end.

Your feet rest on either the forward footpegs, or the crank pedals that serve as a source of auxiliary propulsion much like a Moped.

While the Standard and Deluxe models get traditional right-side-up front forks, the Ultimate package comes with stiffer inverted forks – a detail you normally only see in much heavier and more powerful (read: expensive) bikes.

Frame design allows for a generous step-through, and what would be the floorboard area on a scooter is actually the large, solar-panel covered battery. Your feet rest on either the forward footpegs, or the crank pedals that serve as a source of auxiliary propulsion, much like a Moped. I guess sweat is considered a renewable resource as well, yeah?

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide the stopping power through dual hand levers at the grips. When actuated, the system cuts power to the drive motor until released for safe stops with no wasted energy. Fat, 21-by-7-inch tires ride on 10-inch rims. The gnarly tread pattern ensures good traction both on and off the beaten path.


The Beast Ultimate by Daymak Exterior
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A 500-watt, BLDC electric motor serves as the main propulsion for all Beast models, with the Ultimate and Deluxe turning in a top speed of 20 mph and range of up to 18.6 miles on one charge, and the Standard clocking in at 15.6 mph and 15.53 miles, depending on load, terrain and riding style. The 60-volt, three-amp 110/220 volt charger can fully recharge the power pack in four to six hours, with the solar trickle charger constantly replenishing the battery when exposed to ambient light. A voltmeter on the Deluxe and Ultimate dashboard acts as a “gas gauge” so you can monitor your usage as you go. All models come with a pair of USB ports on the battery so you can power/charge your devices, and the Ultimate even has a 110 volt port for plugging in a wall-outlet charger or some other small-draw device.


MSRP on the Ultimate is $3,999 CAD, with the Deluxe and Standard following at $2,999 CAD, and $1,999 CAD, respectively.

He Said

"What a neat little ride. Even though, personally, it’s too small and too slow for my particular needs, I can’t help but admire the concept behind it. Electric vehicle and renewable energy technology has come a long way in my lifetime, and vehicles like this show that the sector has moved beyond the theoretical and into the realm of practical use. Awareness of the state of the environment has also increased in the past handful of decades to drive such innovation, and Daymak is a perfect example of a company bent on being good stewards of the environment.

She Said

My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "I do like renewable, low cost energy and using that for transportation is an added benefit. This seems to fit somewhere between a moped and a scooter, but in many areas it doesn’t meet regulations governing self-powered vehicles. Legally, it falls into the category of an electric-power-assisted conveyance, so you don’t need a driver’s license, registration or insurance in many areas. This makes The Beast very affordable transportation. The manufacturer recommends, and I concur, that it’s a good idea to carry a charger with you so you don’t get stranded, and carry a spare 30-amp fuse. I also like the freewheel feature. This lets you to disengage the drive and coast downhill, saving battery power and allowing you to travel at a faster speed than you could with the electric motor."


Battery: Samsung 2,200 mAh 18650
Motor: 500W BLDC
Controller: AD Turbo 60V 50ah
Solar Panel: 15W/hr Included
PAS: Included
Shocks: Inverted
Frame: Alloy & Steel
Rim Front: 10 x4.5 inches
Tire Size: 21x7x10 inches
Headlight: LED Deluxe
Tool Kit: Deluxe
Charging ports: 2 USB + 110v
Battery life cycles: 1000
Carrying case: Included
Speedometer: Included
Additional Information:
Range: 18.6 miles
Top Speed: 20 miles/hr
Charger: 60V3A 110V/220V
Charging time: 4 to 6 hours
Degrees of incline: 20 degrees
Weight: 265 pounds
Weight in box: 276 pounds
Max Load: 350 pounds
Box Dimension: 55.1 x 15 x 33.5 inches
Price: $3,999

Source: Daymak

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