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The new Peugeot Django Allure is a fresh scoter designed by the French manufacturer and it will be available on the UK market this summer.

The new scooter features a neo-retro design and is packed with a set of special features that give it a distinctive personality. It is propelled by a 125 cc, four stroke engine which should generate enough power to help you deal effortless with the city traffic.

Other features worthy of being mentioned include a storage compartment for jet helmet with visor, a flat footboard, a dual compartment lockable glove-box with 12V power socket, LED lights, a semi-digital dashboard and a standard luggage rack. The scooter also features a special Trendy three-tone dual seat, grey wheel rims with white-wall tyres a Fly screen, top-case, passenger back-rest.

The stopping power is handled by Peugeot’s SBC integral braking system.

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  • 2014 Peugeot Django Allure
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    125 L


As a pioneer in the motorised two-wheeled adventure by giving birth to the first motorcycle in 1898, as the winner of the most prestigious competitions such as the Bol d’Or and the Grand Prix des Nations, and as the inventor of the modern scooter with plastic bodywork just 30 years ago, for the past 115 years Peugeot Scooters has always found a way to renew itself to create even greater surprises. Now, by investing in the neo-retro segment with Django, it is delving into its history to improve its designs for the future.

Peugeot Scooters is the world motorcycle industry’s oldest Marque. It benefits from exceptional knowhow and experience that, beyond its specific industrial sector, have contributed to revolutionising the journeys of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world, due to the invention of a personal, practical and inexpensive means of transport. An inspired and visionary Marque, Peugeot Scooters has been making its mark on the motorised two-wheel world for more than a century, with its legendary 12 HP and 515 and the multitude of world speed records at the beginning of the 20th century, in motorcycle racing with prestigious victories at the Grand Prix de France, Grand Prix des Nations 1923 and the Bol d’Or 1952, during the fabulous Saigon-Paris adventure in 1956 at the handlebars of the S57, with the incredible popular success of the 103 with 5 million units sold, and the invention of the modern scooter with bodywork in 1983, followed by the invention of the electric scooter from 1996 onwards…. Few Marques today can lay claim to such a heritage.

As a resolutely innovative Marque, Peugeot Scooters is again demonstrating in 2013 the sheer extent of its technological capabilities by way of its high-end 3-wheel Peugeot Metropolis scooter, the design of which was greatly inspired by the automobile universe. For 2014, Peugeot Scooters is changing key with a trend-breaking styling exercise halfway between tradition and modernity. It is called Django, a neo-retro scooter that, 60 years on, resurrects the myth of the sublime S55/S57.


Created in the early 1950s, at the time the S55 was a very comfortable and well-equipped two-seater scooter with genuine practical qualities. First and foremost, it was the very first scooter marketed by Peugeot and over time evolved into the S57. As a symbol of freedom and French elegance, our designers have taken their inspiration from this scooter to create the silhouette of its successor: Django.

With its musical name and its irresistibly retro styling, Django owes its identity to a unique heritage. Inspired by its past, Django is a scooter with lines that seem to want to rewrite history, 60 years later. A question of styling history. In fact, above all, Django is an elegant creation. The most demanding observers will appreciate the styling hints of the past and the refinement of a vehicle on which nothing has been left to chance. Standing solidly on its 12’’ wheels, Django seems to flow like a flagship, characterised by its well-rounded rear wings punctuated by 3 air intakes, and its long, flowing bodywork reminiscent of the saloon cars of that era.


Storage compartment for jet helmet with visor
Flat footboard
Dual compartment lockable glove-box with 12V power socket
Modern LED lighting (front and rear indicators, rear light) and signature lighting in the front grille
Semi-digital dashboard
Comfortable special Trendy three-tone dual seat
Two-tone bodywork
Grey wheel rims with white-wall tyres
Special painted rear-view mirrors with chrome surround
Fly screen, top-case, passenger back-rest and chrome rear luggage rack as standard equipment
Peugeot SBC integral braking system
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