• 2015 Polaris Dagor Ultralight Vehicle

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Polaris Defense designed the Dagor ultra-light combat vehicle to plug an emerging mobility gap for SOF and light infantry forces, namely the gap between the Hummer and one- and two-person ATVs. Built around the needs of these forces, the Dagor provides a high degree of mobility for soldiers and equipment in extreme off-road conditions. Polaris touts it as a “world class” off-road vehicle – even at full payload – that quickly and safely traverses rugged terrain. This is no glorified beach buggy either, folks, it can mount up to a 48-inch weapon ring and has multiple pintle mounts, giving her some teeth for situations where maneuverability isn’t enough to mitigate a threat. The Dagor is now under contract and being produced for the U.S. SOCOM, and some of our international allies.

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  • 2015 Polaris Dagor Ultralight Vehicle
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2015 Polaris Dagor Ultralight Vehicle High Resolution Exterior
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This vehicle looks like you would expect — an ATV-Hummer-buggy (Humbug?) hybrid. A safety roll-cage protects the four-man-plus-gunner passenger compartment, with a small, truck-like bed in back for gear. The flexibility exists to carry the gear for up to four more soldiers, or some combination thereof, according to the demands of the mission. The Dagor is designed to be air-mobile. With its curb weight of less than 4,500 pounds and small design, it can be slung under a UH-60 Black Hawk, and the CH-47 Chinook will carry two of them internally, and it is also LVAD – Low Velocity Air Drop – capable. This combination of rough-terrain performance and air-mobility makes the Dagor singularly flexible. Maintenance concerns were not neglected, and it can be maintained and repaired using “off the shelf” supplies.


2015 Polaris Dagor Ultralight Vehicle High Resolution Exterior
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Polaris based the suspension on modern trophy-truck technology, which is largely responsible for its exceptional capabilities. Not only can it handle rugged terrain, it can do so safely while carrying up to 3,250-pounds of men and materiel. The tow-rings and winch allow for “workhorse” duty if necessary, and the winch allows for more self-reliance because sooner or later, its got to get stuck, and as any mud rider will tell you, winches keep a bad day from getting worse.


2015 Polaris Dagor Ultralight Vehicle High Resolution Exterior
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A JP8 turbodiesel engine generates the ground-gobbling power in the Dagor. While the engine specifications and actual speeds are being held close to the vest, we do know that it can move the better part of two tons at a “rapid” pace, depending on terrain.


2015 Polaris Dagor Ultralight Vehicle High Resolution Exterior
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At $149,000 per truck, purchase the Dagor through the U.S. General Services Administration, GSA Advantage Program, the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA), or the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) if you’re a military agency. There’s no word on a civilian version, at least not yet. Here’s hoping.

He Said

"I loved go-carts and buggies as a kid, and this thing looks like a man-toy from none other than Tim-the-Tool-Man-Taylor! It almost begs you to “try and break me....c’mon”. Yeah, I know it’s a tool for the military, but a guy can dream, can’t he?"

She Said

My wife and fellow writer, Allyn Hinton says, "It looks so Mad Max. The only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! I say that in a good-natured way, but I know this vehicle is meant for serious business. But honestly, how long do you think it will take them to put these babies into their military recruitment videos. What guy doesn’t want to drive one of these?"


Engine: Turbo Diesel/JP8
VCW: 4,500 pounds
GVW 7,750 pounds
Payload: 3,250 pounds
Range: 500 miles @ GVW
L/W/H: 178/74/72.5 inches
Internal Rotary Wing Transportable: H-47 (UP TO 2), H-53
Sling Loadable: YES - H-47, H-53, UH60
Air Drop: Low Velocity Air Drop (LVAD)
Operators: Up to 9 - 4 Passengers plus gunner (9 with additional seating)
Weapons: Configured to Accommodate up to 48-inch weapons ring, Multiple Locations able to accommodate pintle mounts
C4I Auxiliary Power: 24V auxiliary power terminal provided
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